Friday, June 02, 2023

Over 100 Holocaust Survivors Sail on a Cruise in NYC

Over 100 Holocaust survivors and some of their grandchildren set sail Wednesday on a cruise at The Brooklyn Army Terminal.

The cruise was organized by The Borough Park Community Council and The United Task Force.

The survivors were just children when the German government state-sponsored the mass murder of millions of Jews, Romani people, mentally disabled, political dissidents, and homosexuals by the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945.

The survivors, now in their late 80s and 90s, boarded the boat to share their accounts of what they lost in the years of Hitler’s regime. Bertha Einhorn was just 12 years old when she was moved between two concentration camps.

“I lost my whole family,” she stated.

Esther Rubenstein also can’t shake her tragic memories from the camps. She was just 5 at the time and is the sole survivor of her family.

“We had no clothing or food. One day we had a chance to clean and we found some food left in the kitchen,” she said.

Another Brooklyn resident said her life was spared when her super claimed there were no Jews in her building.

According to the National World War II Museum, it is estimated that at least 6 million Jews, as well as 5 million others, targeted for sexuality, political ideologies, prisoners of war, and others, died in the Holocaust. It is estimated at least 1 million children were killed.

Thursday, June 01, 2023

M’ein Olam Haba: Micah ft. Sruly Green & Melech Frank

Get hype to this Shabbos anthem on Erev Shabbos or any day of the week! M’ein Olam Haba is the first of its kind for TABC—a melodic-style hip hop song featuring two premier chassidishe artists.

This video is all about the transition from Erev Shabbos into that incredible feeling of Shabbos Menucha. Only on this special day can we truly get a taste of the world to come!

Produced by MICAH & Jacob Spadaro
Performed by MICAH, Sruly Green, Melech Frank
Composed by MICAH
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Spadaro at TABC Studio 1600

Video Credits:
Camera and Editor: Stepan Weber, @stepan_weber
Actors: Max Borger, Dani Grinfeld, Avishai Jutkowitz, Gilad Jutkowitz, Gavi Kilimnick, Shua Schloss
Artwork By: MICAH, Jacob Spadaro

"Al Tipol" Bentzi Stein with Yeshiva Barkai

Click here to watch the origicanl clip.

Tree Burns Inside Out

Firefighters in Upstate New York used a chainsaw to cut down a tree that was burning from the inside out.

The Lesson We Learn from Miriam Bas Bilga

The Lubavticher Rebbe: "The Gemara relates that Miriam bas Bilga abandoned Judaism, married a gentile Greek officer and accompanied the Greeks as they stormed the Holy Beis Hamikdash. She then went and pounded the Holy Mizbe'ach with her sandal, crying out: “Wolf, wolf! You consume the Jewish People’s wealth, but you don't answer them in their time of need!” For this latter deed, the Sages punished her entire family. 

Of what significance was pounding the Altar, compared to her apostasy and intermarriage? Herein lies a profound message: It may appear that a Jew is cut off from everything Jewish... But Torah says: No! What you see is only superficial. The fact remains — he is a Jew. And so his every action, concerns G-d A-lmighty Himself. Even in the lowest spiritual abyss — even during the act of the sin itself — the soul is bound to G-d. 

Even after Miriam bas Bilga apostatized, intermarried, and joined the enemy, what was it that bothered her — “Why is the Altar not protecting the Jews?” After all was said and done, she cried out in pain for her fellow Jews. So why does the Gemara tell us this story? Not, G-d forbid, to disparage a Jewess, but to the contrary — to teach us the beauty of a Jew."

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Thousand at Levaya of Rav Gershon Edelstein

Thousand of people participated yesterday (Tuesday) in the levaya of the Ponevezh Rosh Yeshiva and Lithuanian community leader Rabbi Gershon Edelstein who died at the age of 100.

The Torah world was plunged into mourning with the news that Maran Hagaon Rabbi Yerachmiel Gershon Edelstein, leader of the Lithuanian chareidi sector and Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovezh, passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 100.

Rabbi Edelstein had heart problems for a long time previously and since Pesach had weakened significantly, but because due to his age he could not undergo catheterization, he received medicines and continued his daily schedule without missing one shiur between Pesach and Shavuos.

On Shavuos night Rabbi Edelstein was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. The learning was stopped at the yeshiva and Tehillim were said for his recovery. His condition fluctuated over the next few days, ultimately deteriorating on Monday night until his passing at 9:30 AM Tuesday.

The Paroches was taken down in the yeshiva as a sign of mourning for the great leader who for over 75 years had given shiurim in the yeshiva.

Rabbi Edelstein is survived by his family, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren including one born just an hour after his passing.

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Stolen & Forged Rambam Led to Burning of Talmud

Single and rare copy of Sefer HaRambam that was printed in Venice in 1550-1551 and which later led to the burning of the Talmud - is now being auctioned and its price keeps rising!

The burning of the Talmud, one of the formative and most unfortunate events of Jewish culture, was an unforgettable event that symbolized a turning point in the attitude of the church toward Jewish books and led to the establishment of the censor.

It took centuries for religious Jewry and Jewish literature to recover and a treasure of Jewish manuscripts was forever lost as a result of the event.

And it all began with one edition of Mishneh Torah LehHaRambam, an edition of which only few complete copies had survived, one of them now being auctioned by the Tiferet Auction  House in an auction that will take place next week, on June 4. 2o6SVQ.gif

And for the historical details: the unfortunate event of the burning of books in Italy began in Venice of 1550 with a dispute between two printeries.

Two printeries that printed Hebrew books existed then in Venice. Both were owned by Christians: one by Marco Justinian and the other by Baragadin.

There was a fierce rivalry between the two. Following a dispute pertaining to the printing of the Rambam's book, both printers appealed to Pope Julios III, claiming that the other printery was printing words defaming Christianity, and especially the Talmud printed by Justinian.

Some converts joined the complaints and subsequently, a special committee established by the Pope concluded that the Talmud indeed contained incitement against Christianity. The Pope then ordered to destroy and burn all copies of the Talmud, Bavli and Yerushalmi. Alongside these copies, many additional Jewish books were burned.The burning of books, which began in Venice, spread all over Italy and its neighboring countries. Ever since, this sorrowful event became a symbol of the war between Jews and Christians and a terrible fault line of Jewish literature.

The Tiferet Auction House is thrilled to introduce a rare, unique, complete copy of the Rambam that was printed by Justinian, Baragadin's rival, which reveals new information.

It turns out that Justinian stole from his rival the important glosses by the Gaon Rabbi Meir - the Maharam Padova, glosses that he wrote on the Rambam and were supposed to be published by the rival printery. Not only did he steal the glosses, he also added words of contempt against the Maharam Padova.

His words were so sharp that he did not bind them in all copies of the Mishneh Torah that he printed and only to a few did he add the glosses and his contemptuous foreword.

The Meyuchasim Auction - introducing treasures of Jewish history and literature, books over 400 years old and other rare copies - presents a rare copy of the Mishneh Torah printed by Justinian, a copy containing the glosses.

The fact that the five rare copies of the National Library and the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book do not contain the rare leaves with the indices, Simanei Sefer HaMitzvot and some of the glosses by the Maharam Padova, which do not appear, as stated, in most copies of this edition, indicates how rare this copy is.

Mishneh Torah, the Venice 1550 edition, printed by the Christian printer Justinian is a most important historical book, representing the spirit and way of Rabbeinu Moshe - the Rambam and the victory of spirit over matter as his writings and Torah are studied to this day ..

The Meyuchasim Auction will be held next week and to get a sense of the book's value, we shall just note that its opening price is $25000. So if you are one of those who understand the significance and value of historical Jewish books, you should start making room in your library.

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Previous Generation Gedolei Yisroel Chavrusa

Watch vibrant 90-year-old Gaon Rav Shlomo Mordechai Hager שליט"א Divrei Torah & stories, at an event this month in New York.

Moshe Rabeinu's Mercy. Click Here for more videos of this event. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Use Your Instrument to Inspire Others

"Use your instrument to inspire others" Presented by Rafi Sandford

Music vidoe by Rafi Sandford - Ki Heim

Fried and Yossi Hecht at Project Inspire Convention

Monday, May 29, 2023

LIVE: TorahAnytime

TorahAnytime is having the Annual Fundraising Campaign.

The expenses operating an organization that spreads over 12,000,000 hours of Torah a year to over 1,000,000 users on 10 different platforms is not a small matter. With our devoted and dedicated team of software developers, designers, marketing managers, multiple departments heads and more, the tasks and growth of TorahAnytime doesn’t end. In addition, Baruch HaShem we have such a great product, the most don’t realize the technological expense of recording, editing, posting, storing over 200,0000 lectures and and doing the same for over 700 lectures a week. Most don’t know about the enormous monthly server fees, hosting fees, storage fees, bandwidth fees and more!

Even thought so much has been accomplished, we truly feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re still so much more to do.