Thursday, February 14, 2019

VP Pence Netanyahu Lay Wreath at Warsaw Monument

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen, and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his wife Iwona, laid wreaths at the Ghetto Heroes Monument, commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Also participating were US President Donald Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner and the American administration's envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt. Prime Minister Netanyahu and US Vice President Pence signed the guestbook at the adjacent Museum of the History of Polish Jews

PM Netanyahu Meets US VP Pence

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yitzy Kaplowitz - Ki Heim Chayeinu - Single

Yitzy Kaplowitz is a singer/songwriter/ guitarist on a mission to share heartfelt and inspiring Jewish music.

This new single Ki Heim Chayeinu is the first single to be released off his upcoming debut EP titled Hayom, set to be released in late 2019.

Yitzy wanted to show his hakaras hatov to the dedicated staff of his sons cheder, and this song was composed in their honor.

Our Rebeeim/Moros and Teachers teach Torah to our children with tremendous sweetness and Simcha. On a daily basis, they imbue in our children the ideas embodied by this song.

Moshe Storch - Promo Reel (Band)

Moshe Storch has been known in the orthodox communities since 2010 as a Kumzitz style singer/guitarist.  In 2014 Moshe began bringing other musicians aboard to join his performances and that began to reach the corporate clientele as well as the annual banquets for non profit organizations and many a kiruv shabbaton as well.

Moshe was raised on Jewish music; from the Yiddish classics of his great-uncle Yom Tov Ehrlich, to the original English classics composed by his mother Mrs. Dina Storch. Tefillot and Zemirot were always sung in harmony. Continuing in his family’s tradition, Moshe connects our uniquely Jewish emotions to our musical expressions so that we experience music in its holiest form.

Moshe began his musical career in Gan Sacher in Jerusalem where he spent uplifting nights singing joyously with groups of young people connecting to Hashem. He then brought his “Wednesday Night Chill” Kumzitz events to Prospect Park in New York and became a well-known figure in the Jewish music scene.

He lived in Monsey Ny from 2010 until 2014 and was musically involved at many public and private events in numerous locations throughout the Tri-State area.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Moshe became the Baal Tefila at Maayon Yisrael LA and the Westside Shul as well as being the musical director of the "Accidental Talmudist Show", a Facebook page with over a million followers.

 Moshe continues to perform throughout California, the NY/NJ Tri-state areas, including the famous Catskills, small and large communities through the U.S. and Israel for private events of all kinds.

For Moshe, the goal of every event is to connect to Hashem through song. Music is a prayer of praise, joy, and gratitude and we use it to glorify Hashem’s holy name.

Enjoy this video and get a sense of what its like having Moshe Storch and his band entertain your guests at your next event.

Car Narrowly Avoids Head On Collision with Semi

Occurred on February 10, 2019 / Abbotsford, Canada

"A near death experience. There were five vehicles involved in the crash. No one suffered any serious injuries."

Horses Help Pull Trailer from Snowy Rut in Michigan

December 31, 2018. Hillman, Michigan.

From the author: "We are a family farm called Cook Family Farm. my husband Tom and I work with our 11 children here on the farm. We love and care for our horses. The video was taken New Year's Eve at the Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman when the boys left to take the guests on their carriage rides through the elk pen and back to the cabin for the meal. There was no snow on the blacktop but when they returned, the parking lot was full with about 5 or 6 inches of heavy, wet snow."

They loaded up the 3 teams into the trailer and backed up so that when he started going forward, he would have a longer stretch of clear pavement. They didn't make it very far because of the snow conditions. He left the remaining 4 horses in the trailer to help with weight giving them better traction. His Dad drove the pick up and kept the wheels turned so that they would not jack knife. The horses are driven with lines, one in each hand to 'steer' each horse. When pulling this weight, it is important for them to work together to keep the momentum going. There is a relationship between driver and your team they learn your voice and commands and will respond to you. They all worked wonderfully together to get the truck and trailer out so they could head home."

Megiles Ester Written by Rabbi Zusha

Moshe Schleifstein, a 100 year old Holocaust survivor living in the northern Israeli city of Safed., presents an ancient scroll of the Book of Esther, he claims was written by Rabbi Zusha of Hanipol some two hundred years ago.

The Rebb Reb Zusha Anipoli and the Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk were the two famous holy brothers, Talmidim of the Magid of Mezritch, successor to the Baal Shem Tov.

Chimps Make a Ladder out of Branches Escape Zoo

The Belfast Zoo in Northern Ireland said it is reviewing animal security after a group of chimpanzees escaped an enclosure using a branch as a ladder.

A video posted online by a visitor shows a chimpanzee climbing to the top of the enclosure while another sat on top of the wall.

In a statement, the Belfast City Council, which runs the zoo, said one of the chimpanzees left the enclosure on Saturday for about an hour, while two others only climbed up to the wall. All the chimpanzees safely returned to the enclosure on their own.

"This was a highly unusual event, despite the natural curious nature of chimpanzees, and Council would like to reassure the public that Belfast Zoo is fully committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all its visitors," said the Belfast City Council in its statement.

Additional posted footage shows a chimpanzee popping out on to a path used by visitors exploring the zoo.

"I was petrified, obviously, having the kids and I tried not to show fear but inside I was a bit like what happens if it attacks us or tries to take the kids or runs over," Danielle Monaghan, a mother who filmed the incident, told the BBC.

Zookeepers are investigating whether the branch – probably weakened by high winds – fell into the enclosure after they completed routine morning checks, said the city council.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

R' Mordechai Gottlieb - Golui V’yadua - Album Sampler

After three years of hard work, renowned composer R' Mordechai Gottlieb who is known for his beautiful kumzits style of compositions is finally ready to release his long awaited debut album. The album is produced by long time music maven Zevi Fried, whose track record speaks for itself. The two met over three years ago and have since released two singles titled “Ki Heim Chayeinu,” and “Zochreinu L’chaim,” with the huge response that had baalei batim all over the world calling Zevi for bookings.

Golui  V’yaduah isn’t just “another” album. This album is filled with haartzige nigunnim and songs that people will be singing for decades to come. Each and every one of Gottlieb’s beautifully crafted songs was handpicked by Zevi, who has an amazing ear for what will connect with the listeners. Reb Mordechai’s style is similar to Reb Shlomo, with the exception of his songs having more of a Chassidic connection, being that he is a Breslover chassid as well as a einekel from Karlin.

Golui  V’yaduah will literally have only the top notch arrangers and musicians including; Yoeli Dickman, Yehuda Galili, Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry, Gadi Pugatch, Moishe Roth, Eli Laufer, Moshe Laufer and Hershel Brisk. If that isn’t enough for you, the albums production will be one of the highest ever produced and even have the world renowned Shira Choir and Yiddish Nachas featured on it.

R' Mordechai Gottlieb  - Golui  V’yaduah will be distributed by Nigun Music  and available in stores and for digital download  February 20th, 2019.

Shulem Brodt with Mona Rosenblum "Gam Ki Eileich"

At the Hilton in London.

Aron Razel "רחמים ניסן"

A single off the upcoming album from Aron Razel.

מילים ולחן: אהרן רזאל
עיבוד והפקה: אייל מזיג

Monday, February 11, 2019

Good In-Tuition - True Story by Rabbi Yoel Gold

Another Must-Watch Heartwarming True Story by Rabbi Yoel Gold.

When Rabbi Amman was left alone burying a man he never met in a cemetery in Staten Island, he never imagined how much divine intervention was really at play.