Monday, August 29, 2016

BMX Rider Gets Humbled After Ignoring Security Officer

An incident in Estonia saw a BMX rider being taught a humbling lesson by an unassuming security officer that he had ignored.

After seizing the BMX, the supposed officer proceeded to ride the bike. After getting a momentum, he performed a 360-degree back flip on  one of the ramps before exiting and throwing the seized BMX to the ground while berating the BMX rider.

It was not certain whether the security officer was a real one or just another biker in disguise to pull a prank. If he was indeed a security officer, it begged the question of whether BMX trick riding was part of their training.

Luckiest Dog in the World Just Keeps Running

A rally event in Bolivia almost turned deadly for one wandering pooch when onlookers could only gasp and close their eyes with the car drifting around the track. Fans were watching the second stage of El Rally Codasur when they spied the small dog wandering down the dirt road like it was nothing.

In the distance an engine can be heard getting progressively louder. Fans tried their best to warn the driver, but to no avail. The dog was surely going to die in front of them.

It turns out that just as the dog was heading down the straight, it happened to run over an embankment. That doesn’t mean much — unless a rally car is barreling down on you.

Yonatan Razel - Neve Tlaot - Music Video

Neve Tlaot is Yonatan Razel‘s new single ahead of his new album, that comes 5 years after his last album “Bein HaTzlilim“. The last album reached platinum status and included the hits “Katonti”, “Hagaagua”, “Bein Hatzlilim”, and “Ashira”. The album also won the song of the year award from ACUM in Israel and Idud Hayetzira award from the government of Israel.

The new album due out in the coming months will include 12 songs all written, composed, and produced by Yonatan himself.

Lyrics: Harav Yitzchak Kiali and Yonatan Razel (with inspiration from the sources)
Composition: Yonatan Razel
Musical Production: Yonatan Razel and Alon Yofe

Yeshai Ben Zvi - Hashem Echad - Music Video

Presenting Yeshai Ben Zvi's first music video - Hashem Echad.

The song speaks of unity and reminds us to look up and smile because Hashem is always smiling back at us. Yeshai is starting to working on his first album in the coming months.

Lyrics by Miriam Israely.
Musical production by Adi Chayat
Composed by Achiya Asher Cohen Aloro
Arranged by Yeshai Ben Zvi and Adi Chayat

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Boy is Wedged Between Two Cows

This young boy's interview was hilariously upstaged by two cows

A panicked little boy was nearly crushed between two cows on live TV – all while his friend delivered a straight-faced interview.

A young boy with blonde hair was being interviewed at a cattle farm while a fellow youngster tended to two cows in the background. As the blonde child spoke, his friend suddenly became trapped between the two animals.

The entertaining antics all unfolded during a live interview on TV.

While the serious interview goes on, it is the scene behind the boy which draws everyone's attention.

The desperate youngster frantically tries to free himself, using his elbows as he fights to escape the vice-like grip of the two mighty animals. His red, grimacing face can barely be seen above the unforgiving animals' backs as he pleads for help. All of this takes place as the blonde child being interviewed talks about an upcoming local sports event.

At one point, the trapped child even disappears entirely from site, such is his uncomfortable predicament. Eventually, a woman intervenes and lifts the struggling youngster out.

The red-faced boy immediately walks away, appearing incredibly deflated and embarrassed.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Achim B'yachad: End of Summer Fun Day 2015

Over 300 hundred boys gathered for the annual end of the summer party! Thanks to Motty Resnick, his crew, Kleins Ice cream and all volunteers for making this day at rue success.

Achim B'yachad is the Chassidish division Of Chai Lifeline.
Fighting Illness With Love. Achim B'yachad restores the light of childhood to children whose innocence ended when cancer, life-threatening, or lifelong illness is diagnosed.

The Shilitz Brothers - מחרוזת קבלת שבת

Brooklyn Yeshiva Teens Missing In State Park

Bear Mountain, NY - New York state police searched throughout the night for two Brooklyn teenagers who got separated from their group in suburban Bear Mountain State Park.

Volunteers were assisting with the search on Friday morning.

The 16-year-old boys are from Brooklyn and were part of a group from Karlin Stolin Camp in Highlands in Ulster County. They were last seen hiking on Thursday afternoon in the park, which is in Rockland County.

Police asked volunteers searching for the teens to stop searching overnight due to the darkness and safety but the search resumed at first light today.

Search organizers say they are focusing their efforts at the top of the mountain near the Perkins Tower section of the park.