Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Meilech Halpern, Shloime Meisler, Menagen Choir

Enjoy this live performance featuring Shloime Meisler and the Menagen Choir covering Yerei Shomayim by Shmueli Ungar at a recent wedding

Live sound engineer: DG Sound
Stage and Lighting: Simon Cowen Productions
Video footage by Freylich Live

Rabbi YY Jacobson Releases Important Video!

There is a yid who owes money to the mafia and is getting terrible threats from them day and night. They threatened to kill him and his entire family השם ירחם.

He has no peace of mind!

This man is a frum man with a family and he has no one to help him.


This is seriously a case of pikauch nefesh! I ask you to please be compassionate and help him in this dark time of his life.

By donating, you will be helping a yid get back on his feet.

You have a tremendous zechus and a great mitzva of hatazalas nefashos, of saving another yid.

Please have rachmonos and donate as much as possible to take him out of this difficult situation.

Hashem should give you bracha and hatzlacha.


Avrum Mordche Schwartz - Medzhybizh - Single

The Shabbos of Vo'eiro I had to zechus to be in Mezebish, Ukraine at the tzion of the holy 'Baal Shem Tov' the founder of chasidus ,erev shabbos as we approached the shtetel of Mezebiz, this song was born, and after a shabbos spent in high spirits, I returned home and immediately got to recording the song.

Produced, Directored & Arranged: Avrum Mordche Schwartz
Composed: Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Chaim Itzkowitz
Lyrics: Avrum Mordche Schwartz
Recorded at The Golden Enterprise studio Brooklyn NY, The Music Factory Englewood NJ by Lester Lovell
Edited & Mixed: Chaim Yitzchok Goldman
Mastering: Itzick Faliba
Cover Art: Yankey Perl
Video: Ari Levy

Piah Pascha - David Taub - Dudi Knopfler - Music Video

Composed arranged and music production: David Taub
Piano: Achiya Cohen
Drums: Tal Cohen
Contra Bass: Zur Ben Zeev
Strings: M Belzitsman & the group
Recordings: Tenor Studio, Zmirot Studio - Bannet, Gal Kol
Mix & Mastering: Ronen Hillel
Video Produced by: D&D production
Video editing: Sruly Broncher

Monday, January 25, 2021

Elchonon Gartenhaus Productions ft Yitz Henkin

The sound of the future – the songs of the past!

Introducing Elchonon Gartenhaus, a fresh young musical talent from Lakewood NJ bursting through the Simcha scene. Dance & sing along to his debut wedding clip featuring the powerful vocals of Yitz Henkin performing a medley of some awesome songs!


Produced & Arranged by: Elchonon Gartenhaus
Live Mix: Betzalel Bree
Post Production: Ruli Ezrachi
Video by: Motty Engel
Marketing: I & Me Media


Omar Rabbi Akiva – Yaakov Shwekey
L’Tova – Benny Friedman
Mi K’amcha Yisroel – Joey Newcomb Ft. Benny Friedman
Binyan Adi Ad – Lipa Schmeltzer
Avraham Yogel – Avraham Fried

Goldman Medley - Shvochim Ft. Yingerlich , Shira, Freilach

The term ‘an oldie but a goodie’ rightfully applies to virtually every single tune composed by the inimitable, unforgettable champion of Chassidish American music, R’ Moshe Goldman z”l. One of the most prolific composers of any generation, R' Moshe’s library of work illuminated the Jewish world with songs rich in soul and warmth, yet melodically accessible to all.

On Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5781, Shvochim held a concert event in Borough Park to commemorate this giant of Jewish song. Cascading waves of nostalgia washed over both the performers and the audience as old, cherished crowd-favorites spilled forth from the Yingerlach child choir, the Shira adult choir, and the Freilach band.

Ballad. March. Disco. Waltz. Swing. Folk. The genres kept coalescing, while not a beat was missed. We invite you to enjoy this short peek into that spellbinding event––and join in person next time!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Yehuda Green - Der Rebbe Iz Do - Music Video

Abba Iti – Freilach ft. Itzik Dadya, Yossi Lax & Yedidim

For over a decade The Freilach Band has had the honor to perform at countless Simchas, concerts and events; each one special in its own way. Recently we had the opportunity to be part of a very momentous Hachnosas Sefer Torah dedicated by an extremely special individual, Pesach Weiss. One of the many highlights of that evening was this incredible duet featuring Itzik Dadya & child soloist Yossi Lax backed up by the talented voices of The Yedidim Choir.

What a perfect way to begin the new year 2021 with this reminder, that no matter what is happening in our lives - even when things are difficult, Hashem our father, our Abba, our Tatteh is always with us.

A David Elefant Production
Music by: Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber
Arranged by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Originally Recorded by: Ari Hill & Chaim Yisroel
Composed by: Bentzi Stein
Live Sound: Solvetech
Live Engineer: Eli Lishinsky
Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman
LED & Lighting: Excellent Sound & Lighting
Video: Motty Engel

Menachem Weinstein - Highway - Music video

This song tells the story of someone who was struggling to find the right direction in their life and then met a special person who positively changed everything.

It tells of the power of finding the right life partner who can completely inspire you and guide you out of a dark place, wherever that may be, and into the light. Meeting my wife was the most major, and effective, single moment in my life. I feel that this song reflects and describes that.

We recently moved to South Florida and one day I was driving down the I-95 on the way home from work. In true Florida style, a harsh storm and pouring rains descended out of nowhere. The visibility was horrible and it became quite dark.

Hearing the thunder and seeing the flashes of lightning, I tightly gripped the steering wheel as I struggled to see where I was going. Then another car, from behind, overtook me which made it possible to follow it's back lights and use them as a guide until eventually the storm subsided.

When I thought about that experience it seemed to compare with the time in my life when I met my future wife and the journey I was on then. A few days later, I wrote this song and presented it to the popular British music producer, Shloimy Salzman. His musical talent, and genius, can be found as it shines through in the amazing arrangements and production.


Musical production and arrangements by Shloimy Salzman
Choirs arranged and produced by Shloimy Salzman
Song composed and performed by Menachem Weinstein
Additional bridge composition by Shloimy Salzman
Vocals recorded at Markee Music Studios, Deerfield Beach, FL.
Music video by Munch Media

Mordechai Shapiro, Yedidim “V’siten” AT Production

From the many hits coming from Mordy Shapiro's third album "Hakol Mishamayim', enjoy this heartfelt ballad, originally composed by Mordechai Shapiro

A magnificent musical production by The Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra, featuring Mordechai, The Yedidim Choir, and a stunning fresh arrangement prepared by Shimmy Markowitz.

The piece highlights the harmonious blend of a soft beginning, where the strings and chupa like sound, are ultimately met by the full rhythm and brass section, expressing the full emotion of the song.

This is the second clip from the memorable Markowitz & Cohen wedding which took place on November 25th, 2020, at The Legacy Castle.

V'siten is a beautiful tefilah said every Friday night immediately following candle lighting, where we ask Hashem to grant us a good and long life, and request that He remembers us for the better by bestowing only blessings upon us and our families.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Archstone: Solution to Addiction in the Frum Community


It’s a scary word for most people. And for good reason. Addiction is a serious matter that requires a serious response.

But addiction is also a topic that has been largely taboo in the frum world for several reasons
. One is because many were of the belief that it didn’t exist in Orthodox Jewish circles. Others didn’t know of a kosher treatment option. Thus, when there was a genuine case of addiction, it was dealt with in “hiding,” so to speak. Or it wasn’t dealt with at all.

Enter Archstone Behavioral Health.

Archstone is a rehabilitation center based in Florida, providing treatment for addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol while maintaining the sensitivities needed for a frum patient.

Moshe A. Yachnes, LCSW, CSAT,
who has years of experience in this field, has educated many in the frum community on the effective treatments that exist, tailoring a roadmap to success for patient after patient.

Mo, as he is affectionately known, personally screens and hires every clinician at Archstone, ensuring that they will be able to provide appropriate treatment to clients from the frum community.

“We can’t hide from this issue,” says Mo. “It’s real and it’s out there.
What is reassuring is that there is a solution – a solution that is tailored to frum clients, who can take solace in the fact that we have a program that they will feel comfortable with.” Patients in Mo’s program attend group therapy sessions focusing on specific underlying disorders, life issues, or addiction treatment topics ​​​; receive treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health concerns; can take advantage of alternative therapeutic treatment options to increase overall health and decrease stress; and receive life and work skills assistance as needed.

Once the client has recovered, Mo and his team create an aftercare plan for long-term wellness.

“At Archstone, we focus on the patient’s whole recovery journey,” says Mo, “Not just the time they reside at our rehabilitation facility. Unfortunately, relapsing after leaving rehabilitation is fairly common. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates while in recovery are 40 to 60 percent because a patient may not have enough support to remain motivated for recovery. We focus on making sure that our efforts bear fruit for the long-term. We offer a full continuum of care, from detox to outpatient.”

This includes staff follow up with patients to address ongoing needs and issues that may affect recovery, in addition to a support system of the program’s 20 years worth of “alumni”.

Archstone accepts all major insurances. If you or a loved one are currently struggling with addiction or mental illness, call Mo at 561-944-7763 to get help today.

“We are here to serve the frum client. During the crisis of addiction, please know that, above all, you are not alone. We’ll be there for you every step of the way during your recovery journey.”