Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mutilated Money

The U.S. Treasury Has a Whole Department That Rebuilds and Refunds Destroyed Cash

It doesn’t matter what ludicrous conspiracy theory is stopping you from storing your money in a bank, you’ll be happy to know that the US Department of the Treasury has an entire division dedicated to the task of trying to rebuild and recover currency should your cash-stuffed mattress get destroyed in a fire or flood.

CNN’s Great Big Story paid a visit to the US Department of the Treasury’s Mutilated Currency Division, whose sole purpose is to evaluate currency that’s been damaged or destroyed to an extent that it can’t be used as legal tender. Most of the 23,000-plus cases the technicians deal with every year come from citizens who’ve lost money in a natural disaster, like floods or wildfires, but at times it’s just someone who forgot they left a stack of Benjamins in the oven for ‘safe’ keeping.

The service is completely free, and there’s no surcharge on the roughly $40 million in reimbursements the Treasury issues to citizens every year. What is required, however, is at least 51 percent of a bill being still intact, which helps ensure the Mutilated Currency Division doesn’t issue two refunds for a single bank note, which could lead to potential scams.

So what scenario provides the biggest challenge to the technicians who are often tasked with sifting through mountains of shredded paper? It’s not currency that’s been burned, but stacks of cash that were thoroughly soaked and then left to dry, which occasionally solidify into rock-solid bricks that have to be painstakingly peeled into individual bills.

Majestic Wingsuit Jump Through the Clouds

Wingsuit Pilot Luke Rogers and fellow wingsuiter Chris Byrnes dive into an epic cloud cave on their jump with Skydive Ramblers in Toogoolawah, Australia. Captured with a 360ยบ view on a GoPro Fusion.

Eight Year Old Attacked by a Golden Eagle

This is the horrifying an eight-year-old girl was attacked by a golden eagle after the bird mistook her for its prey during a display.

Footage shows the hunting bird swooping on the child as shocked spectators watched on at a festival in the Issyk-Kul region of Central Asia's Kyrgyzstan.

Handlers, who had been demonstrating traditional eagle hunting skills, can be seen rushing over to free the girl after the eagle, with a wingspan of more than 6ft, clamped down on her with its talons.

The clip shows the girl being dragged away from the predator. She was later taken to hospital with a badly scratched back.

The handlers had been demonstrating traditional eagle hunting skills in the mountainous former Soviet republic in Central Asia.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Arizal's Kever in Tzfas

The skyline of the historic Jewish cemetery in the holy city of Tzfas was lit up on Monday night by large flames forcing way the many visitors to the kever of the Arizal on the day of his yartzeit.

The annual pilgrimage to the resting place of famous Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (1534-1572), universally known as the Arizal, was brought to a full stop as a fire spread about the gravesites.

official and volunteer emergency personnel were seen evacuating the public from the area. As of now, no injuries were reported.

People from around Israel travel annually to Tzfas to mark the yartzeit with reciting Tehillim, giving charity and lighting a candle in his memory. Many mention the names of loved ones and friends who need a blessing.

Five-Year-Old Dangles from 19th-floor Balcony in China

A little boy was rescued after he was found hanging on for dear life on the balcony railings of an 18th-floor flat in an apartment building in south-west China.

The five-year-old boy had apparently fallen from his 19th floor flat in Dazhou city on Friday and had somehow managed to grab onto the balcony grille one floor below as he plummeted down.

The little boy was spotted by the building's janitor who immediately alerted security personnel and called emergency services. He was rescued in about eight minutes and was not hurt.

Yermiah Damen with Belzer Bochurem at the Kosel

Helicopter Reversing into Mountainside in Daring Rescue

The pilot of a Chinook helicopter has performed a two-wheel mountain-side landing during a rescue operation for a stranded climber in the state of Oregon on Thursday July 12 2018

Footage shows the rear end of the Chinook perched just under the snowy summit of Mount Hood before airlifting the climber and six rescuers off the mountain.

The helicopter hovered while all seven people were loaded in using a plank, authorities said.

The whole operation took about 30 minutes.

Mount Hood is about 80 kilometers south-east of Portland and is about 3,420 meters high.

According to local news reports citing officials, the man had climbed Mount Hood to take his own life but had changed his mind.

French Police Crash During Bastille Day Parade

Two French police motorcycles have crashed during a demonstration in front of President Emmanuel Macron and other guests at a grandiose Paris parade celebrating Bastille Day.

The motorcyclists were part of a group tracing patterns on the Place de la Concorde in central Paris as part of a carefully choreographed performance on Saturday July 14 2018. After briefly falling down on the cobblestoned plaza, the motorcyclists righted the vehicles, to applause from Macron and the crowd.

Police and gendarme services didn't immediately have any details on who was involved. It appeared one of the motorcyclists miscalculated the entry onto the plaza.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Florida Man Accused Of Trying To Burn Down Condo

A man accused of plotting to burn down a condominium building in Miami Beach will remain behind bars for now.

A judge denied him bond at his first court appearance, which took place Saturday.

Police say that man was upset with his Jewish neighbors after learning he was about to be evicted.

“I think there’s sufficient evidence here that not only did he have the means to do this but that he was doing it specifically to kill Jewish people,” Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Teresa Mary Pooler said in court.

72-yr-old Walter Stolper’s plans were ruined after police say they found 28 containers of gasoline, sulfur powder, and potassium nitrate inside his building, stashed right under the homeowners’ nose.

“He has a relationship with the, as I understand it, with the actual owner of the apartment so in turn he had access to an exclusive storage room inside the building, so it’s our belief that the defendant had exclusive access to this room,” said Miami Beach police chief Dan Oates.

Police say they stopped the man on Thursday as he was going into his condo at 5601 Collins Avenue with two tanks of gasoline.

Insect Free Farm Providing Foods to Observant Jews

The vegetables and fruits grown inside a Burlington, New Jersey greenhouse look completely ordinary. But Solomon Fried's crops are different. He goes to extreme lengths to make sure they are free of bugs.

NY1 Michael Scotto Reports