Thursday, May 28, 2020

Chasidic Jews Account for Half of all Plasma Donations

While still experimental, early results from clinical trials show plasma transfusions are both safe and effective against COVID-19. The therapy transfuses antibody-rich plasma from recovered patients into sick patients, and many of the donors who are coming forward are members of Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities. Dr. Tara Narula reports.

Tefilot Shabat Medley with Micha Gamerman

Brazilian singer Micha Gamerman is back with a new Album - Shabat Oneg with Micha Gamerman. This is the first animated music video of the project. A few years ago Micha released 6 animated Medleys for his Moadei Israel wich became very famous with millions hits.
Shabat Oneg Im Micha Gamerman consists of six medleys arranged by Benny Laufer; 1. Tefilot Shabat Medley, 2. Leil Shabat Medley, 3. Yom Shabat Medley, 4. Seudat Shlishit Medley, 5. Birkat Hamazon Medley, 6. Havdallah Medley. This album has so much energy and flavor that the Shabat come alive for everyone, both young and old.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

46 Voices, 40 days, 1 Mission

One of the ways we are encouraged to use our speech, is by opening up our mouths and lips to silently speak to our creator during the time of tefilah or when we find ourselves in the confines of Hashem's house. A select group is also given the gift of song and the ability to open up their mouths and sing Hashem's praises from the heart. Now lets listen to the words from their heart.

As many of us will slowly begin the process of returning to shul, please join the above Jewish Music singers and stars, together with many others, who are accepting upon themselves not to talk in Shul for 40 days. Through this kabbalas shetika, to not talk in Shul for the next 40 days, we hope that Hashem will bestow only rachmanus on all of Klal Yisroel that need His rachmei shamayim during this difficult time.

Please join in this worthy cause and show Hashem that we truly missed our Shuls and we are ready to return.

This Project was made possible by Aaron Teitelbaum & Shloime Daskal

Joey Newcomb - Tantz With Rashbi - Music Video

One morning as I was finishing up Davening, I got a voice message from my dear friend Elimelech Blumstein expressing that he had heard a Shiur about Reb Shimon Bar Yochai, the holy Tanah.

The Shiur being about the holiness of the Tanah and how he started the process of Ge’ulah. Reb Shimon taught us how to look past the surface and to see the depth and beauty of everything and everyone around us.

Then of course he attached this song he had just written, expressing that he wasn’t really sure if he even liked it. I told him how much I loved it and the rest is history.

Enjoy the track in honor of Reb Shimon on this special day of Lag B’omer.


Composed by: The Blumstein brothers and Joey
Performed by: Joey Newcomb
Music Produced by: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DeG studios NYC
A Crunchtime Media Production
Produced by: Moshe Finkelstien
Actors: Rabbi Groner, Mike Mauss, Shimon Groner.

Hatzoloh of Rockland - Steps Up in Unity

Donate to the Campaign

Over the course of this year, Rockland County has been victim to many traumatic events. 

The stabbing of a man on the way to pray. 
Children falling from a third-story window. 
A child being ferociously bitten by a dog. 

The common denominator?  Hatzoloh of Rockland's heroic presence at the scene.  Within moments, Hatzoloh was there.  Assessing the scene.  Saving lives.  Taking control.  No matter the severity, no matter the danger involved, Hatzoloh of Rokcland embraced the challenge and stood in unity to save lives. 

Now they're asking for the Rockland Community to unite in a show of support.  Unite for the units.

Wingsuit Base Jumper Collects Some Branches

"This was a wingsuit base jump that occurred in Loen, Norway. I forgot to take my sunglasses off before the jump. The added shade took away from the effectiveness of my depth perception. Which diminished my ability to correctly judge the height of the trees at speed. Resulting in me crashing through the top of a tree, while in mid-flight."

Baby Wipe Mask Allows Guy to Enjoy Food and Drinks

"I was just trying to enjoy a cold one while slowing the spread!". Gilbert, Arizona.

8th Day - Elika D'Meir

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Motti Goldman & Fire Band - Shabbos Tish

אברימי אקשטיין מגיש

מוטי גולדמן - שאבעס טיש

הפקת יוקרה מדהימה בליווי תזמורת פייער בניצוחו של יענקי לנדאו.

צפו בקליפ שבתי מתוך קומזיץ סוחף מרגש ומחבר, בישיבת משנת שמעון, בשילוב מרתק בין הסגנונות והשירים, החל משירי הרגש ובמעבר לשירה אופטימית סוחפת ושמחה תוך כדי קריצה קלה לז'אנר המזרחי

הפקה: לייבי שצ'רנסקי
הפקת וידיאו ועריכה: הרשי'ס - הרשי סגל
עיבוד: יענקי לנדאו - פיייער    

United in Saving Lives - Hotzoloh of Rockland

Nothing stands in the way of Hatzoloh of Rockland. 

No matter the time, no matter the place, and no matter the severity, the units are there.  Saving lives, day after day.  Hour after hour.  Moment after moment.  Through times of crisis and times of chaos, nothing hinders the selfless devotion and constant sacrifice they show toward the community.  Now, it's time for us to unite in show of support.  Donate to the Hatzoloh of Rockland campaign. 

Donate to the campaign

Avrum Mordche Schwartz - Mnon Umon - Single

Composed & lyrics by: Avrum Mordche Schwartz
Music arranged by: Sheya Bernstien
Recorded at: Golden enterprise studios Brooklyn NY
Engineer: Chaim Yitzchok Goldman
Backup Vocals: Mayer Isser Zanger
Mixed & mastered by: Itzick Filiba
Video & Editing by: Studio on dot
Cover art & graphics by: Yanky Perl