Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Gad Elbaz - Ma Nishtana - Music Video

Music composed by Cecelia Margules
Directed by Aharon Orian
Produced by Daniel Finkelman

DP - Boaz Yonatan Yaakov
CA - Daniel Netanelov
Gaffer - Moshe Michaeli
Coordinator - Chaim Mirzayev
Edited by David Orian

Music produced by Ruli Ezrachi 
Guitar - Nachman Dreyer
Drums - Barak Ben Tzur

Benny Elbaz
Naftali Kalfa and family
Shlomi Cohen and family

PM Netanyahu and House Speaker John Boehner

US House Speaker John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Wednesday the "strong" ties between their nations, amid tensions between Netanyahu and the Obama administration.

Arriving in Jerusalem as head of a delegation of lawmakers visiting US allies in the Middle East, Boehner said that, wherever they have been, the "message is the same -- you can't continue to turn your eye away from the threats that face all of us."

Boehner caused a furore earlier this year when he invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress on the Iran talks, without consulting the White House.

In the speech, Netanyahu warned of the perils of agreeing to an imperfect deal with Iran.

President Barack Obama declined to meet with him during his Washington visit.

Isaac Honig & Volvy Adler Sing in Matzah Bakery

Isaac Honig & Volvy Adler Sing At Kerestirer Matzah Bakery in Williamsburg

Fiveish in Flight - 3D Animation - Trailer

Oorah just upped the level of Jewish entertainment in a BIG way, with a full featured 3D animated film! Join Fiveish & co. as they fly off on a journey full of excitement, danger, and a whole lot of laughs!

Beri & Zemiros - Al Tomar - Blue Melody

Blue Melody accompanied by Beri Webber & Zemiros covers yet another wonderful composition of Yossi Greens. "Al Tomar" which was originally recorded by Mendy Wald on his album "Koach.

The Flying Sheepdog

At last, someone has found a practical real-world use for drones: a farmer in Ireland uses one to herd sheep

Like the smartwatch, the much-heralded drone is one of those gadgets that we are told, time and again, is going to transform our lives.

Before long, the boffins would have us believe, our groceries, Amazon orders and even pizza will be delivered by these little unmanned mini-choppers, while police will be able to keep a beady eye on potential criminals with buzzing eyes-in-the-sky.

And that's not to mention the more serious applications in the pipeline, from disaster relief to monitoring severe weather.

But until now, outside of a war zone we've seen little evidence that drones are catching on. Possibly because the darn things are so difficult to fly.

However, a farmer in Ireland seems to have hit upon a genuinely successful real-world use for the remote-controlled quadcopter. Christening his drone Shep, Paul Brennan from Carlow has discovered that drones are remarkably good at herding sheep.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Song by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz - Madua

David Fadida and Yossi Rubin present: Madua – A New Single by Shlomo yehuda Rechnitz and Friends.

Featuring Ohad, Itzik Dadya, Eli Klein, Shira Choir and Uzia Tzadok.
Composed and produced by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz.
Musical arrangements by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry

Run Rabbi Run by Rabbi Yoel Gold

Rabbi Yoel Gold inspires us once again teaching us how to attain true freedom this Passover. A Deeper Look by Rabbi Yoel Gold, Rabbi of Beis Naftali in Los Angeles, California features motivational and inspiration Torah thoughts on video from Rabbi Gold giving us a deeper look into life.

Ambassador Shapiro Visits Kfar Chabad

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro conducted a pre-Passover visit to Kfar Chabbad, starting in a full-sized replica of 770 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn -- the headquarters of the worldwide Chabad movement -- where he read a proclamation from President Obama honoring the Lubavitcher Rebbe's birthday and lifelong commitment to education for boys and girls. Ambassador Shapiro continued to a matzo bakery, and then culminated his visit in Or Simcha, a home for at-risk children.

Lipa Schmeltzer Sings New Breslev Song - רבינו נחמן בן פייגא

Composed by Meir Rosenberg upon his own wedding

Dog Can't Catch a Break Or a Steak

Fritz the dog is determined to learn to catch the delicious snacks he's been thrown, but instead they keep on exploding all over his face 

Learning to catch isn't easy, but everyone has to start somewhere. Fritz the dog is determined to keep on trying until he gets the hang of it!  Admittedly, that might have something to do with the delicious looking food he is being thrown.