Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Man Who Lives in BINGO | Ep.3 | Bingalow

Aron’s tired of his brother, Shmuel, one-upping him in life. When Shmuel stops by Bingo to boast about his fancy, new, upstate summer home, Aron informs him that he has an “upstate summer home” of his very own: a Bingalow.

Drivers Charged In Crash That Killed Engaged Couple

​Two drivers charged in connection with a crash on Long Island that killed a newly engaged couple appeared in court on Wednesday.

Rahmel Watkins, 35, faces several charges including manslaughter after authorities said his car crashed into another vehicle on the Nassau Expressway in April. Another driver, 25-year-old Zakiyyah Steward, is facing charges of driving while intoxicated and vehicular homicide.

It is believed the two knew each other prior to the chain reaction crash. Witnesses told investigators they had been speeding side by side. Both pleaded not guilty and are being held on bail.

The chain-reaction crash killed 21-year-old Yisroel Levin and 20-year-old Elisheva Kaplan. They were going to be married this summer.

“Elisheva was vivacious and musically talented,” Elisheva’s father, Joel Kaplan said Wednesday. “Ysorel was a loving caring son brother and friend wise beyond his years.”

A large number of friends and family appeared at Wednesday’s hearing and are expected to return for the next court hearing on July 18.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yeshiva Student Does CPR On Eastern Parkway

A passenger in a vehicle travelling on Eastern Parkway suffered a medical incident, he got out of the car and lied down on the ground and appeared to be suffering a cardiac episode. A Lubavitcher Bochur sprang into action and performed CPR, likely saving the man life.

EMS later arrived on scene and rushed the aided to a nearby hospital.

One Way to Avoid Paying Tolls

Here’s one way to avoid paying tolls. A minivan in Miami, Florida, was spotted using a device that automatically covers the vehicle's license plate when driving through tolls. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the driver.

Father Saves Son from Burning Race Car

South Boston Speedway 6/16/18

One of the most dangerous things that can happen on a race track is to have a car catch on fire. Not only does it put the driver in peril, but it hinders the rescue crew from getting close to the vehicle to save the driver. Often, fires spread quickly before fire crews can even arrive, leaving a few brief moments for rescuers to act. So, when some late model racing action left Mike Jones wrecked in the middle of the track with fire spewing from the engine bay, his father, Dean, did what any parent would – he hopped the pit wall, ran to his son's burning car, and helped pull him from the wreckage.

The video of the heroic incident is short. It takes just five seconds after the initial impact for the race car to catch on fire, which it does before it even comes to a stop after making contact with another vehicle. Dean is first on the scene, but by that point, another 10 seconds had already elapsed.

During that time, you can see Mike in the car removing his restraints as fuel pours down the track, helping to spread the fire. Luckily, it appears the engine bay contained the fire. If it had spread to the cabin, it would have been much more dangerous for Mike. It takes about another six seconds for Dean to help remove Mike from the burning car. By that point, fire crews arrived to start putting out the fire. Both escaped without any injuries.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shloime Gertner Carpool KaraOYke

Join Radio host, MC and music maven Yossi Zweig as he drives around with British superstar Shloime Gertner discussing his career and singing some of his hit songs including selections of his all NEW album "SERENITY."

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Leviim Choir - Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim

Yaakov Shwekey Interviewed & Sings on Ynet

"Yishtabach Shemo" Composed by: Yitzy Waldner Lyrics: Miriam Israeli

Yaakov Shwekey Interviewed on on Israeli channel Ynet, about his latest album "Musica"