Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hunter Being Attacked by a Charging Bear

A Canadian Hunter is lucky to be alive after meeting with a black bear.

Richard Wesley had gone hunting with his bow near Fire River in Ontario (Canada) when he noticed a black bear in the distance. The bear seemed to ignore the hunter but seeing the animal approaching the man wanted to scare him by making noise. But this did not have the effect because the bear started running in the direction of the hunter to attack it. Fortunately more fear than harm, the bear simply pushed the hunter to the ground who is getting away with a hematoma at the elbow.

from the up-loader: I am so happy after this confrontation with a black bear during our spring hunt. No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down. Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome. Proving that the black bear is a wild and unpredictable animal. Again so happy with the outcome.

Gas Tunker Overturns Causes Huge Fire

A large gas tanker exploded and caused a huge fire after it crashed and rolled off of a ramp on Highway 99 in Atwater, California on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. California Highway Patrol and fire crews responded to the scene to try and contain the fire at Applegate Road. CHP later said that one person - the tanker driver - was killed as a result of the explosion and fire. Miraculously there were no other injuries.

Recorded by Metta Xiong who together with her fellow employees at a local restaurant in Atwater, California scramble for safety after a tanker truck explodes outside.

3 People Who Need to Stop Hurting People's Hands

A comedic video. "I'm sure you all can relate to someone who shakes your hand a little too hard... but maybe not as hard as this guy!"

Kever Shmuel HaNavi on his Yahrtzeit

The 28th of Iyar, the Traditional Yahrtzeit of Shmuel HaNavi. (Some say it is the 29th of Iyar.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Watch Live - ATIME Auction 5777

Jerusalem Day 50th Anniversary Celebration

The celebration at the Kosel on Yom Yerushlayim. Marking 50 years since the day the Kosel and Yerushlayim was recaptured and once again under Jewish control, allowing the Jewish People for the first time in 20 years, to once again pray at their Holy Wall.

"...אני מאמין בניסים, אני יודע שיש אלוקים, והוא בורא עולם, הכוח של כולם" (I believe in miracles! I know there is a God, And he's the creator of the world, The force of everything...) - In one thunderous voice, Yaakov Shwekey along with thousands of others, sing the former's popular song "Ani Ma'amin Benisim".

Middle Plane Seat May Be The Best Soon

Middle Plane Seat May Be The Best Soon With Revolutionary Design

The Today Show's national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen shares a sneak peek at a new airplane seating design that could change the way you fly and save airlines as much as $700,000 per day through faster boarding times. The new middle seat is 3 inches wider than the aisle and window seats!

NYPD Officer Caught Lying on Dashcam

A Chassidic man driving on the streets of Williamsburg in Brookolyn, is stopped by a New York City Police officer with the charge of running a red light. Thankfully, the driver had a dashcam which proves his innocence and the officer guilty of fabricating the alleged violation.

Clever Raven Outsmarts a Trash Can

See a clever raven outsmart a trash can. Filmed in Haines, Alaska, the bird uses its problem-solving abilities to unlatch the top of the can and fling it to the ground.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

War on Three Fronts

A chronicle of Israel’s June 1967 military actions on three fronts, against the synchronized forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. This video was produced for Lesson 4 of Survival of a Nation, a course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI).

Oorahthon 2017 Video Highlights

Oorah's annual "Oorahthon", streamed live this past Motzaei Shabbos on and on radio stations throughout the country was filled with exciting entertainment, joyous celebrations, exclusive interviews, and 50 amazing prize-winner announcements lasting six hours straight!

Freddy Friedman Loves to Call the Auction Winners - Watch as the Oorahathon show-hosts call the winner of "6 Tickets to Israel" live on air!

What are the Five Boroughs of NY? - Fiveish Hour on Oorahthon 2017 - Fiveish asks a fan what the five boroughs of NY are.