Friday, March 06, 2015

Shea Berko & Yedidim Choir

Uplifting Dance Set - Shea Berko and Yedidim Choir - An A. Berko Production

Lion Opens Car Door

A family watching lions from the supposed safety of their car at a safari park in South Africa learned you should always lock your door. In a 2014 video that's now gaining attention, a curious female lion opens a passenger door with her mouth, eliciting screams and quick action. The occupants manage to re-shut the door and lock it.

Yahadut Hatorah’s Official Election Song - Hiskabtzi

Yahadut Hatorah Releases Campaign Song, Music Arranged By Ruvi Banet, Sung By Shloime Cohen and Eli Hertzlich, Song Composed by Yossi Green

Thursday, March 05, 2015

What Can King Achashverosh Teach You?

Why does the Megillah describe the extravagance of Achashveirosh’s feast in such great detail, which is irrelevant to the miracles or themes of Purim?

We must learn from Achashveirosh: Someone who spent 180 days partying and drinking, and then feasted for another seven days with decadent indulgence obviously had his priorities wrong, but he used his every resource and all his might. How much more-so must a Jew fulfill his priority – his G-d given mission – to his utmost, drawing on every talent, ability and resource G-d has granted him.

We cannot be satisfied by equaling or even surpassing the achievements of another person; we must achieve our own maximum potential, and even beyond. Only by providing others with a spiritual “banquet” worthy of our own “means” do we fulfill our obligation to G-d, to the Jewish people and to the world.

14 Adar II, 5733 - March 18, 1973

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Rare Footage: Lubavitcher Rebbe Purim Farbrengen 1963

Unique glimpses of a Purim farbrengen from a newly acquired silent film, with supplementary audio from the same event. Purim, 5723 – March 10, 1963. From Living Torah Volume 137, Program 548.

Fried with Child Soloist Aryeh Riech "Aleh Katan"

Avraham Fried sings Aleh Katan Sheli with Child Soloist Aryeh Riech at the Blev Echad Pre Purim Concert in Jerusalem 2015

ארגון בלב אחד עם הזמר רולי דיקמן

Oorah's Mitzvah Tantz - Lipa Schmeltzer - Music Video

You think you know what a "Mitzvah-Tantz" is?!

Oorah's Mitzvah Tantz brings you the funnest review you've ever seen of the mitzvos that we do throughout the year, and it's all one song and dance! The ever-exciting Lipa Schmeltzer brings energy and hertzkeit to this production that will have everyone in your family, shul and neighborhood doing the Mitzvah Tantz!

Video was directed by Oorah's multimedia team.

Purim Shpeil & Pre Purim 5775 Music Video Collection

A.D.Y. (Ad D'lo Yada) - Endimem [Feat. Dr. Dreizich] - Click Here and Scroll down Below for lyrics.

Purim 2013 with Mezamrim, Zemiros, Yisroel Werdyger and more.

Shoshanas Yaakov - Lev Aryeh 2015 (NEW) Purim Song

Reactions to Netanyahu's Historical Speech to Congress

Click Here to watch the full video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the US Congress, Tuesday morning, March 3, 2015.

President Obama reacts to Isralie Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the U.S. Congress.

Guests Michael Smerconish and Newt Gingrich offer their assessments of Netanyahu's address, specifically in regards to Iranian nuclear talks

New York State Assemblyman of thr 48th district joins Steve to discuss Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress with Steve Malzberg.

Yaldei Dinner 2015 - Dudi Kalish & Choir

Shearim Orchestra Conducted by Dudi Kalish and The "Zimra" Choir perform at the 2015 Annual Yaldei Fundraiser Dinner in Montreal

Members of Montreal’s community attended Yaldei’s ninth annual dinner in a mass wave of support for the hundreds of families that are serviced by the centre for children with developmental needs.

The only one of its kind in Quebec, Yaldei is a private, not-for-profit early intervention center dedicated to helping children with developmental challenges reach their full potential. Yaldei’s integration of advanced clinical, behavioral, educational and family support services provides children with the opportunity to learn how to walk, talk, play, attend school and lead productive lives as part of their community.

The dinner was held at the Crowne Plaza where the crowds were welcomed with an 18-piece orchestra and the Zimra Choir and Famed composer and choirmaster Dudi Kalisch was flown in from Israel special for the event and he dazzled together with the Shearim orchestra, singing popular melodies and performing his own original compositions including a beautiful Yiddish song about Yaldei. He was joined by both the Zimra men’s choir and the Zimra boy’s choir.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Bad Car-ma

A thief attempts to break into a car with a brick, but ends up knocked out cold. Irelands Dumbest Criminal . Brick rebounds off car window and smashes the criminals face. Puts him out cold . The car owner returns seconds later to have him arrested.