Thursday, July 02, 2020

Rabbi Yaakov Singer Releases New Single "Tatte Tatte"

Following the success of the release of his two singles Nodeh Lecho and Ato Echad, plus his latest live talk which explains the vital hidden spiritual message contained in the word LEFONECHO, Rabbi Yaakov Singer is proud to present his third single.

This new song titled “Tatte Tatte” was composed by Rabbi Yaakov in a moment of spiritual inspiration after a particularly successful learning session with his chavrusa one day. Sitting alone in the Beis Medrash with the accomplished feeling, this nigun just suddenly came upon him.

This ballad discusses waiting for our Father in heaven to redeem us from this bitter golus and bring us back to Yerushalayim. With all the hardships these last few months and losses that we have felt, what better time to release this song of hope that speaks about better days to come. Tatte Tatte was produced and arranged by the talented Hillel Kapnick.

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