Friday, September 19, 2014

Silicon Valley's Robot Butler

Meet Botlr, Cupertino's autonomous robotic servant that makes deliveries to your hotel room in exchange for a tweet.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Freilach & Meshorerim with Boi Kallah

Duddy Knopfler of the Meshorerim Choir entertained the crowd at a wedding in Eden Palace with his rendition of Boi Kallah together with the Meshorerim Choir.

Mixed: Yossi Blumenberg & Moshy Kraus. Video: Motty Engel.

CNN Hero: Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg

Rabbi Goldberg's group, Kids Kicking Cancer, helps children battling serious illnesses use martial arts to manage pain.

Motty Steinmetz Sings "Birchas Habonim" at Wedding

Tortoise Vs. Truck

Midad Tasa Leads Selichos at Migdal Dovid

"Selichos" led by Midad Tasa in Migdal Dovid in Yerushalayim, with a group of Yesheva students from Bnei Brak. Video By Nathan Ibgui.

Shira Choir Singing Rechnitz Medley

At a recent simcha in Brooklyn NY The Shira Choir Performed a Kumzitz of some songs of the new Rechnitz Album Shir. Music by: Pinny Ostreicher

Mesamche Lev - Checks

Mesamche Lev provides financial assistance to the poor in Eretz Yisroel on a very large scale. We support 523 almonos and 3233 yesomim, and assist over 12,000 large and impoverished families with shoes, matzah, wine, and more lekovod Pesach.

Mesamche Lev also operates a fish and meat program for thousands of families, and provides grocery coupons for Torah scholars and large families; ensuring them a peaceful, joyous Yom Tov. Mesamche Lev operates an orphan wedding fund, to assist widows with marrying off their children. Mesamche Lev’s activities extend to the United States, where hundreds of widows are supported, and thousands of pounds of matzah are distributed below cost price to large needy families .

Mesamche Lev was founded over four decades ago by the esteemed great tzaddik, Reb Zalman Ashkenazi, zecher tzaddik livracha. May the great zechusim of this immense chessed organization be letoivas ulilluy nishmaso hatehorah shel hagaon Hatzaddik R’ Yoel Yekusiel Zalman Yom Tov Lipa zeicher tzaddik livracha, ben Hagaon Hatzaddik Maran Harav Elimelech Ashkenazi, zeicher tzaddik livracha.

To donate please click

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Od Yishom" with Eitan Katz

Video by: Uri Westrich

Pirchei Kiryat Shmona Sing For Netanyahu

 Pirchei Kiryat Shmona sing for Israeli PM Netanyahu on September 16, 2014.

Chaim Meir Erps - Rabi Nachman - Music Video

The new single “Rabbi Nachman,” was composed & features original lyrics by CME, plus techno arrangements & choir by Avrumi Berko.