Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Dovid Haziza - Tombe - Music Video

As people, we go through many happy and challenging times in our lives as everyday brings something else. Dovid Haziza presents, for the first time, an amazing cover of a French song that will inspire and entertain you!

It's a pop song "Tombe" by M. Pokora in hebrew. Dovid's French Moroccan background brings an added layer of dimension to the authenticity of this track. The notion of the song gives the idea that we fall many times but that's part of getting back up and trying again. The video vividly expresses this concept and although things may seem tough if we trust Hashem to help us out we can attain incredible miracles. ⁣

Video Credits
Director - Tzvi Simchon
Produced and Edited by Tzvi Simchon Productions 

Yoely Weiss - Shabbos - Single

Enjoy this new song/single called "SHABBOS"
Brought to you by CREDIT OF THE LIONS

Produced and arranged by: LIPA BRACH PRODUCTION
Composed and sung by YOELY WEISS
Child Soloist: Shmiel Zanvil Ekstein

Cover Design: Yanky Perl
Photo: Hindy Briskman Photography

בא שבת בא מנוחה
שבת שבת קודש
הייליגע שבת לעכטיגע שבת

Dudi Hershkop - Neranenu - באלוקים בטחתי - לעשות רצונך

Composed by Hershey Weinberger
First Released on Yingerlich 2 and Yiddish Nachas - Skulen

Ari Goldwag - Zeh Keili - Music Video

Zeh Keili is a song of the album - Yesh Li Hakol With 15 diverse tracks - from the upbeat and exciting - to the serious and moving. This album will have you dancing in no time! Yesh Li Hakol - I've got it All - is the theme - and this album truly has it all.

Besides for 10 tracks composed by Ari Goldwag, the album also surprises with 5 brand new tracks that are duets - introducing the upcoming talent of Jewish music.

From the 11 year old Yeshaya Levin, who also composed the song Beyado, to Nesanel Life's Ahalela, Bin Goldman's Gam Ki Elech, and the duet with MBC star, Dovid Pearlman (and of course a duet with Ari's son, Moshe Dov). There is something here for everyone.

Also featured on the album is the special track "Alter of Novardok' which is a moving song of Bitachon, whose words come from a poem written by the Steipler, R' Yisrael Yaakov Kanievsky. Available now wherever Jewish music is sold.

Video produced by: Mati Shriki
Composition & Lyrics by Ari Goldwag
Hebrew Translation: Sari Israeli

Monday, August 03, 2020

Achoseinu - Baruch Levine & Eitan Katz

Baruch Levine & Eitan Katz join together on a recording for the very first time in what’s set to be, at the very least, a fulfillment of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Dovid Feinstein Shlita.

listen to the song while reading the story of how this nigun came to be.

Composed by Rabbi Eliezer & Dovid Chait
Produced by Eitan Katz
Performed by Baruch Levine & Eitan Katz
Artwork by Yaeli Vogel

The Aliyah Song - Official Music Video - Benzion Klatzko

Composed and Performed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Musical Arrangements by Yisroel Ament
Video by Benzion Klatzko

We are living in extremely scary and unprecedented times. Corona, financial instability, anti-semitism, and civil unrest. The signs are clearly written on the wall for all to see that it is time for the Jewish People to return home.

As was the case with every exile in history, it’s time will come to a close and this one is no different. We hope and pray that our people make the move while they can do so freely and comfortably and that their transition to their new and everlasting home will be rooted in the fundamentals of what it means to live in our homeland and fulfill our national destiny.

May this song help bring some inspiration to all those who hear it to help them take the next step to Aliyah.

Meilech 360 - Chalom by Lipa Reimagined

As a Musician Meilech Halpern from London fulfils his dream and passion in life by bringing music on the live stage to the next level, he releases this epic instrumental track!

Meilech originally from New York currently living in UK, has as time moved on become the most picked up musician at live events for the whole of UK.

Meilech collaborated with the talented Music Arranger Efraim Markowitz to assemble a vision for this oldie but goodie “Chalom” originally by Lipa Schmeltzer, and did an amazing very first 360 Vision Official Instrumental Video!

360 Vision Video

In this type of video (That can only be viewed on a dedicated software such as YouTube) you can turn your phone/tablet whichever way you want and you'll see that angel that was actually filmed live, you can also scroll with your finger tips to which corner you want, to which instrument you want to see now, and so much more that you're able to see and enjoy in a 360 Vision Video.

Regeshdig - Yaakov Shlomo Gross [Live Audio Track]

Regeshdig! The title speaks for itself, the track is just full of "Regesh".

This is a beautiful track released by famed Badchen and Kumzitz Performer Yaakov Shlomo Gross, a live audio track out of a recent very emotional event where a family celebrated a Seudahs Hodua upon their grandfathers getting back to prefect health after being hospitalized with the terrible Coronavirus

Listen to the very emotional Hartzige Gramen and songs Yaakov Shlomo performes, you'll defiantly enjoy it!

Music by: Shamshy Fried from the Yedidim Choir.
Cover Artwork by: ArrangeIt.Media.

Yoni Eliav - Funk Medley 2020 ft. Lipa, Yishai, Mendy, Beri

Music Producer israel: Yoni Eliav
Drums: Yaniv Rozenfed
Guitar: Dudi Setter
Alto Sax: Aviel Eliav
Alto, Tenor, Baritom: Dor Assraf
Trumpet: Shay Dagan
Trumbon: Shay Dagan
Recording: Hanoch Manela
Mixing, Mastering: Yoni Eliav                        
Video Editing: Eliezer Liani
Production & Management USA: David 🐘 Elefant

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Rabbi Yaakov Singer New Single "Hu Elokeinu"

Following the success of the release of his three singles, in addition to his latest live talk which explains the vital hidden spiritual message contained in the word LEFONECHO, Rabbi Yaakov Singer is proud to present his fourth single.

Rabbi Yaakov Singer is no stranger to Jewish music. As a young boy he participated in the first Pirchei Choir album conducted by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum A”H. While growing up he was always involved in music, inspired by the cantorial greats of yesteryear, attending their cantorial services, serving as an accomplished Baal Tefilla, singing at simchos, while also composing his own niggunim and Nusach Hatfilah compositions.

To listen to Rabbi Yaakov Singer's music or download them FREE please visit his Soundcloud page

Yehuda Freundlich New Single "Lehodos"

Singer Yehuda Freundlich who released his debut single Yesh Hakol - Got It All last year to much acclaim, has been B”H busy at simchas and on zoom. It wasn’t long before people started to approach him asking when the next song was going to drop.

The wait is over. Presenting Yehuda’s latest hit “Lehodos” composed by the talented composer and hit maker Mordechai Brezel (Ribono, Tefila Sheli, Modeh Ani, One In A Million).

Mordechai was walking to shul one Shabbos when these words of praise to Hashem were running though his mind. The phrasing worked so well and the melody fit them like a glove. Praise to Hashem should be a pumping dance song, and that’s exactly what you have.

Yehuda contacted famed producer and arranger Doni Gross to help take the song to the next level. Let’s finish off the summer on a high note and go into Elul with praise and shira for an amazing new year full of Simcha.

Composed by: Mordechai Brezel
Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DEG Studios
PR: Yossi Zweig