Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy Chanukah From 613

Happy Chanukah to all Bubbies out There

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Boys Town Jerusalem "Dreidel Sevivon"

The Dreidel Dreidel taken to a new level with this new jazzed up rendition by the Boys Town Jerusalem choir.  

Netanel Menat - V’hareinu - Music Video

Song Composed by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz

Thousands Attend Levaya of Rav Shteinman

Bnei Brak, Israel - Several hundred thousand people have taken part in the levaya of Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, the leader of the charedi world who passed away on Tuesday morning aged 104.

Tens of thousands from the Haredi community streamed to Bnei Brak from around the country in order to participate in the funeral procession of the departed rabbi, with men, women, boys and girls lining the streets, watching from balconies, climbing walls and taking up any available vantage point to watch the proceedings.

Mourners who gathered spoke of Rabbi Shteinman’s great depth of Torah knowledge, his great humility and his almost complete abstinence from worldly pleasures, fasting frequently and sleeping just a few hours a night.

The rabbi’s humility was borne out in his will, in which he requested that no eulogies be said for him, although Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, who will likely be accepted as the new “leader of the generation,” did give a speech about the rabbi.

Rabbi Shteinman also requested that eulogies not be written about him in newspapers, saying that a picture of him in the newspaper would be enough, and asked that no rallies be held for him, that notices of his passing not be printed, and that announcements of his death on the radio and in the streets over loudspeakers not be made.

All these requests have largely been ignored by the press and the public.

“It is enough that just ten people come to the funeral,” said the departed rabbi in his will, read out in front of hundreds of thousands of mourners waiting for the funeral procession to begin.

He also requested a simply burial plot, saying “my place in the cemetery is next to regular people,” and requested that no titles be written on his headstone and that it be “the cheapest and simplest” one available, and that money not be wasted on an expensive place in the cemetery.

Exceedingly frail, Rabbi Shteinman had been in and out of hospital over the last few months and was put on life support early Tuesday morning from which he never recovered.

Rabbi Shteinman has formally led the Ashkenazi, non-hassidic Haredi community since 2012 when the former leader of the generation Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv died.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

RCCS Live Auction Event - Ended



Russian Fighter Plane: Hi There

Footage has emerged of a Russian Su-30 strategic multi-role fighter aircraft carrying out a somewhat odd and probably unauthorized aerobatic stunt over Syrian skies. The entire performance took place within very close proximity to a Russian transport plane which the fighter was accompanying.

According to the original source which released the video online, the Russian warplane performed the stunt over the skies of Deir Ezzor province in eastern Syria during what was otherwise a routine escort mission in support of a supply air-drop operation.

As can be gathered from watching the video, following the release of the airlifter’s supplies, the Russia Su-30 approaches to within several meters of the cargo door (which remains open) and maintains a holding position for around one minute.

Whether the stunt performed by the Russian fighter jet was planned or a spur of the moment action remains unknown for the present time.

What also remains unknown is when exactly the stunt took place since recent advances by pro-government forces in Deir Ezzor means that Russian cargo planes no longer need to airlift supplies to allies on the ground.

Yeoded – The Chanuka Candle

Many children in our communities grow up in single parent homes.

Yeoded attempts to fill that void by providing tutors and mentors to ensure these children’s academic and social growth.

For more information and to see how you could help visit  yeoded.org

New York Boys Choir - Chanukah - Music Video

This Chanukah, New York Boys Choir, under producer Yitzy Bald, film producer Shia Fried, of Vision Cinema Productions, and musical producer and arranger extraordinaire, Doni Gross of DEG Productions, team up, to present this music video/audio track, entitled “Chanukah“.

In this music video/audio track, NYBC looks for a creative way to spread the message of Chanukah, that despite the darkness, that many times, seems to exist in people’s lives, we should still celebrate, dance, and be filled with pride.

Workers Captured Bandits with their Forklift

A carload of would-be robbers who were foiled from doing over a massive hardware store had their getaway blocked by a group of hero forklift drivers, a video shows.

CCTV footage shows the suspected assailants moments earlier pull into a parking bay in front of the business in a bright red four-door saloon.

But a group of workers seated next to them in a white van jump out to tackle them after they notice the occupants acting suspciously.

The men appear to try and wrench open the doors of the car in the altercation, as they appear to be shouting. Another warehouse worker then runs over the help them in the ruckus in DEK, a builders' supplies store in Ostrava-HruĊĦov in the Czech Republic.

The dramatic footage then shows the driver of the red saloon suddenly pull out and speed off, apparently aware that the suspected robbers had no chance of pulling off a robbery of the massive hardware shop.

A quick-thinking forklift driver, however, reverses in front of the car and blocks its path of escape during the escapade that lasted for more than a minute at just after 5pm in the evening.

The car suddenly pulls off, reverses and does a U-turn and speeds back in the direction from which it came

But another forklift driver reverses back and blocks its path, before another two of the workhorse vehicles appear and block it from the rear, in the drama in the city in the Czech republic near the country's western border with Poland.

Several workers in overalls then approach the car, which is now caged in, with their arms waving while shouting at the occupants of the car.

Micha Gamerman III - A Child of Hashem - Sampler

Brazilian superstar Micha Gamerman is giving music fans the best Chanukah gift ever, a brand new album. The new album titled “A Child of Hashem/Shom Timtzoeihu” features some amazing new songs that are sure to become household favorites. Micha’s new album include hits from the best composers in the business including; Yitzy Walder, Elie Schwab, Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry, Moshe Laufer, Eli Laufer, Mordechai Brezel and even Micha’s own brother Yoni Gamerman. With so many music styles to choose from, everyone is sure to have a favorite song on this album.