Monday, June 17, 2019

JP News Roundup 6/16/19

JP News is proud to offer you a daily video roundup of the top stories, International, National, and local news.

Peretz Chein Featuring Eli Marcus - Beyodcha

While visiting Peretz during his recovery from a spinal cord injury, Eli played a song he had recently composed. Peretz immediately connected with the song and within moments Eli and Peretz were singing it together. Beyodcha's message serves as a reminder that HaShem is with us through thick and thin. Speak to Him, and He will listen for you are forever in His loving hands.

Composed by Eli Marcus
Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Vocals recorded at Shnitzler studios
Video by Munch media

Flight Attendant Sent Flying by Violent Turbulence

Violent turbulence aboard a flight from Pristina, Kosovo to EuroAirport ib Basel, Switzerland on June 16 was strong enough to throw a flight attendant and her trolley to the ceiling and send them crashing down on passengers, dramatic video taken on board shows.

Mirjeta Basha recorded this video aboard the ALK Airlines flight. She told the Swiss news site 20 Minuten she was convinced the plane was going to crash.

Describing the scene she recorded, Basha said, “A flight attendant slammed her trolley on the ceiling. Cups flew around, some were scalded by hot water.” Basha’s husband was among 10 people who were taken for hospital treatment on landing, the airport said.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Kilunee - Shmueli Ungar - Single from Fingerprint Album

As the first of its kind, the "fingerprint album" project coming this summer vows to be the most exciting project in Jewish music of recent years.

This pre-release single "Kilunee" is the first of eleven unique, uplifting compositions by Sruly Bodansky, sung by Shmueli Ungar and arranged by Avrumy Berko. Kilunee is the first song to be released of the full upcoming album.

The Fingerprint Album is an exclusive collaboration of the finest front-line Chassidic singers, bringing quality Jewish music - with a variety of upbeat and inspiring songs - to the masses.

Composed by: Sruly Bodansky
Sung by: Shmueli Ungar
Arranged & Production by: Avrumy Berko
Choir by: The Chaveirim Choir - Israel
Mixed by: Avrumy Berko / Schnitzler Studios
Video animation + Marketing: GCNY Motion

Nemouel - Yishtabach - Official Selfie Video

Israeli Singer Nemouel has released anew Music video titled, “Yishtabach.”

The video is based around a selfie styled video theme, and makes stops around the world.

Judge Bully Officer During Traffic Stop

A judge was allowed to go on his way after aggressively challenging a police officer during a traffic stop and ordering him to "check the registration on this plate soon, mister."

Police dashcam video obtained by the LNP newspaper in Pennsylvania shows the April traffic stop of Lancaster County President Judge Dennis Reinaker, who police say was pulled over for tailgating an unmarked police car.

Mordechai Shapiro - Chupah - AT Production

Mordechai Shapiro Singing ""Ki Malachov-Mordechai Shapiro & Mi Adir- Mordechai Shapiro" - At a Wedding at the Venetian On April 7 2019 by The BERMAN & ESQUENAZI Wedding Conducted By Yisroel Lamm  An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Sound by Solvetech
Mixed by Baba Z
Event Coordinators Jay Kay & Joe B
Public Relations Chad k

Your Connection to Greatness

Your Chance, Your Connection. A Yeshiva Built on Greatness

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gesher Tzar - Beri Weber - Music Video

Video produced, written & directed by: MUDEO productions
Filmed & edited by: Yissy Freeman of Perfect Angle Productions

Friday, June 14, 2019

JP News Roundup 6/14/19

JP News is proud to offer you a daily video roundup of the top stories, International, National, and local news.

The Song of Bechoros

In time for the upcoming Daf Yomi Siyum of Meseches Bechoros, the Song of Bechoros offers a concise, and joyful חזרה, highlighting 100’s of כללים and יסודות of Mesechtas Bechoros – all in rhyme!

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