Friday, May 22, 2015

Moskowitz & Yedidim With Freilach "Shtar Hatenoim"

A small taste of a recent event in Boro Park featuring the Freilach band and Menachem Moskowitz, accompanied by the harmonious voices of the Yedidim Choir, performing the title track of Avraham Fried's "Shtar Hatnoim" album, composed by Yossi Green, originally released in 1993.

Freilach, Benny, Isaac Honig & Shira - Kad Yasvun

In honor of Shevuos Freilach presents a beautiful duet performance, sung by Benny Friedman and Issac Honig, accompanied by the Freilach band and the Shira choir.

Composed: Meshulem Greenberger
Originally performed on the album ’Taamu’ (Benny Friedman).
Mixed and edited: Mendy Hershkowitz
Video: Neumann Media Studios

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sruli Twerski Debut Album Promo

Here is a promo video a glimpse of what to be heard on the upcoming album to be released very soon in stores near you

Album titled "V'kabtzeinu Yachad" produced by Sruly Weinberger featuring 10 new songs composed by Rabbi Michel Twerski.

This album featuring some great music arrangers such as, Tzvi Blumenfeld, Avrumi Berko, Shimmy Sklar, and more, flavored with amazing choirs arranged & conducted by Sruly Weinberger, Eli Shprie, Shimmy Sklar, Yaakov Rotblat -Yedidim choir Israel, Avrumi Berko.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the album release.

Produced by Sruly Weinberger
Studio recorded by silversonic studios
Video by Motty Engel

Avrumi Berko Presents a MBD Classical

Avrumi Berko conducts a classical melody featuring songs from MBD's hit album "Let My People Go".

An A. Berko Production.

Shimmy Levy - Falkowitz & Meshorerim Choir

Shimmy Levy on the keys with Levy Falkowitz, accompanied by the Meshorerim Choir at a recent wedding in Boro Park.

For more info call Shimmy levy - 1347-986-7084
Meshorerim Choir - 1347-709-8113

Daskal & Yedidim - Chupah - AT Production

Shloime Daskal & Yedidim Choir "Tefilat Kallah-Shwekey & Im Eshkocheich-Lev Thaor" - At a Wedding in the Hilton Meadowlands On March 8, 2015 Conducted by Yisroel Lamm an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Fearless Crane Put Two Tigers to Shame

A red-crowned crane found itself in a tiger enclosure in a Chinese wildlife park. Unfazed, it faced off against the two giant cats – and won.

A video taken on a cell phone by a visitor at the Fuyang Wildlife Park shows what happened

The crane got caught in a strong gust of wind and was blown straight into the tigers’ den during a display in the park in Zhejiang Province. The two predators immediately went after what they thought was an unexpected easy snack.

The bird’s doom appeared sealed... but after a few seconds of running, it turned around, spread its wings, and faced the cats in a classic Kung Fu position. Within moments, it was the tigers that were on the run.

The tigers repeatedly tried to team up on the brave crane – but were again sent packing. The standoff ultimately went on for minutes, according to CCTV.

In the end, the wildlife park’s staff managed to get into the enclosure and rescue the bird – or perhaps the hapless tigers. “Master Crane” reportedly got off with minor injuries.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nafshenu Orchestra - Simcha Leiner - Chupah Medley

To view additional video clips of many of the top featured vocalists please visit or call 516-371-6660.

New from Moishe Mendlowitz "Nostalgia" Preview

Available for purchase at

Sheya Mendlowitz presents "Nostalgia"  Reminisce with  Moishe Mendlowitz.  A Yossi Tyberg and Yossi Rubin Production.

A Bracha for "Torah Ugedulah Bemakom Echad"

When Reb Berel Wiess, a successful businessman, asked the  Lubavitcher Rebbe for a blessing to have both wealth and Torah knowledge, the Rebbe told him that this particular blessing requires a special vessel which Reb Berel was yet to acquire. From Living Torah Volume 140 Program 557.

Grandma's 102nd Birthday Party

You've probably already seen this on Whats-app or what-have-you, but in case you didn't, here you go...

BTW, this is a true story.