Friday, May 17, 2019

JP News Roundup 5/17/19

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Ancient Mikva in Modern Times

May 2, 2019 in Wawa, Ontario, Canada.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Two Imbeciles Get Caught Red-Handed Keying Tesla

Having your car vandalized sucks, and oftentimes victims of these hideous crimes must pin their hopes of catching the wrongdoers on bystanders or private security cameras nearby. However, Tesla owners are a bit better prepared for these kinds of stupidities. Recently, the owner of a Tesla Model 3 found himself up close and personal with a pair of vandals who repeatedly keyed and door-dinged his electric car, but luckily, the whole thing was caught on the car's own security camera system called Sentry Mode.

The video below, which is actual footage taken from the Model 3, shows two males in Sacramento, California approaching the Ram pickup truck parked next to the Tesla. After investigating the area near the truck's door handle for several seconds, one of the men reaches into his pocket, pulls out a set of keys, and goes to town on the Tesla's glossy paint.

After the insufferable duo is done keying the car, they return to the front of the Model 3, not knowing that they're only gifting the world with a better look of their smug faces yet again. After laughing around for a few more seconds, one of the men goes to the driver's side of the truck and swings the door wide open, door-slamming the Tesla pretty hard in the process. Meanwhile, his accomplice isn't done with the shenanigans, as he comes back once again and keys the Tesla once more before leaving.

It's not clear if the owner of the Tesla intends to file a report, or already did, however, they do note that damage has been estimated to cost more than $2,000 to repair; enough to charge the vandals (if found) with felony vandalism.

Sentry Mode operates by recording footage from Tesla's Autopilot cameras when a driver enables the feature before walking away from their vehicle. When a "minimal threat" is detected by the car, the car's large 15-inch touchscreen displays a warning to notify those around it that it has begun recording. The car saves the recording to a flash drive that the driver has plugged into the cabin, and will notify the driver on the screen when they return that an event has been captured.

JP News Roundup 5/16/19

JP News is proud to offer you a daily video roundup of the top stories, International, National, and local news. 

Angry Goose Breaks up Llama Fight

In a small meadow in Somerset, England, two llamas live with all kinds of birds ranging from ducks, geese, hens, and cockerels. "Before I started to record, the two llamas were making odd noises at each other then started spitting at each other. Not even a little bit, it was like a shower of spit. Then the video happened."

BizTank Season 13 Episode 01 Part 2

Feel the tension in the room.

Follow the intense back and forth as the Moguls probe Isaak and Eli in this episode.

In BizTank Episode 01 part 1 Eli Ofel and Isaak Yakubov share their story of how LEAA went from a dream to reality. Eli, a marketing expert and software developer became sick. It was a nightmare for him to get an appointment at his primary care doctor and after sitting for hours in the waiting room, he was finally seen and diagnosed with the flu. After symptoms didn't improve for close to two weeks, Eli called his friend Isaak, an emergency room physician, professor and now partner. Isaak came to Eli's house and performed a physical exam.

In Eli's words: "Isaak arrived and just like in a dream, examined me while I was holding a cup of coffee in the comfort of my own home. His diagnosis: walking pneumonia. He prescribed the right medications from his phone. It was delivered 25 minutes later.
The medical visit, the accurate diagnosis, placing the prescription and delivery of medication - all happened in less than an hour. That's when I looked at Eli and said: 'Hey, what just happened?'
LEAA became more than just a dream.

No need to search for urgent care near you. LEAA wants everyone to have the amazing experience of fast, reliable and comprehensive quality healthcare in the comfort of your home.

But they need to secure funding and strategic help of the Moguls to be able to service patients nationally.

In this episode, the Moguls weigh in.

100 Years Young - 100 Years Strong!

Yeshiva Torah Vodaath - 100 Years Young - 100 Years Strong!

Great Father Son Moment

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

IDF Presents "Gaza FAQ"

It’s time to dispel the lies and get to the truth. As thousands of Gazans riot on Israel’s border fence and threaten the lives of Israeli civilians, we want to lay out the basics facts and explain what's really going on. If you care about the truth you'll take a few minutes to watch this video.

JP News Roundup 5/15/19

JP News is proud to offer you a daily video roundup of the top stories, International, National, and local news. 

Zanvil Weinberger & Malchus - Pirkei Avos - Vocal