Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Jersey City Shooting: The Latest

CBS2's Alice Gainer has the latest on the deadly Jersey City shootout which killed a police officer and three civilians.

The Larry Gordon Show Ep.4 FT Mr. Joel Kaplan

Larry Gordon sits down with Mr. Joel Kaplan to discuss the sentencing of those responsible for the death of his daughter Elisheva and her Chosson, Yisroel Levin A"h.

Surveillance: Gunmen Targeted Kosher Grocery Store

See the frightening moments when a U-Haul van pulls up just opposite the Kosher supermarket, and watch how a man quickly exits holding a long gun and begins firing at the store. He is followed by the second suspect – also holding a long gun.

Miraculously, watch one Chasidic man seen running from the store – unharmed.

The two people who stormed a kosher grocery store in Jersey City with rifles, killing three people inside and also murdering a veteran detective, have been identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham, four law enforcement sources familiar with the case

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Jersey City's Mayor Says Gunmen Targeted Kosher Market

The mayor of Jersey City said Wednesday it's clear that the gunmen in a furious shooting that left six people dead targeted a Jewish market.

Mayor Steven Fulop refused to call it an anti-Semitic attack but said surveillance video shows the gunmen driving slowly through the city's streets, and then stopping outside a kosher grocery store where they calmly got out of their van and immediately opened fire.

Neither the state attorney general, who is running the investigation, nor any other law enforcement authority has confirmed the shooters targeted Jews. City Public Safety Director James Shea said Tuesday that terrorism wasn't suspected.

A police officer, three bystanders and two suspects all died in the violence Tuesday afternoon in Jersey City, just across the Hudson River from New York City.

Names of the Jewish Victims

Mrs Leah Mindel Ferencz HY”D, 33-years-old,
Moshe Hersh Deutsch HY”D. 24-years-old, He lived in Williamsburg

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Man Arrested After Anti-Semitic Rant

A Queens man is under arrest for an apparent anti-Semitic incident that took place at the Five Towns Costco.

Nassau County Police said Justin Pichizaca, 20, threatened two men and an 11-year-old with violence and yelled slurs at them based on their religion.

Pichizaca had nothing to say as Nassau County Police escorted him from headquarters Tuesday, but police said he had plenty to say Sunday inside the Costco on Rockaway Turnpike in North Lawrence. He was caught on video threatening physical violence. The victims were shaken to the core and posted the video on social media.

Avrumi Fridman said he was in the men’s room at Costco when Pichizaca yelled “[expletive] Jew, the Nazis are gonna finish you off” at him.

Ishai Ribo Ft. Akiva Turgeman "Al Taazvi Yadayim"

Live in Caesarea, Israel. Summer 2019.
Composed by Akiva Turgeman.
Lyrics taken form Rav Nachamn of Breslav.

The Story of Yud Kislev

The arrest and liberation of Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch, son of the Baal Hatanya, and the second Rebbe of Chabad.

Performed by the boys of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva - Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY.

Polar Bears Hunt a Drone from Under the Ice

Yaakov Shwekey - Those Were The Days 2 - Preview

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KUMZITZ MEDLEY by Yehuda Glili
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Monday, December 09, 2019

"Time Of My Life" Sax Cover

Time Of My Life, composed by Boruch Sholom Blesofsky. Sax cover by Vigdor Gluck.