Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Levyatan "Ein Od Mi'levado"

Written and Recorded by
Shmuel Levy /Levyatan

Vocals and Guitars: Shmuel Levy
Keyboard: Ed Roth
Bass Guitar: Jesse Stern
Drums: Shay Godwin
Back up Vocals: Maimon Chocron
Percusion: Mike Bennett

Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of Lipa's Upcoming Album

Lipa Schmeltzer in the studio.

Motty Steinmetz, Shloime Gertner - Nafshi Chamda

Motty Steinmetz and Shloime Gertner Singing "Nafshi Chamda" at Last Week's Kumzitz in Elad, Israel

Summer Camp 5778 Video Collection Part 2

Featuring videos from Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston, NY, Camp Yaleh in Israel, Camp Bonim, and Camp CGI Toronto.

Click Here for Summer Camp 5778 Video Collection Part 1

The Jewish Music Challenge, a project by Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston. Featuring singers MBD, Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman, Mordechai Shapiro, Simcha Leiner and more. Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston presents an awesome and funny music challenge, made by the  YKK night activity committee, the "Not So Late Night Show," where host Chaim Zippel gets non-Jewish bystanders to sing the latest Jewish hits, to the best of their abilities... Can you guess what they were trying to sing?!

Cheetah Selfie

A family on vacation in the Serengeti got a once in a lifetime selfie - with a cheetah.

Thirteen-year-old Leilani came face-to-face with the predator, as it neared inside through an open sun roof. The brave teenager calmly posed and smiled as other guests took her picture.

Thankfully, the cheetah and its mate had just hunted down, killed and eaten - meaning they were not remotely interested in the tourists.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Dance with Sruly Altman and Yossi Shtendig

Dance along! Performed by Sruly Altman, together with Yossi Shtendig and Band, enjoy this dance set of 4 recent uplifting hits.

Mixed and Edited at Schnitzler Studios
Video by Motty Engel
Live sound by Yoely Karpen
Stage manager by Shmesh
Production manager by Aron Kranczer

A Record of Success

What do Yeshiva students do after they graduate? Take a look at the impressive positions our graduates hold as a result of their Yeshiva education!

The third of four videos in the PEARLS month-long video campaign, A Record of Success, displays a few of the many members of the Chassidic community, who are successful, professional yeshiva graduates. Hear from Yeshiva graduates the skills and knowledge they learned in their religious and secular studies that they use in the professional world today.

Highway Bridge Collapses While Cars Drive Across

A bridge in the heart of Genoa collapsed on Tuesday, killing at least 20 people as dozens of vehicles and tons of concrete and steel plunged onto city streets below in a disaster that raised concerns about Italy’s aging infrastructure.

“The image is truly apocalyptic,” Matteo Pucciarelli, a journalist reporting on the disaster, told the newspaper La Repubblica. “It’s as if a bomb had fallen on this very important artery.”

The highway bridge fell by as much as 148 feet just before noon, taking about three dozen cars and three trucks with it, according to Angelo Borrelli, chief of the Civil Protection Department.

The national police noted that there was a “violent cloudburst” at about the time the section fell, and some witnesses said the bridge was struck by lightning just before it collapsed, though it was not clear whether the storm contributed to the failure.

Give Devorah a Chance

Devorah is the adorable six-year-old daughter of Shloimy and Malky Hoffman. A bright child she was born without a jaw. The repercussions are distressing, to say the least: Devorah’s face is severely misshapen, forcing her to breathe through a tracheotomy in her throat and to eat via a feeding tube. To make matters worse, other children (and even adults) are often at a loss for how to interact with her.

Although devastating, with your help Devorah’s symptoms need not be long-lasting. With just a few surgeries, she can begin a new life as a normal child. Specialists in Boston have the necessary capabilities to fashion a jaw for Devorah using bones from other parts of her body. A follow-up surgery would be required to insert metal pieces that will help guide the newly-placed bones and allow them to grow properly. Finally, plastic surgery afterward will help reconstruct her face so that the hardships Devorah currently faces can become a distant memory.

The problem, of course, is money. Besides for the expensive surgeries, Devorah’s parents will incur heavy expenses traveling to and staying in Boston. Devorah is their only child; a quick and clever girl, she fully understands her situation. Please consider helping out Shlomo and Malky as they try to give their daughter a better chance at life.

the money will be paid for Devorah surgeries and health coverage and travel expenses during the medical procedure.

Skulener Songs in Streets of Crown Heights

On Friday, the 29th of Menachem Av, Avremy G and friends, took to the streets of Crown Heights to continue his "Nigun Riot".

In honor of the previous Skulener's Yahrtzeit, they played some of the holy Rebbe's compositions, per the request of a bystander. The previous Skulener Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Zusia Portugal lived in the Crown Heights neighborhood for several years, after he and his son - the current Skulner Rebbe -  were freed from communist Romania in 1960.

Skulener Ve'eineinu Sireno

Skulener Achas Shoalti

Summer Camp 5778 Video Collection Part 1

Featuring videos of camps Gan Yisroel Parksville, NY, Oorah, and Dora Golding.

Night Activity Promo | CGI Parksville 5778 - Videos by Mordy Levilev

Color War Breakout - TheZone Boys' Division 2018