Friday, July 21, 2017

Tornado Tosses Car From Driveway of Western NY

A homeowner outside Buffalo, New York caught a rare sight on his home surveillance video after an apparent tornado touched down outside his home.

Strong storms swept through the Buffalo suburb of Hamburg Thursday, with the National Weather Service confirming that a tornado touched down in Erie County.

It was reported that the hardest hit area seemed to in the southern part of the Buffalo metro, especially at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

The Town of Hamburg issued a State of Emergency. About 100 members of the National Guard are helping with the cleanup effort. Thursday evening, Governor Andrew Cuomo toured the Hamburg Fairgrounds to assess the damage.

Moment Small Plane Lands on Long Island Highway

The footage shows a small aircraft landing on Sunrise Highway Yaphank in Long Island, New York. Cause unclear. No injuries; pilot praised for his skill.

Just a Kid Hitching a Ride

No! Not that type of kid!

Dvar Torah Parshas Matos Masei 5777

Setbacks as Springboards. Has your life run into a roadblock? Parshat Matot-Masse

Matos Massei: If you don't love em don't tell em what to do - Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mimkoimchu – Shira Choir ft. Zanvil Weinberger

Mimkoimchu is a song of yearning that harkens back to the nostalgic glory of the Beis Hamikdash. Originally composed by living legend Mona Rosenblaum, it was first recorded by global Jewish superstar Shloime Gertner on his album Mincha.

Featuring star soloist Zanvil Weinberger from Israel and a 10-voice complement by Shira Choir, the graduated vocals showcase some of the best harmonic work of Shira’s own Yoely Horowitz.

The timing is auspicious: As a prayer to Hashem to return to His former glory and bestow His dominance on Yerushalayim, it is uniquely fitting as an acapella rendition by Shira Choir for the Three Weeks. We hope this will inspire you to cast your eyes eastward and join us all in the hope that Moshiach come soon, speedily in our days.

Composed by: Mona Rosenblaum
Sung by: Zanvil Weinberger - The Shira Choir
Live sound: Shy Clyman
Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman
Video: Motty Engel
Video Editing by: ESD Media Group

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Amazing Drone Footage Captures Fish Run

Every fall, billions of mullet in schools larger than football fields migrate south, lining the coast of Florida. This allows for two things: thousands of predator fish get an easy filling of baitfish, and people experience some epic video opportunities. Using drone technology, we’re able to witness predators ambush the huge, dark clouds of baitfish, sending them into a panicking frenzy.

Rav Shlomo Amar & Lipa - Bar Mitzvah at Kotel

Gov. Christie Catches Foul Ball, Gets Booed

Fans at the Cardinals-Mets game cheered when a man neatly caught a foul ball at Citi Field - until they realized it was Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor then got loudly booed Tuesday night.

The ovation quickly turned sour after Christie stood up and slapped hands with another fan. It didn't matter that Christie gave the souvenir ball to a nearby kid.

Christie was sitting in the third row, near the New York dugout. In the third inning, St. Louis rookie Paul DeJong lifted a high foul that bounced in the stands, and Christie reached out with his left hand and snagged it.

Even Fox Sports announcer Dan McLaughlin chimed in announcing, "Nice to see him get from the beach to the ballpark." McLaughlin was referring to Christie's family visit to a New Jersey beach that was closed from the New Jersey government shutdown.

PM Netanyahu Visits Hungary

PM Netanyahu and Mrs Netanyahu arrive at the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

See Hummingbirds Fly, Shake, Drink in Amazing Slow Mo

They move so fast that human eyes see only a hovering spot of color, a blur of wings. But when frozen in time by high-speed cameras, hummingbirds yield their secrets.

Hummingbirds live exclusively in the Americas. The smallest can weigh less than two grams. The largest, the giant hummingbird found in Peru and Chile, tips the scales at around 20 grams. You could send something that weight in the U.S. mail with a single first-class stamp. World’s smallest birds is just one of several distinctions that hummingbird species claim. They’re the only birds that can hover in still air for 30 seconds or more. They’re the only birds with a “reverse gear”—that is, they can truly fly backward. And they’re the record holders for the fastest metabolic rate of any vertebrate on the planet.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Motty Ilowitz & Malchus Choir - Moidim

Motty Ilowitz accompanied by the Malchus Choir Singing "Modim" First Rerecord and Composed by Mordechai Ben David on his "Kulam Ahuvim" Album, Lyrics by Lipa Schmeltzer, at a recent event in London