Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Skydiver Ejects From Glider

A professional skydiver perfectly captured the 'best dive of her career', which saw her plunge out of a glider plane in one of the world's most exclusive jumps.

Nicole Smith, of Cleveland, Georgia, was filmed in incredible detail flying in a Fox acrobatic glider across the skies above Skydive Dubai 's Desert Campus.

In footage shot from every angle , Nicole can be seen cry with glee as she waves her arms above her head with picturesque clear blue skies and desert behind her.

As the plane turns over, Nicole breaks loose and flings herself from the passenger seat to free fall solo to the ground.

Nicole joined an elite group of divers who have been given the exclusive opportunity to jump from the plane, with fewer than 100 people being allowed to perform the stunt.

Child Soloist Sings MBD Ve'anpoho Nehirin

MBD & Chaim Yisrael at Beer Sheva Concert

Car Falls 7 Stories from Parking Garage

Police in Austin, Texas, have released surveillance video showing a car plunging seven stories from a parking garage and striking another vehicle as it lands in an alley. The video shows the car landing on an SUV before rolling upside down on to the ground. The driver of the car survived the crash but is in hospital

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Eclipse in 23 Seconds

Apologies for the power outages today. You may experience loss of light for 2-3 minutes

Aron Razel - אם יש את נפשך - MusicVideo

אם יש את נפשך - אהרן רזאל
מתוך האלבום החדש "עד אמצא מקום"

מילים ולחן: אהרן רזאל
משפט הפתיחה לקוח משירו של חיים נחמן ביאליק

Two Year Old Boy Identifies 50 US Cars

Adorable auto-obsessed toddler Nicholas Drake can name 50 classic US motors by sight

The talented toddler, whose favorite motor is a Porsche, got his first toy car at six months old and has loved them ever since.

He can reel of the names of models of various vehicles - including a Mustang, Tesla, Corvette and Pontiac - proving to have an impressive memory, which turned him into an internet sensation earlier this year.

Since his viral success, he's learned to recognize even more cars, in a new video clip taken with his father Luke, 31.

Every night Nicholas sits with his father and learns about more cars. His mother Julie, 31, is proud.
She said: 'Ever since he was six months old, Nicholas has just loved cars.

'My husband started teaching him the makes and models and it's become a family hobby.
'It is so funny. He just has to hear a car name and he can remember it. He must know 40 or 50.

'We go for walks and he will call out the name of every car he passes.

here is a video posted earlier from nicholas naming non-american cars

Extraordinary White Moose Takes a Dip in a Swedish Lake

Why a Total Solar Eclipse is Such a Big Deal

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse is appeared in the continental United States for the first time in 38 years, which may make it the most viewed total solar eclipse in history. These events generate so much excitement because the orbital mechanics of the earth-moon-sun system keep the moon's shadow small and mobile. It will touch any given spot on the planet only once in over 300 years on average. For that reason, most people must make a concerted effort if they are to witness this event in their lifetimes. In this video we explain the differences between a solar and lunar eclipse and why some believe that a total eclipse of the sun is the greatest natural phenomenon of them all.

Man Distracted by Phone Plunges into Sinkhole

A motorcyclist escaped with only minor injuries after riding into a sinkhole in China. the footage, taken last week, shows the man looking at his phone shortly before crashing into the gaping crater in the road. CCTV captured the moment the street collapses before the unwitting motorcyclist drops into the hole head-first.

Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Sruly Lipschitz - Kiddish

Performed & Composed by: Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Sruly​ Lipshitz
Lyrics by: Avrum Mordche Schwartz
Music by: Sruly Lipschitz
Choir by: Yoely Horowitz Avrum Mordche & Sruly
Recorded at Gal Kol Studios - Israel
Recording technician: Yisreal Ohrbach
Mix & Mastered by MK Studios