Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Biker Bulldog Spontaniouly Waves Back at Passing Biker

From the author: "Sweets the English Bulldog see's a biker wave at us and she waves back. all on her own!"

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak Sings Ana Avda

If you can't beat em' join em'.

After failing to successfully ban singers like Yakkov Shwekey and Midad Tassa, it seems Rabbi Amnon Yitzchok decided to becom one himself. Interestingly, he sings here "Ana Avda" which was the song chosen by the pretend Rabbi after kicking off Lipa Schmeltzer from the stage at camp Manavu in 2008, as their color war breakout.

Video is from the celebration of Hakafos Shniyos 5775.

Lone Crocodile Steals Impala Kill From Pack Of Wild Dogs

he carnivorous canines were feasting on an impala carcass but were secretly being watched by a predator from the water. Suddenly, the crocodile burst from the Olifants River, South Africa, and snatched the carcass from the hounds. The video was taken by Swiss photographer Markus Niederer in August.

Twins From France Horseback Riding & More

The Twins from France surprise the audience at the Miami Boys Choir & Avrham Fried concert in the Millennium Theater in Brooklyn. Monday night, October 13 2014, Chol Hamoed Sukkos, 5775.

Mamesh Music Band & Boys Choir - Sheyboneh & Hoshiya

Mamesh Music Conducted and arranged by Reb Zalman Negin. Video by Uriel Dunn.

Hoshiya Es Emacha, composed by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Shea Twerski.


Community Simchas Beis Hashoeva 5775 Dancing

Final Night of Sukkos, on the eve of Hoshanah Rabah, dancing in Crown Heights -

Beri Weber singing at the Simchas Beis Hashoeiva in Monsey, NY. Sunday Chol Hamoed Sukkos.

Helmet Cam Shows Sniper Shot to Head

A Taliban sniper managed to get a non-fatal headshot on a Marine’s helmet while the Marines were conducting a joint helicopter raid in the Now Zad district, Helmand Province in 2013.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Heimann Boys Singing a Yiddishe Mamme

Zevi, Avi and Shmuli Heimann singing A Yiddishe Mamme at Yesoda Hatorah School Event 2014 Antwerp Belgium.

Malchus Choir & Dov Heller - Haben Yakir Li

Malchus Choir a Chasidic choir in Israel led by producer Pinchas Bichler & Cantor Dov Heller Singing Haben Yakir Li, Yanky Rubin on the Keys

Dumbest Worker of the Year

Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Shira - Chesed Event

Avrum Mordche Schwartz with Shira Choir Sing Yiddish lyrics at the Chesed Appreciation Event on February 27 2014 in Ateres Avraham for the dedicated members of Chesed Williamsburg, Music by Avrumi Berko - A Joel Brach Production