Wednesday, March 20, 2019

YTI Presents: DJ Kraz ft. Eli Vogel - Brachos V'hodaos

In honor of Purim 2019, YTI presents its first ever full-scale, action packed music video production: Brachos V’hodaos - a powerhouse EDM Purim - flavored anthem with the Music Video to match featuring DJ Kraz and Eli Vogel.


Video credits:

Directed by Chananya Begun
Filmed and edited by Chaim Bhatia
Second camera - Emes Productions 
Locations: Brody’s Yeshiva (Lakewood), NYC, Berditchev (Lakewood)

Music credits:
Music created by DJ Kraz
Vocals - Eli Vogel
Mixed and mastered by Chesky Ifrah

Mendy J - MOSHIACH YAVO ft. Simi Jacobson

Purim 2019 is now upon us, time a brand new Mendy J production!

Welcome to brand new hit single “Moshiach Yavo” - a song and video featuring many “firsts” for the Jewish Music world: Moshiach Yavo by Mendy J is a brand new hit song that for the first time combines authentic Latin and Heimish musical flavors, together with a brand new music video with much of it shot, in 360 degrees.

This song features its co-composer as a special guest vocalist: brand new singer Simi Jacobson who brings the authentic Latin and Heimish combination to the next level with his passionate vocal performance.  “Moshiach Yavo”’s inspirational lyrics celebrate the time of the arrival of Moshiach. And just as importantly - the love of every single Jews’ individual role in this world to make it a place that Moshiach is able to come.

This Purim, let us join together and celebrate those that are different than you, celebrate those individuals whose unique strengths as Yidden help bring this world that much closer to the times of “Moshiach Yavo”.

Produced by Chananya Begun
Composed by Musical Arrangement/Production: Udi Damari.
Directed by: Chananya Begun
Filmed/edited by: Menachem Weinstein

Sruli & Netanel - Kol Halayla - Music Video

Popular Jewish pop duo “Sruli & Netanel“, release a pumping, new dance hit titled “Kol Halayla.”

The song was written and composed by the duo, passing between the beatifying bits of messages of simple joy and thanksgiving to Hashem.

This Purim Let's Go the Extra S'Mile

At Tov V’Chesed, we do Matanos L’evyonim & Mishloach Manos 365 days a year but on the day of Purim, we are Marbin B’Simcha and turn it up a notch by bringing joy and happiness to the otherwise darkened homes of widows and orphans.

These projects come with a large price tag. As we stand in the days before Purim, please help us bring Simcha and smiles to those who need it most!

In the Zchus of your generosity, may you and your family merit to celebrate Purim with true Simcha and may you be blessed with continuous smiles!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Eli Levin - Never Give Up - Lyrical Video

Composed by: The Blumstein Brothers, Momo Bauman & Eli Levin
Featuring: Eli Levin
A Doni Gross production
Choir: Elimelech Blumstein, Aryeh Blumstein, Yitzy Blumstein, Shragi Orzel, Momo Bauman, Mikey Mause & Doni Gross
Cover Art: Yehuda Krupka
Lyrical Video by: Yossi Zweig - Intelligent Noice LLC

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches us that one of the most fundamental concepts of Emunah is to never give up hope. Regardless of the situation a Jew finds themselves in, do not despair. Why is this idea so fundamental? Why is it repeated over and over again in the holy words of our teachers...never give up…never give up…never give up…

A Purim Message from the White House

Yeshiva Guevoha - The Chosen - Purim 2019 - Music Video

Yeshiva Guevoha in São Paulo, Brazil

New York Boys Choir - Hipil Pur - Music Video

NYBC is back at it again!

Choir Produced & Directed by: Yitzy Bald
Music Video Conceptualized by: Yitzy Bald
Directed by: Yitzy Bald & Erez Cohen
Music Production: Doni Gross
Musical Arrangements: Doni Gross
Video Produced by: Septimus Visuals
Filmed and Edited by: Shuie Septimus


Recorded at: DEG Studios Brooklyn NY
Mixed and Mastered by: Doni Gross
Shot on Location: Merkaz Hasimcha Brooklyn, NY

Simchas Hachaim 8 - Music Video - A Berko Production


Featuring 9 great singers, world class musicians, a top notch Choir with the world renowned Shir V'shevach Boys Choir (starring child soloist's Shulem Sol & Heshi Fligman), this album is sure to get you dancing for hours and infuse you with true SIMCHAS HACHAIM!

SH8 also features surprise guest  Yiddish Nachas choir (Haneh Tefillin)

Singers include: Mendy Werdyger, Yisroel Werdyger, Shea Berko, R' Mordechai V Landau, Shaye Ilowitz, Freund Brothers, Mayer Werdyger, Menachem Moskowitz & Moshe Rozenberg.

Musicians include: Avrum Balty, Motty Feldman, Dot Asarf & Dani Flam.

Aron Razel - הבלדה לחוזר - Music Video

Soldier Surprises Family with Purim Return

The Hillel students and faculty at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy took part in a true Hero’s welcome as Major Moshe Scheinfeld surprised his three children during the schools Purim Chagiga after spending nine months in active duty is Afghanistan.

As he showed Hakoras Hatov Hatov to the Kehilla for supporting his family while away, he advised all the students that his pillar of strength during his time of service was when he would sit down after an 18 hour day of duty and learn Pirkei Avos and Tehillim.

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy is a Jewish Orthodox Day School in Beverly Hills, California.