Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Motty Steinmetz Concert in Tzfas

Isaak Treats Eli - BizTank Season 13 - Episode 01

BizTank's Season 13 Goes Live! Episode 01: Isaak Treats Eli.

BizTank is making its debut by releasing the 13th season's Episode 01 "Isaak Treats Eli" just in time for the Pesach season!

The Joel Klein investor panel - BizTank - was hosted live as the Fidelity BizTank show in honor of Fidelity's grand opening of it's 20,000 square ft. state-of-the-art headquarters. The mission of the show is to connect entrepreneurs with investors who believe in empowering the entrepreneurial community.

Joel Klein is an acclaimed business coach and consultant, and with the time launched the Joel Klein investor panel -  BizTank - where presenters come together on a monthly basis.

BizTank episodes will be released regularly, starting May 14th.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Concert in Honor of for Chaim Banet

קול חי מיוזיק ערכו בהיכל התרבות בפתח תקווה מופע הצדעה לגדול המלחינים שידעה המוזיקה החסידית בדורינו, הלא הוא ר' חיים בנט.

על הבמה עלו בזה אחד זה כל גדולי הזמר החסידי, מוטי שטיינמץ, אברימי רוט, שלמה כהן, יונתן שינפלד, יובל סטופל, אודי אולמן ועוד, כשעל החגיגה המוזיקלית הזו מנצח בנו של ר' חיים, הלא הוא רובי בנט, כשהמוזיקאי המחונן מוישי רוט מצטרף אף הוא בשלב מסוים.

בין ביצוע אחד למישנהו, הוקרנו סרטונים של ענקי הזמר מרדכי בן דוד, אברהם פריד, המעבד משה לאופר ועוד רבים וטובים המאחלים ומברכים את ר' חיים בנט לרגל 50 שנות יצירה ברוכה.

מאות בחורי הישיבות והאברכים שגדשו את היכל התרבות, זכו ליהנות ממופע מוזיקלי חסידי אותנטי נדיר ומיוחד במינו

Highlights - Steinmetz, Gertner, Menat, Malchus

Took place in Elad, Israel with over 10,000 participants at the end of the summer of 2018

Accompanied by the Ruvi Banet orchestra and the Malchus Choir.

תקציר אירוע הקומזיץ המרכזי של בין הזמנים בפארק אלעד
קיץ תשע"ח - 2018

האמנים המשתתפים:
שלוימי גרטנר
ילד הפלא נתנאל מנת
רולי דיקמן
מוטי שטיינמץ
מקהלת מלכות - פנחס ביכלר
כנרים - אייל שילוח

Sunday, April 21, 2019

BizTank Means Business - Trailer

You have read about BizTank and followed many of our pitches and deals - Now, you can experience BizTank live!

Listen to innovation and creativity.
Feel the tension in the room.
Learn from industry leaders.

Watch #BizTankLive for the first time!

Releasing Fidelity Payment Services BizTank Premier Tuesday, April 23rd, the second day Chol Hamoed Pesach!

Signup at biztanklive.com to be notified. Be part of the BizTank movement by liking, sharing and commenting.

BizTank host: Fidelity Payment Services
Pitch Sponsors: United Refuah HealthShare, SBA Loan Group

For more information visit biztanklive.com

Friday, April 19, 2019

Highlights - World’s Largest Pesach Distribution

View 200,000 boxes of Pesach basics, 12,000 families, 4 days and thousands of happy smiles.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Shira - Seder Night Kumzitz

Sweet melodies, songs of the soul, were performed at the magnificent show that took place at dyker beach golf course Sunday April 14 in preparation for the 'Seder Night' the highlight of the Jewish passover holiday!

Full DVD of the show will be released soon

Music by Yankey Briskman & Band
Choir: The Shira Choir
Sound: Yoely Karpen
Video: Ari Levy - Studio on the dot

Nishmas - Composed by Yossi Green, First Recorded by Shloime Gertner

JP News Roundup 4/18/19

JP News is proud to offer you a daily video roundup of the top stories, International, National, and local news. 

Sababa Night feat. Shloime Daskal & Shira Choir

Watch this thrilling dance video performed at a recent wedding that took place at Ateres Charna. This video contains unique songs from around the Jewish music spectrum with custom arrangements, executed beautifully by each musician. You will hear the powerful voice of Shloime Daskal backed up by the sweet harmonies of the Shira Choir.

Song Credits:
Od Yishoma - MBD
Bakesh Avdecha - Yishay Lapidot - Composed by Harel Tal
Chazak - Yanki Zingbaum - Composed by MBD
Bitchu - Sababa & Shumueli Ungar - Hershy Weinberger
Shehecheyonu - Amit Listvant - Composed by Mona
Bracha V'hatzlacha - Yishay Lapidot
Timche - MBD - Composed by MBD & Mona
Kol Mitzhalos - Achim Broner/Yishay Lapidot

Video Credits:
Sung by: Shloime Daskal & Shira Choir
Music: The Sababa Band led by Mendy Hershkowitz
Choir Conducted by: Leiby Fasten
Video: Ben Hesh Studios
Live Sound & Engineering: SC Events - Shy Clyman 
Mixed and Mastered: V-Gold Beat Production
Video and Lighting: Eagle Production Co.
Stage Design: Lipa Feldman
Venue: Ateres Charne

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

There's Nothing Like It - KMR Pesach Experience

KMR Is Proud To Be Returning to The Hilton Resort & Spa, Henderson, Nevada

Birchas Kohanim - Motty Ilowitz - Neranena Choir

An innovative, multi-sensory and exciting production for Passover from a rare story that took place on the morning of the first Yom Tov of Passover in the Bergen-Belsen death camp.

During one of the most moving moments of the journey, the guests visited the remains of the Mir Yeshiva in Shanghai, which was established in the terrible Holocaust, followed by an impressive production - an artistic program and a musical about the Holocaust and rebirth and the story of the Mir Yeshiva of Shanghai during the Holocaust.

On stage in Shanghai, singer and song-writer Motty Ilowitz from the United States, the Narnana Choir with the orchestra of the maestro Yehuda Galili accompanied by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, performed. At the center of the performance was an ingenious musical presentation about a heroic story during the Holocaust of a Jew who devoted his life to sanctifying God in the secret night of the Seder, which led to the last blessing of Kohanim on the gallows.

For the first time in history, the viewers of the event will receive a new artistic 'painting in the sand' that describes the story in a special visual form by the artist and painter Aharon Ze'ev Bernstein.

Composed and Performed: Motty Ilowitz
Arranged and orchestrated: Yehuda Glili
Choir: Neranana Choir
Painting in the sand: Aharon Zev berenstein
Photography and Editing: Nati Elbar
Mix: Chaim Mozes
Producer: Shimi Tyberg
Multimedia: 金彪彪
Sound: Shlomo Dubov
Original performance: Michoel Schnitzler.

The video was filmed as part of a special trip, by senior executives of MassMutual Insurance from the USA, to Shanghai China.