Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sholom Aleichem - Pinchas Wolf - Shirei Pinchas 4

Over the past several years, the world has been introduced to Reb Pinchas Wolf, a talented chazzan who has composed hundreds of niggunim. While those who live near Reb Pinchas have the privilege of hearing him daven for the amud every Shabbos Mevorchim, it’s time for fans all around the world to hear him sing one of his special niggunim himself.

PRESENTING: Sholom Aleichem, the newest single from Reb Pinchas Wolf, from his upcoming album: Shirei Pinchas 4.

When a composer sings his own song, there is a special connection that resonates with the listener. Although there are many famous Sholom Aleichem’s, all those who hear Reb Pinchas’ agree that it’s special. His Sholom Aleichem is the type of niggun that is so catchy, anyone can pick up on it. With Reb Pinchas’ impressive background in chazzanus, you are sure to hear some of the powerful tones in his voice even at his advanced years. While recording the demo for Shalom Aleichem, Producer Doni Gross suggested that Reb Pinchas sing this niggun himself as he sings it with such feeling.  So, for the first time, Reb Pinchas will be featured singing not one, but five of his own niggunim.  The album is slated for release this fall iy”h.

Monday, August 20, 2018

13,500 Feet in the Air

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Save Ateres Tziporah

Save the School

Ateres Tziporah Will Accept Every Child From A Torah-True Home

Let’s face it, that caught your attention. Because no other Lakewood school will say that. And, no other school is doing that. And Lakewood so desperately needs that kind of Ahavas Yisroel.

The school that will accept any girl from a Torah-true home with the potential to succeed and thrive is about to shut its doors forever.

The start of the school year is just days away, and Ateres Tzipora will be forced to close its doors because of financial issues unless $180,000 can be raised within the next few days. Ateres Tzipora has an enrollment of 154 girls in Primary through Eighth Grade, some of whom were students at a different school that closed down for financial reasons just weeks ago. The school has 26 families asking for acceptance, and is willing to give it to them provided they can assure the future.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Beri Weber & The A Team - מחרוזת חתונה

The A Team is proud to present, Hot Off The Grill with Beri Weber! No elaborate description is necessary just hit play and enjoy a collection of some of the hottest songs in Jewish Music, with the trademark A Team spice and lots of BeriBecue sauce!


Produced & Music by: Yitzy Schwartz & The A Team Orchestra
Arranged by: Yitzy Schwartz & Avremi G
Post Production: Gershy Schwartz - Edgware Studios
Post Production: Platinum Productions
Abelton Live Programming: Ruli Ezrachi
Mixed by: Yaniv Balas
Israel Concierge: R’ Steve Jobs
Marketing: Moe Wassertheil - DatzMoe
Stage Manager: Motty Jay
Video by: Motty Engel - Engel Studios

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dvar Torah Parshas Shoftim 5778

 Shoftim: They aren't here to give tickets! - Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Do we need cops?... The Late Parsha Show _ Parshas Shoftim

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summer Camp 5778 Video Collection Part 3

Featuring videos from camps Chayolei Hamelech, Chayolei EGP, Nageela Midwest, and several camps visiting the Nikulsberger Rebbe Rabbi Jungreis at his Woodbourne Shul.

Click Here for Summer Camp 5778 Video Collection Part 1
Click Here for Summer Camp 5778 Video Collection Part 2

Camp Chayolei Hamelech 5778. Scavenger "A Time For Music". Lackawaxen, PA.

Mesivta D'Masmidim visits Rabbi Jungries at the Woodbourne Shul

Elul Slichos at the Kosel

Ari Lesser - Elul - The King Is In The Field

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Levyatan "Ein Od Mi'levado"

Written and Recorded by
Shmuel Levy /Levyatan

Vocals and Guitars: Shmuel Levy
Keyboard: Ed Roth
Bass Guitar: Jesse Stern
Drums: Shay Godwin
Back up Vocals: Maimon Chocron
Percusion: Mike Bennett

Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes of Lipa's Upcoming Album

Lipa Schmeltzer in the studio.

Motty Steinmetz, Shloime Gertner - Nafshi Chamda

Motty Steinmetz and Shloime Gertner Singing "Nafshi Chamda" at Last Week's Kumzitz in Elad, Israel