Sunday, November 29, 2015

Avi Perets - First Dance Set - AT Production

Avi Perets Singing The "First Dance Set" At a Wedding At El Caribe On October 13, 2015 Conducted by Yisroel Lamm An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Sound by Solvetech
Stage Manager Motty Jay

Zemiros Shabbos HaMefoar - Yiddish

An elegant new Zemiros Shabbos in Yiddish language with over 80 Sabbath songs lyrics in Yiddish, accompanied by Beautiful illustrations that would give every family a sweet memory

Available at Mefoar Judaica
3919 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Phone: 718 436-0707

Also Available in All Better Judaica Stores

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Meshorerim - Child Soloist Chaim Green - Adir Bamarom

Meshorerim Choir & Child Soloist Avrum Chaim Green performing ‘Adir Bamuroim’ at a recent Beautiful Shava Bruches in Boro Park

“Adir Bamarom” Composed by Motty Ilowitz First Recordered  by Michoel Schnitzler on his latest album ‘Yes You Can’ Track 7

Music by Yossi Eidlisz
Mixed by MK Studios
Video by BenHesh studios

What is Zeh? Find out what THIS is!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dvar Torah Parshas Vayishlach

Insights into Parashat Vayishlach - Ramot Torah Project

Who Let The Dogs Out?! - Why did Yaakov Avinu let the dogs out? Oorah's thought-provoking Thursday Thought series continues with a look into this week's portion of Torah reading, Parshas Vayishlach, featuring TorahMates coordinator Rabbi Lewie Friedman.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pidyon Petter Chamor While Saving Lives through Renewal


These 2 expectant donkeys due within two weeks! If either give birth to a boy you can be mekayem this mitzvah!

Act fast, before the kinyAn of the donkeys! Once it is born the baby donkey is hekdesh and cannont be sold.

Opportunity to be Mekayem Pidyon Petter Chamor While Saving Lives through Renewal.

Thanks to the generosity of a dedicated friend of Renewal, a historic opportunity is now being offered to be Mekayem the rare Mitzvah of Pidyon Petter Chamor while generating vital funds to save lives!

A Call Away - Hatzolah of Boro Park

By OnTime Studio

Jewish Man Delivers Coffee to Power Workers

"You work hard, you wanna be appreciated," Rabbi Hahn said as he drove to find linemen on south hill. in Spokane, WA All week, he has been delivering hot coffee to the workers, who say they have been working 16 hour shifts to restore power to the Inland Northwest.

The Rabbi lost power himself, but chose to help others instead of dwelling on his own situation.

"What else am I gonna do, sit at home be miserable? No! Go out and help people!"

The workers came from all over America to help get power to Spokane, but everywhere we went, it was the same story. Linemen working day and night. But through the cold, a little warmth, offered by the rabbi.

Rabbi Hahn is calling on people of all faiths to help out in the wake of the devastating storm, and says in a time of crisis the community needs to come together.

Kinderlach at Concert Honoring אסירי ישראל והרוגי מלכות

אירוע הוקרה לאסירי ישראל והרוגי מלכות

Tuesday  י"ד בחשון תשע"ו/October 27, 2015 at a national recognition ceremony for prisoners and those killed in the name of Israel. At  International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

Nafshenu: Berson & the Zemiros Group

Nafshenu Orchestra Live Featuring Chaim Dovid Berson & the Zemiros Group

Rav Mosheh Twersky ZT"L והחי יתן אל לבו

Talmidim of Hagaon Rav Moshe Twersky zt”l Hy”d marked their beloved Rebbi’s first Yahrtzeit several weeks ago (25 of MarCheshvan).

Rav Twersky, was murdered along with four other Kedoshim in a terrorist attack on the morning of  November 18, 2014 while Davening Shacharis at the Kehilas Yaakov Shul in Har Nof, Israel.

Rabbi Moshe Twersky was a gadol baTorah and a tzaddik in all ways. For the past twenty two years he was spread Torah in Yeshivas Toras Moshe in Yerushalayim. He raised countless Talmidim in Torah and Yiras Shomayim.. His Talmidim are all over the world. They idolized him for they saw in him the true embodiment of all of the ideals of the Torah.

A Rebbi for Life

Rav Mosheh Twersky ZT"L  Hyd Memorial Video, created in honor of Rav Twersky's first Yahrtzeit.