Friday, December 15, 2017

Dvar Torah Parshas Mikeitz & Chanukah 5778

A Children's Chanukah Rally -  There's an important lesson we can learn from the candles that we light each night of Chanukah. This clip is an excerpt from JEM's new film, A Children's Chanukah Rally with the Rebbe.

Logic vs. Holiness

Chanukah - Bringing Light into the Home - Rabbi Avraham Reisman explains the connection between Chanukah and bringing peace into the home.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shea Berko & The Motty Miller Ensemble - Mi Adir

Heartwarming Chupah at a recent wedding in Monsey, NY , Sung by Shea Berko, Music led and arranged by the precise arrangements and accompaniment of the "Motty Miller Ensemble,

Mi Adir, which is customarily performed while the Chosson is under the Chuppah. Is performed here to the tune of “Tniyeleh” by Shulem Lemmer .

It was composed by Shulem & Hershy Rottenberg, and rearranged for this Chuppah by Motty Miller.

Music arranged and conducted by Motty Miller
Live sound and Engineer by Yoli Karpin
Mixed by Avrumi Berko
Video by Ben Hesh Studios
Event coordinator Gershy Moskowitz

Firefighter Acrobatic Flip To Escape Burning Building

Dramatic footage of Saturday's two-alarm fire in Bayonne NJ shows a firefighter climbing head-first out of the burning home before using swinging bailout maneuver to escape.

CBS 2 Reports

Gad Elbaz ft The Holocaust Survivor Band - Music Video

Music and lyrics  - Cecelia Margules
Music produced by Oren Imanuel
Vocals recorded by - Jason Goldglancz
Produced and Directed by Daniel Finkelman - Sparks Next
Co directed by Aharon Orian - Olam Media
Co Executive Producers - Arie Taykan and Sylvia Kahana
Line Producer: Daniela Kalmar-Schoenberger
Cinematographer: David Orian
Script: Aharon Orian, Daniel Finkelman

Rafi the King: Why Enter Project Refuah’s Raffle

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Project Refuah is an organization dedicated to the families of children with special needs. A special child is a special blessing, but caring for her is a 24/7 job. Enter Project Refuah, offering respite to countless

families. Their children are welcomed at our respite homes, special day and overnight programs and camps. Dedicated volunteers see that their every need is met. The children return home to their grateful,

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Poor Lion Gets his Head Stuck

This big cat made a big mistake when he tried to squeeze his head into a tiny hole on the side of a large food bucket. Workers put meat in a green container for the lions to feed on in a zoo in the Netherlands.

But when one unlucky lion tried to reach the remaining leftovers at the bottom of the barrel he got his head trapped. The poor animal panicked and tried to frantically tried to free himself.

As the video begins zookeepers can be seen filling a bucket with food while the enclosure is empty.
The lions are released back into the pen and immediately begin sniffing around the new item that has appeared in their cage.

After they eat the majority of the food and there are only leftovers remaining, one of the big cats sticks his head through a slit on the side of the barrel to get the last few bites. He soon realizes he's stuck and begins thrashing around - bashing into trees and thumping the container off the ground.

The other two lions start chasing him and try to help by putting their paws on the bucket. 

As the video continues, his lion friends get fed up and go back to lounging around, but the poor animal continues to struggle for the remainder of the video.

According to an onlooker, a vet came shortly after the video ended and freed the animal, which was unharmed. 

Yeoded – The Chanuka Candle

Many children in our communities grow up in single parent homes.

Yeoded attempts to fill that void by providing tutors and mentors to ensure these children’s academic and social growth.

For more information and to see how you could help visit

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Maccabeats - Candles on the Sill - Music Video

Lyrics by The Maccabeats
Additional lyrics by Spencer Garfield
Arranged by Julian Horowitz
Recorded by Mordy Weinstein for MaxMord Studios
Additional recording by Colin Egan and Alex Green
Edited by Alex Green for Plaid Productions
Mixed by Ed Boyer
Mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering

Director of photography: Giovanni Ferlito
Motion Graphics: Denah Emerson
Video by Uri Westrich

Undercover Israeli Officers Clash with Arab Mob

Undercover Border Police officers broke up a riot of hundreds of Arabs on the outskirts of Ramallah in Judea and Samaria Wednesday.

Approximately 400 rioters burned tires and threw Molotov cocktails and stones at security forces during the disturbance.

Undercover Border Police officers broke up the riot and arrested three rioters. The officers dressed as Arabs and hid among the rioters in order to break up the riot and carry out the arrest.

One of the undercover officers threw a smoke grenade, causing many of the rioters to flee. The IDF was then able to disperse the rest of the rioters.

One of the rioters was arrested immediately after throwing a firebomb. When the three were arrested, another Arab threw a stone at the security forces. The officers responded fired at his lower body.

The suspects were interrogated by security forces.

An IDF Spokesperson stated that "the IDF and the security forces will continue to act in order to prevent terrorism, to maintain security in the area and to thwart key terrorist elements."

Arab riots and protests have occurred across Judea and Samaria since US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week.

Kippalive - Haneros Halalu - Music Video

Composed by Moshe Klein
Arranged by Natan Gropper & Ralph Levitan
Recorded at Levitan Sound Lab by Ralph Levtian
Video by Rafi & Maggie Sandler
Cinematography By Miki Ratz
Thanks to Eyal Dvir for the musical consulting
Special Thanks to the Tokayer Family

Mordechai Shapiro - Lecha - Music Video

Video by Shimmy Socol
Song Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Composed by: Elie Schwab
English lyrics: Miriam Israeli
Arranged by: Playmasters studios