Monday, February 19, 2018

Meilech Kohn - Likvod Shabbas - Music Video

Produced by Zevi Fried
Filmed/Edited by Shimmy Socol
Additional Footage by Esther Socol

Eli Levin ft. Pumpidisa - Halelu

From the author Eli Levin:
"I learnt this song years ago in Israel and I fell in love with its energy. I decided then that this song must be heard by my friends in America. It's been many years, and I am excited to finally release this music video.

כל הנשמה תהלל יה הללויה
Let every living, breathing creature praise God!

This summer I went with my cousins Tzvi and Matt Levin of Pumpidisa to Sam's Point in Ellenville, NY to film this production. We felt we needed to collaborate on this video because of our special experiences together in Israel, where we learnt this song."

Music Arranged and Produced by: Ruli Ezrachi
Directed by Vision & Hart
Guitar Artwork by Dovid Orlansky

Eat4Oorah ft. Binyomin Miller - Music Video

Oorah is proud to announce their latest fundraising campaign, "Eat4Oorah": Join the campaign by committing to gain 5 pounds or more this Purim to help yiddishe kinderlach.
With resources such as a helpful list of high-calorie foods, and support along the way, it’ll be easy to raise the requisite $1,800 to participate.

Song by Binyomin Miller, aka "Skinny Pinny", "Dr. Dreizich":

Enjoy Purim with Walders Creamy Liquor

Walders Creamy Liqueur Known for its delicious flavors of Scotch & Coffee, Vodka & Vanilla and the new Banoffee. The rich and distinctive velvety texture is just the perfect ingredient for any cocktail, here we present you with 5 cocktails, that are easy to make and can even be prepared in a pitcher before the party so you could surprise your guest with the enjoyable favorites.

Drink responsibly!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Watch Live - ATIME Shas-a-Thon 5778

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Purim Rav in Pinsk Belarus, 5778

Pinsk has been crashed on by Kabalistic "Purim Rav" on Rosh Chodesh Adar

The kids could not know its a prank till the last second of it.

Chaim Fisgus - Yodeah - Debut Single

Introducing newcomer Chaim Fisgus with his debut single “Yodeah.” As a child, Chaim loved music in general and loved to sing. He started composing almost 11 years ago, at the age of 19. Though he didn’t sing publically till the age of 21, when he first davened for the amud, Chaim quickly gained both confidence and experience. He has since gone on to lead the tefillos in Yeshiva for the Yomim Noroim for five years. His first big stage performance  was just two years ago at HASC 30, where he was part of the 40 piece Zemiros choir alongside superstar Yaakov Shwekey.

Yodeah is Fisgus’s first venture into the professional music world. Chaim has been training and taking voice lessons for the past four years under the tutelage of well-known vocal coach Eitan Rosa. After three long years of hard work, Eitan endorsed Chaim to teach his style and methods to others. For the last year, Chaim has been teaching people of all ages from as early as eight years old and up. There are a select few who want to train a child at that young age. While teaching, Chaim’s voice has gotten better, because not only does he teach, but he learns new things from his students. While Yodeah doesn’t particularly show off Chaim’s vocal prowess, once you hear it, it will be easy to envision Chaim singing at weddings all over the globe spreading simcha and joy.


‏הכל מהשם 
Composed by: Chaim Fisgus
Mixed, Arranged, and Backing Vocals by: Yitzy Berri & Eli Klein
Vocals Recorded by: Fragish Studios
Special Thanks to Yitzy Fisgus

Download Yodeah FREE!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Through Their Eyes: The Mir

Motzei Shabbos Kumzitz - Fitche Benshimon ft. Gad Elbaz

Join us for a Kumzitz with Gad Elbaz and win free tickets to Gad’s upcoming L’chaim concert on March 4th at King’s Theatre in NY.  Join us live!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Dvar Torah Parshas Terumah 5778

Parshas Terumah 5778 Rabbi Aryeh Royde - We first have to have our man to man relationship sorted before we can have the man to God relationship.

Torah Times News - Parshas Terumah - By Maimonides Hebrew day school of Albany ,NY.

5000 People Attend Bonei Olam Dinner in Williamsburg!

Exceeding expectations, close to 5000 people attend the Bonei Olam dinner in Williamsburg! Guest speaker: Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz.