Tuesday, May 22, 2018

'Hinei MBD' Shulem Brodt, Freilech, Yedidim

On January 9 2018 Brooklyn Residents got together in Ateres Golda to support Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem.

The guests got a chance to see a performance from Arranger & Conductor Yoeli Dikman from Israel who is conducting the Freilech Orchestra, Wonder Child Shulem Brodt singing with his beautiful voice, together with the Yedidim Choir 

'Hinei Yomim Boim Neum Hashem' was recorded and sung by MBD on his latest album 'Tzaaka', Composed by Yitzchak Fuchs, and arranged by Yoeli Dikman.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Steinmetz, Shira - Ko Omar - A Team - Rechnitz Wedding

As we approach the Yom Tov of Shavous, It is our pleasure to present yet another beautiful moment from the Rechnitz wedding in Beverly Hills. Enjoy the Angelic voice of Chasidic Superstar Motty Steinmetz as he takes the stage to perform Ko Omar off his latest album.

Guests enjoyed this magnificent moment Feat a 30 piece A Team Orchestra in collaboration with Shira Orchestra of LA, Conducted by maestro Avremi G, backed up by the magnificent Shira Choir.

Music by: The A Team Orchestra NY / Shira Orchestra LA
Rearranged & Conducted by: Avremi G
Composed by: Pinky Weber
Originally Arranged by: Moshe Laufer
Choir Conducted & Arranged by Yoly Horowitz of The Shira Choir
Mixed by: Yaniv Balas Post Production: Platinum Productions Israel Concierge: R' Steve Jobs
Video by: Motty Engel
Additional Video: Yoni Oscherowitz - Timeline Cinema
Video Edit: Neumann Media
Conductor Wardrobe Provided by: Allan Weiss/Fabian Couture

Netanel Menat - Na’aseh Venishmah - Music Video

כשעמדו ישראל לפני הר סיני
אמר להם הקדוש ברוך הוא.
בני בני
אם מקבלים אתם את התורה מוטב
נעשה ונשמע אמרו לו
כי אין לנו עסק אלא בתורה הזאת

Na’aseh Venishmah
Song by: Netanel Menat
Composed by: Moshe Menat

שירה: נתנאל מנת
לחן : משה מנת
קלידים : שמואל כהן
מיקס ועריכה : אולפני לירן אלקובי
עריכת וידאו : בת חן קהלני
צילומים : סטודיו אושרי כהן הפקות עכו
מקהלה בניהולו של : שימי הרשנבוים

Friday, May 18, 2018

Ari Goldwag - Lo Nafsik Lirkod - Music Video

Video Credits:
Produced by Ari Goldwag
Written & Directed by Sarah Gordon
Videography by Vann Visuals (Yirmi Vann)
Special Effects - Irakli Zurabishvili
Rotoscoping - Oleg Karpenko

Song Credits:
Composed & Produced by Ari Goldwag & Yitzy Waldner
Song Concept: Ari Goldwag
Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Arrangements by Playmasters Studio

Shloime Gertner - Hands in the Air - Music Video

Shloime Gertner is releasing a brand new CD! The all new album, an English themed production is set to be released in the coming weeks.

To kick off this exciting new album, Shloime is releasing a brand new music video for "HANDS IN THE AIR", a new song from the new album titled “SERENITY”. The song, "HANDS IN THE AIR" was composed and produced by Yitzy Waldner, Lyrics by Miriam Israeli, arranged by Ravid Kashti  vocals recorded at DEG Studios.

This music video was made in conjunction with KEF - a charity offering respite to children and young adults with various special needs. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Worker Nearly Hit by Burst of Water from Dam

A construction worker at a dam in Colombia was nearly knocked off his feet and buried under raging floodwaters of the Cauca River.

Video captured the intense moment that workers, at the Ituango Dam project, are seen escaping massive waves. One of them, who failed to catch up with the rest and was left behind, finds himself perilously close to a ramping wave when it gets out of control.

Within mere seconds of the outburst he is chased by an immense snarling wave. By the time he reaches his colleagues, flood water had already engulfed the site.The incident took place on Wednesday at the construction site of the almost completed dam. The dam, the largest hydroelectric project in Colombia, had a blocked tunnel on Saturday, which led to flooding.

A Shavuos Message from The Agudah - Kad Yasvun

A special shavuos message from The Agudah and the Daf Yomi Commission

Dear Chaver,

Being koveha itim latorah is the backbone of our Yiddishhkiet and growth in avodas Hashem . The yom tov of Shavous is an opportune time to strengthen our commitment to learning – day in and day out with no vacations or excuses. I am delighted to share with you a special Shavuos message from The Agudah and the Daf Yomi Commision.

May we be zoche to a true kabalas haTorah this Yom Tov

Rabbi Labish Becker
Executive Director
Agudath Israel of America

Miami Boys Choir - MIAMI FOREVER - Album Preview


Miami Boys Choir - Le'olam Voed - Forever!

The all new 13 hit song MIAMI CD. An astounding new 2018 production and synthesis. Amazing songs, superb vocals, all arranged by the top arrangers. Avrami Berko, Naftali Schnitzler, Ian Frietor, Ilya Leshinsky and Yisroel Lamm.

Distributed by Nigun and available on iTunes.

Shocking: Man Tries to Open Airplane Door

A 57-year-old man was arrested Thursday morning after running onto the tarmac and attempting to force his way on a flight at Melbourne Airport, in southern Australia.

The man, who has not been identified, was reportedly hours late to catch his Jetstar Airways flight to Adelaide, and became angry at the airline employees who informed him of his tardiness, 9News reported.

Musicians On The Move

Ohad Moskowitz - Levado - New Single

Ohad Moskowitz with a new single from his sixth album that will be released soon.

‘Levado’ is an uplifting Chassidic song, in a sweeping summer atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent. Ohad first exposed the song during the show ‘Jerusalem In New York’ held in a hall in New York a few months ago, and the thousands in the audience responded enthusiastically.

"The uniqueness of ‘Levado’ is that it is an unusually catchy song," says Ohad Moskowitz. "I sang it for the first time in the show on the last Sukkot in New York, and within a few minutes the whole audience was singing with me, ever since I sang it in my every performance in the world. The song is bouncing, sweeping and I am sure the audience will connect to it quickly. That's why I chose to release it as a single before formal release of the album soon, "added Ohad.

The song was composed by Eli Klein and Yitzi Berry on the words in Tehilim “Yehalelu et Shem HaShem Ki Nisgav Shemo Levado”. They also musically arranged and produced the song.

The song ‘Levado’ is a single from Ohad's next album, which is due to be released around Sukkot