Thursday, November 27, 2014

Neshoma Presents: Yumi Lowy & Ari Boiangiu

Hamenagnim Presents: "Kumtantz" Motty Steinmetz

After releasing the double CD of the “Kumtantz 1” produced by Shalom Vagshal, arranged by Moishy Roth and featuring the Hamenagnim orchestra, comes this special exclusive clip from the DVD (to be released before Chanukah) of Motty Steinmetz singing Keayal Taarog

This is one of the most unique productions that the Jewish music world has seen in years. The level of production, dozens of camera crews, the most advanced sound systems in the industry, Plus over a thousand yeshiva students, and some best stars of chasidic music; Shloime Gertner, Sruly Werdyger, Eli Herzlich, Motty Steinmetz, Itzik Eshel, the Shira choir & Klezmer clarinetist Nachman Tzuker.

Kumtantz 1 also features the Hamenagnim orchestra under the direction of musical director Moishy Roth.

Production: Shalom Vagshal.
Photography and Director: Kobi Shira.

One Dizzy Turkey

Jewbellish News - Thanksgiving & Obama's Chinese Fashion

This week on Jewbellish The News: Why Jews are excited about Thanksgiving this year; Obama's clothing in China, Ambulances in Queens New York, Israel and European antisemitism.

Brothers Yonatan & Aron Razel Sing at Breslov Yavne'el

Brothers Yonatan and Aron Razel sing Baruch Levine's Vezakeini at the Hanochas Even Hapina for a new children's park in the Breslov community in Yavne'el, Israel also know as Breslav City, under the leadership of their Rebbe  Rav Eiezer Shlomo Schick known by his followers as the מוהרא"ש . Yavne'el is a Moshava and a local council in the North District of Israel. It is one of the oldest rural Jewish communities in the country.

Birds Depart Tree in Dramatic Fashion

Group of Birds Fly Simultaneously Away

90 Second Dvar - Vayeitzei: Healthy Parenting

Benny Friedman and Choni Milecki deliver their now weekly Dvar Torah, this week on Parshas Vayeitze.