Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Unspoken Words - Shmueli Ungar | Nshei Adirei HaTorah

This emotional, passionate expression of soul-stirring hakaras hatov was first shown at the Nshei Adirei HaTorah event on September 20, 2023

Composed & Written by: Chayala Neuhaus
Music Produced & Arranged By: Doni Gross
Featuring: Shmueli Ungar

A Mint Media Production

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Things Have Changed in Our Community

It is no longer the case that only a small subset of families cannot make ends meet. The true numbers are staggering and undeniable.

“But what can be done?”

This question is being asked louder and louder with every passing day. It is impossible to provide help to everyone when the need is so vast and the number of available givers continuously dwindling.

Only a solution to the underlying problem can take us forward.

And that is the mission before us today.

The acclaimed RSK organization has undertaken the difficult but vital task of facilitating a shift in focus within the community towards financial clarity and responsibility.

In a mission spearheaded by forward-thinking businessmen and laymen, families who have fallen behind are now able to access financial coaching and career guidance that helps them create a reasonable budget, earn an income to match it, and get out of the rut they’re in.

This mission has already transformed the fortunes of thousands of families, but thousands more are waiting! And all of us have the opportunity and responsibility to lift a family out of darkness — for good.

This RSK initiative indeed puts families on the road towards self-sufficiency — the goal is to see them take matters into their own hands. But until they can do so often requires assistance to stop the bleeding and keep them afloat until the time comes when they’re ready to swim on their own.

To meet the growing demand, The Mission campaign has been launched, a joint effort that will see the community lend a hand towards this vital undertaking. By adopting a family and helping them find the light, donors will do their part to turn the tide and bring about a healthier future.

Today, we encourage you to support the one tzedakah that will bring an end to the further need for tzedakah and one that will empower a family with dignity and strength.

Arm yourself before the Yom Hadin with the tzedakah that the Rambam describes as the greatest of them all!

Do it for these families — and acquire a zechus for your own.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Yanky Ausch "Pinky Weber Medley" II

00:00 רחמנא - שמילי אונגר
01:38 אל תסתר - ליפא שמעלצער
03:15 דודי - איזיק הוניג
04:56 ימים באים - שעיה גרוס יואלי קליין שלומי ברנשטיין
05:54 נפשי חולת - לוי פאלקוביץ

Ishay Ribo & MBD - Ata Zocher

Composed by Hershy Weinberger.

Day In The Life Of Moshe Rubashkin

"Why Did You Bring me Into Such a Painful World?"

“Mommy, why did you bring me into such a painful world?"

She is not even a year old yet.

But she already has level IV cancer.

She screams while looking at me as if saying: “Mommy, why did you bring me into such a painful world? Why is it so hard and painful here?”

Arina is not even a year old, but is already dealing with needle pricking and pain that even an adult wouldn’t be able to handle.

What can I wish for her? For her to be able to celebrate her first birthday?
For me to be able to raise her, hug her and show her that there is good in this world?!Please!

None of the previous treatments worked, I want her to celebrate her first birthday. I want to give her every good there is in this world. She only experienced the bad…  
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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Avraham Fried & Friends - Haben Yakir Li

Enjoy this classic nigun from the great Chabad chosid and composer R' Sholom Charitonov - "Haben Yakir Li". Led by world renowned Chasidic superstar Avraham Fried.

Produced and directed by Bentzi Marcus
Filmed and edited by Rivkin Media
Piano - Aron Niasoff
Flute - Yehuda Piamenta
Live Audio - Koby Nesanel
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Thorne.

Sholom Jacobs - Salachti - Music Video

In a stirring rendition that tugs at the heartstrings, the international singer and revered Chazan, Sholom Jacobs sings “Salachti.” A new composition of an age-old Yom Kippur prayer that has echoed through the corridors of time, bringing tears and solace to countless souls. “Salachti,” which translates to “You are Forgiven,” is a divine song of absolution, a tender reassurance from God in response to our lapses and failings. The magic of Sholom’s voice, wrapping around the lyrics and embodying every raw emotion and fervor this prayer encapsulates.

In the face of our imperfections and the delicate dance of life, we stand humbly before our Creator on Yom Kippur, not draped in sorrow, but enveloped in joy. A joy sparked by gratitude for life, for every blessing we’ve ever pleaded for. With bowed heads and contrite hearts, we atone, and in infinite compassion, G-d whispers back, “Salachti.”

“Salachti” crafted into a poignant visual tale by the masterful director Zvika Bornstein, the narrative captures a moment of anxiety: “Where is the Chazan?” asks the anxious Gabbi, as an entire congregation, eyes darting to the door, waits in bated breath. The tale unfolds, following the Chazan’s winding journey to the synagogue, a path strewn with unforeseen hurdles. But isn’t that a mirror to our own journey? Often, life’s detours keep us from reaching out to the divine. Yet, when we finally do, our merciful God embraces us, whispering, “Salachti.”

Sholom Jacobs, a globally renowned performer and Chazan from Glasgow, Scotland, has graced stages worldwide and collaborated with Jewish music icons like MBD, Gad Elbaz, Avraham Fried and Yaakov Schweky. His album “Pi Shnaim,” features compositions by Yossi Green and Moshe Laufer. His musical journey includes performances in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Jazz Center at Lincoln Center, and officiations in locations from Israel to Poland. For nearly a decade, he served as the high holidays chazzan at Scotland’s largest shul, Giffnock, before moving to Chabad of the Five Towns in Cedarhurst, NY. For the past four years, Sholom has been the Chazan at the esteemed Chabad of the Shore, a summer hub for over 600 congregants from near and far. He eagerly anticipates leading the high holiday services there once again, alongside his choir.

Sholom Jacobs has been making his way up the charts and has performed in concerts and festivals throughout the globe. He also collaborated on many projects with leading Israeli and Jewish superstars like Gad Elbaz, Avraham Fried and many more. Sholom is also a well-known Chazan hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and has released the album “Pi Shnaim” with a collection of songs by Yossi Green and Moshe Laufer. Sholom is proud to debut his son Shmuel Jacobs, who has also been on the Jewish music scene, and has been performing alongside his father in beautiful harmonic duets. Also featuring, Noam Bornstein, who is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this week. Noam performed and appeared in music videos alongside Gad Elbaz, Lipa, Nissim, Meir Kay and others. Noam is pleased to team up with Sholom & Shmuel and take part in this emotionally moving video as a tribute to those who perished in the last few weeks.

Produced & Directed by: Zvika Bornstein
Executive Producer: Sholom Jacobs
Director of photography: Avraham Scheinberg
Edited by: Avraham Sceinberg & Zvika Bornstein
Assistant Director: Yoni Zolden
Graphics & Colorist: Mike Bouhnik
Concept: Zvika Bornstein
Associate producers: Frumi Bornstein
Line producer: Kim Diaz
PA 1: Rebecca Kramer
PA 2: Yoni Zolden
Lighting: David Goodman
Sound: Kim Diaz

Eftecha Pi - Yechiel Schron - Single

Let me introduce Yechiel Schron's rendition of the beautiful Yom Kippur Tefillah, "Eftecha Pi"

This soul-stirring composition by “Yitzy Waldner” carries the essence of centuries-old tradition and devotion, taking you on a spiritual journey to the heart of the Yomim Noraim.

"Eftecha Pi" is a Tefillah steeped in history, crafted by some of our greatest Goanim and Rishonim in the 7th century. In this stirring rendition, Yechiel Schron, a talented vocalist, delivers a heartfelt plea to Hashem. He implores for the divine permission and the ability to lead the Mispallelim in prayer with the utmost sincerity and devotion.

As Yom Kippur approaches, let the timeless tune of "Eftecha Pi" wash over you, filling your heart with reflection, hope, and a deep connection to our rich heritage. Join us in this sacred moment of introspection and renewal as we embark on a journey of prayer and self-discovery.

Composed & Produced by: Yitzy Waldner.
Arranged by: Yehuda Glili.
Choir by: David Taub.
Vocals recorded @ Studio 6, Lakewood NJ.
Mixed & Mastered by: Yaniv Balas.
Cover Design: Avrumy Silberstein /
Video Design: Shoshi Colorful

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Eitan Katz Live In New York

This coming Chol Hamoed Sukkos

Live In New York With Hearts In Jerusalem

Chol Hamoed Sukkos
Monday 10.2.23
Show Begins 8:30pm Doors Open 8:00pm

Oceana Theater
1029 Brighton Beach Ave
Brooklyn, NY


Mens, Family, & Womans Seating Available