Thursday, January 23, 2020

Shloime Dachs - Torah - Official Video

In Honor of the 13th Siyum Hashas January 1, 2020

Video Produced by Kol Rom/ Chananya Kramer
Edited by: Nechama Meisler
Torah- Composed By: Elimelech Blumstein
Originally recorded at:  GYL Studios, Gideon Levine, on the Shloime Dachs/Hashem Echod Album
Choir arranged by: Ari Goldwag
Featuring the Kol Noar Boys Choir (Monsey) Directed by Mo Kiss & Bentzi Ptalis
Gedolim Photos furnished by: Tzemach Glenn
Technical Production: Avi Krasnow & Zvi Bokow
Music by: The Shloime Dachs Orchestra & Singers

PM Netanyahu, VP Pence Visit the Kotel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Vice President Mike Pence and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and placed a note.

Ari Goldwag - Lamdeini - Music Video

Lamdeini prepares all students to be able to learn Gemara, it identifies those who are having difficulty understanding and it remedially teaches those students how to learn Gemara and even enjoy it. Ultimately, in the words of Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz, it involves "hatzalas nefashos" - it is a lifesaver - for many students.

Song composition, lyrics and musical arrangement: Ari Goldwag
child vocalists: Yonatan Kaluzhny & Yakov Willig
Video Directed and Edited by Marty Weisel
Cinematography by Tzvi Popovich
Production Assistant Nossie Kleinman
Produced and Script by Yehuda Tsabari

Dirshu World Siyum at Dome De Paris France

Dirshu World Siyum at Dome De Paris - France, Sunday 1/12/2020 - Siyum Hashas Highlight Video

Highlights: Dirshu Siyum HaShas - Yad Eliyahu

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Larry Gordon Show Ep.10 ft Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt

Larry Gordon sits down with Chief of Medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital, Rabbi Dr. Aaaron Glatt to discuss the vaccine epidemic + much more.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Shmuzik Ep. 5: Yossi Zweig ft. Lemmer, Leiner & Levin

Meet the first ultra-Orthodox singer to get a major record deal.

In this, the 5th episode of SHMUZIK, we get to talk to two very unique and talented individuals. One is SHULEM Lemmer, the first ultra-Orthodox singer to get a major record deal. He is a star who keeps rising. The second is superstar singer Simcha Leiner, whose rise to stardom was not only due to his amazing talents, but also to the public on social media who followed his career closely and helped elevate him during the early stages of his career. Musician and singer Eli Levine dropped by for an impromptu performance of one of the biggest songs on the last year or so, Nasfshi.

What’s it like being famous? Does it ever get tedious? Did you always want to be a singer? Find out the answers to all that and more on this episode of Shmuzik.

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Truck Rescue Russian Style

Truck driver lost control of the vehicle in Russia’s Altai region, as a result the truck landed in a road hole, Lucky driver found his rescue when local workers came to help.