Monday, October 22, 2018

Shlomo Carlebach is Back!

A hologram of the legendary Shlomo Carlebach OBM joined the singing with Avraham Fried, Yonatan Razel, Yishai Lapidot, and Avrumi Roth, at a Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

Holograms are 3-D images that have been projected and captured on a 2-D surface.

Yahadut Hatorah Party Official Campaign Song

NASA Releases 450,000 Gallons of Water in One Minute

That's a lot of water!!!

As a test of its "Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water deluge system," NASA on Oct. 15 released a deluge of water -- 450,000 gallons to be precise -- in just over one minute.

The water goes up about 100 feet into the air.

The system is used to reduce extreme heat and energy generated by a rocket launch, according to NASA.

This test was at Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39B in Florida in preparation for Exploration Mission-1, which is set to launch in June 2020.

It will be the first uncrewed flight of the Space Launch System, a huge rocket arrangement NASA has worked on for years, set to be the most powerful booster ever built.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Eitan Freilich - Yavo Shalom - Album Preview

Eitan Freilich has released his second album entitled ‘Yavo Shalom’. After years of performing live in Simcha’s and Concerts, Eitan continues to record and compose beautiful songs which rely on strong concepts and meanings, as well as heartwarming vocals. He says: “My father would encourage our family to travel. He said it’s the best form of education one can get.

Only now, as I travel across the world to sing and perform, do I appreciate this wisdom. And as I meet people and communities across the world, young and old, traditional and modern, I see how music transcends our differences and unites our souls as one Jewish nation. But aside from these moments, we can all too often descend into discord as we let our differences divide us.”

Eitan Freilich adds: “This new album, Yavo Shalom, is a call for unity, and a plea for peace. If we join together in singing a new song to Hashem, peace will come. If we serve Hashem with joy, peace will come. If the music of unity inspires us to actively seek out unity, peace will come. It’s time to beat the drum of unity, and let music march us towards the peace yet to come.”

The new album is set to be a groundbreaking masterpiece from Eitan Freilich featuring compositions from Yitzy Waldner, Ari Goldwag and Elie Schwab with arrangements from Ian Freitor, Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry. The album is distributed by Nigun Music and is available worldwide via digital download.

Czech Police Officer Uses Body to Stop a Motorcyclist

Levy Falkowitz, Yedidim "Carlebach" AT Production

Shlomo Carlebach, simply known as "Reb Shlomo", was one of Jewish music's biggest influences. With thousands of melodies composed, Reb Shlomo's niggunim spread through all walks of Jewish life. His music not only had tremendous influence during his career and lifetime, but Reb Shlomo's contributions are felt even today. So many of his compositions have become timeless classics.

Here we present a medley of some of his well known classics, arranged and conducted by Yisroel Lamm, featuring the warm vocals of Levi Falkowitz together with the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra. The medley was a featured musical selection at the Brach & Kalish wedding which took place on May 30th 2018, at Addison Park

Sound by Solvetech
Mixed by Baba Z
Event Coordinator Jay Kay & Joe B
Public Relations Chad k

Joey Newcomb - It's Never Too Late - Music Video

This song is meant to speak to everyone on whatever level they are on. And to keep on reminding yourself that failure is a part of growth and "WE" must keep starting over.

I wrote this song one Summer while I was deep in prayer, alone in a open field, not feeling too good about where I was holding in my spirituality.

The words immediately came to me. I hope this video brings hope to all, and inspires to never give up.

Composed and performed by: Joey Newcomb
Produced and Arranged by: Doni Gross 
Recorded at: Deg Studios NYC
Video: Moish Finkelstien 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Yingerlich - Album Preview

"Yingerlich" is the new chassidishe choir on the block! Led by Harav Shea Rosen and Harav Yosef Glick, and produced by Naftali Schnitzler, this album promises to bring you a real chassidishe music experience.

With the new song "Davenen" already being sung by weddings, you can expect songs filled with warmth and "Neshuma", songs that will have you dance, cry, and connect you to השי"ת.

Songs are composed by R' Pinky Weber, Hershy Weinberger, R' Meshulem Greenberger, newcomer Yoina Lipshitz, and R' Eliezer Kalish. With music by the legend Moshe Laufer, and Naftali Schnitzler.

This album is set to be released on 10.24.18.

Available for Pre Order nigunmusic and mostlymusic

Shlomo Seletski, Yakov and Shulem Lemmer - ראי רחל ראי

Conductor Yossi Schwartz wrote a new arrangement to Effi netzer's song "REI RACHEL REI"

This song was performed on the 24 June 2018 in a concert at the Jewish Festival in Krakow, In honor of our foremother, Rachel, we are delighted to present you with this amazing piece.

Cantor: Shlomo Seletski
Cantor:Sulem Lemmer
Cantor:Yakov Lemmer

Conductor: Yossi Schwartz
Vocal Ensemble: The Bells
Production: Yossi Natkovich

Friday, October 19, 2018

Shabbos Medley - Benny Friedman & Ari Goldwag

Benny Friedman & Ari Goldwag sing Their classic songs Ma Yedidus, Shalom Aleichem, and Kah Ribon (all composed by Ari) - live in Baltimore on behalf of the organization Menucha, which cares for the needs of special children. The concert took place on September 26th, 2018 to a sold out crowd in Goucher auditorium.

Filmed by Jeffrey Reches
Audio and Video Edited by Ari Goldwag

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Highlights of YTV Rosh Hayeshiva Inauguration

Highlights of the Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Inauguration of Horav Yitzchok Lichtenstein as Rosh Hayeshiva.