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A Rebellious High Schooler and the Lubavitcher Rebbe

In 1976 a young high schooler in Crown Heights felt the need to push back against the expectations and strictures of life as a Lubavitcher girl. The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s sensitivity and approach to her predicament remain as topical and incisive now as ever – truly a guide to the perplexed. Today Mrs. Mariashi Groner is the Co-director of Lubavitch of North Carolina and the Director of Charlotte Jewish Day School.

From Living Torah Volume 142 Program 565

Young Child Sings Hungarian "Sol-A-Kokosh"

Rebbe Isaac Taub of Kalov, zy"a, (1751-1821) overheard this Hungarian song about a bird, being sung by a gentile shepherd boy. He recognized the tune to be from the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem. He "bought" the song from the boy, and the boy immediately forgot the song once the Rebbe learned it. Thr Rebbe added the words in Hebrew "יבנה המקדש עיר ציון תמלא", recognizing the story of the bird to actually be a parable of the exile of the Jewish people, and the importance of waiting for G-d to take us home.


"The sun is rising now, the rooster crows now. Near a green forest, is a wide field, where a bird walks around.

What sort of bird is this? What sort of bird is this?
With yellow feet, and a pearl-whi​te beak, he is waiting to go home. With yellow feet, and blue-gree​n wings, he is waiting to go home.

Wait,​ birdy, wait! Wait, birdy, wait!
Until​ God decides it is the right time, then you will go home.

But when will it be? But when will it be?
When "The Temple is rebuilt and then the city of Zion will be filled" - that is when it will be. When "The Temple is rebuilt and then the city of Zion will be filled" - that is when it will be."

Modzitz Rebbe Sings With Friends of Murdered Teens

מעמד מרגש ומלא אמונה עם בוא חבריהם של שלושת הנערים הי”ד אל מעון קדשו של האדמו”ר ממודז’יץ שליט”א, ביום השנה לרצח חביריהם בידי בני עוולה • האדמו”ר ממודז’יץ חיזקם בדברי אמונה ושורר עימם במשך שעה ארוכה מבחר מניגוני מודז’יץ, שירים חסידיים ועממיים

Hidden Camera: What Babies Do During Nap Time

These parents were worried that their babies weren't getting enough sleep, even though the little ones were always given ample nap time throughout the day. To quell their fears, they decided to set up a hidden camera in the nursery.  What they caught on film is absolutely precious.

Who knew two toddlers could have so much to say during nap time !

Beat the Heat on a Budget

With summer now in full swing, the mercury is steadily rising and keeping cool is becoming more and more tricky - particularly if you aren't lucky enough to have air conditioning in your home or office.

But one man is hoping to put an end to your warm weather woes by demonstrating how to make an at-home air conditioning unit in just five minutes, using nothing but simple items such as an electric fan and a five-gallon bucket. There's even an option to use solar power.

The impressive contraption is shown being built over the course of the video, starting with the creator using a hole saw to cut a series of perfectly-shaped holes in an orange five-gallon bucket, which costs just $3 from Home Depot.

After cutting three holes for the piping, the DIY expert then slides in a $6 Styrofoam liner into the bucket and, picking up the hole saw once again, he cuts slightly smaller holes, through the existing ones in the orange bucket, and into the liner.

He uses these holes to position the three pieces of pipe, which he estimates cost around 75 cents each.

Using a box cutter, he then cuts a hole in the lid of the bucket, using the rivets as a guide.

Then, taking a small black personal-sized fan, which can be bought for around $12, he positions it face-down in the hole he made in the lid of the bucket, which he has filled with a gallon of frozen water. One gallon-bottle of water retails for around $3.

The next shot shows the final product in action, with pieces of glittering tinsel attached to the protruding pieces of pipe to show off the strong airflow.

Levy Falkowitz & Shira Choir - Ve'yiyu Rachamecho

Levy Falkowitz accompanied by the Shira Choir singing Eli Beer's Ve'yiyu Rachamecho at a recent Bar Mitzvah in Boro Park.

Leopard Attacks Safari Guide

A British safari tour guide was forced to pull his arm free from the jaws of a leopard when the 'cunning' animal launched a surprise attack on his truck.

The vicious leopard attempted to enter a truck full of tourists at the Kruger National Park in South Africa, as the visitors were being shown around the popular destination.

Curtis Plumb, 38, of Nhongo Safari Tours, sustained deep cuts and bites to his arm, but managed to free himself when tourists began throwing objects at the animal.

He remains in hospital in a stable condition.

Belz Adult & Boys Choir Rehearse New Song

ערב שבת פרשת בהעלותך תשע״ה, ביתו של המנצח ר׳ אלתר מאיר קאליש. מקהלת חסידי בעלז בחזרה גנרלית על ה״לכה דודי״ החדש שיושר בשבת שבע הברכות של נכד האדמו״ר

Base Jumper Flies Through Two Meter Mountain Gap

Wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele, who might be the craziest person on Earth, flew through a two-meter gap in a mountain in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Emanuele simply hiked up a mountain, jumped off a cliff and steered himself toward nearly certain death to create the most exhilarating GoPro video we’ve ever seen.

With only two meters separating him from being crushed by the mountain face, one daredevil put his life on the line for a chance to achieve a daring stunt dreamed up three years ago.

Wearing a body camera, the remarkable footage shows Uli Emanuele, a professional base jumper wing suit pilot, soaring through the sky and passing through a mountain hole just two meters wide.

The video opens with an enthusiastic Emanuele hiking up to a rugged mountain, situated in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Pulling on his blue wing suit, the daredevil adjusts his goggles before taking time to check over his kit for one final time before the jump. With one big leap, Emanuele jumps off the edge of the mountain side and immediately the scale of his ambitious stunt becomes apparent as the small hole comes into site.

The wing suit immediately kicks into action and the spectacular views of the valley emerges.

Making a slight turn, the daredevil lines himself up for a near impossible flight through the cave and in a flash, he soars through the mini hole. Several different angles are shown of the daredevil making the fiendish stunt. One slow motion sequence shot shows how close the daredevil came to crashing into the rock face. Swooping over the lush green mountain side, the jubilant daredevil celebrates his remarkable stunt. Releasing his parachute, Emanuele lands safety in the grass, near an wooden hut.

Despite the adrenaline filled achievement, the relaxed daredevil is even seen at the end taking time to talk to several alpacas. The remarkable stunt was successfully carried out in September 2014, with the footage only emerging recently on to social media.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Yonatan Razel Sings Katonti Live at Concert

On April 20, 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Nafshenu Chupah - Aaron Appelbaum & Zemiros

Mi Adir to the tune of "Chamol" from Musaf Yom Kippor, Composed by Rabbi Akiva Homnick, Mi Bon Siach to the tune of "Yedid Nefesh" composed by Shmuel Brazil from Regesh.

To view additional video clips of many of the top featured vocalists please visit our website at or call 516-371-6660.