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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Ki Hinei Kachomer - Shulem Lemmer and Shira

The poetic words of "Ki Hinei Kachomer", recited on Kol Nidrei night, speak of man's dependence on his Maker. As we approach Yom Kippur, please enjoy this acapella rendition of Moishe Oysher's beautiful composition.

Performed live with Shulem and the Shira Choir at the Bar Mitzvah celebration of choir leader Yoily Horowitz’s son.

Performed by Shulem Lemmer and the Shira Choir
Composed by Moishe Oysher
Rearranged and Conducted by Eli Shprei/Shira Choir
Sound: Moshe Zuckerman
Mix: Ruli Ezrachi
Video: Motty Engel
Edited: Studios On Dot
Post production by Shlome Wechter - Volume 𝕊𝕥𝕦𝕕𝕚𝕠𝕤
Thank you, Cantor Yossi Schwartz, for all the help.

Lchaim & Nachas - Chol Hamoed Sukkos Event - Promo

An event you don’t wanna miss!

Lchaim & Nachas
Featuring: Yaakov Shwekey, Shmueli Ungar, Hershy Weinberger, Yossi Green, Velvi Feldman & Yiddish Nachas! Thursday, Chol Hamoed Sukkos.

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Video by: Chaim Bhatia
Edited by: Video On Dot/Ari Levy

Selichos with Shua Kessin at KBY 2021

Shua Kessin is well known for his uplifting kumzitzen & davening performances over the many prior years.

This includes High Holiday prayers / Shabbatons / weekend events & many simchas he's performed at.

His ability to inspire and get a crowd to sing and participate has made him a unique asset to the world of Jewish music. His energy and hartz are matched only by his likability, sweetness, range and diverse knowledge of music.

Whether it’s a Chassidishe, Litvishe, Sefardishe or more contemporary crowd, Shua has shown an ability to adapt and put on a performance enjoyed by all. And his ability to connect & energize a live crowd, be it in his singing or telling stories, is a facet of Shua’s musical ability that thousands have found entertaining and stimulating over the many years.

The Selichos shown in this video, was a special musical Selichos event arranged for the first night of Selichos at Khal Bnei Yisuschur in Toms River NJ, led by Harav Ozer Babad Shlita.

The Selichos was a tremendous inspiration and amazing start to the High Holidays / RH - YK which was felt among all attending, as seen in the different parts of this video. The footage here are highlights of the entire Selichos performed by Shua Kessin. You can feel the raw emotion and energy throughout the highlights as words of prayer and selicha are spoken & song. May we all have an uplifting & amazing year full of spirituality & growth with health & all great things we yearn for!

Monday, September 13, 2021

Shalsheles - Hashivenu - Official Audio

Shalsheles is back with a brand new uplifting and inspiring song.

Available on all Streaming Platforms

Produced & Arranged by Doni Gross
Composed by Yitzchok Rosenthal
Marketing: I & Me Media

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Engage This Generation with Mesmerizing Technology

TorahLive: Raising $1Million To Engage This Generation with Mesmerizing Technology

It is Torah Live's mission and hope to give answer to the challenge of finding today's "language” of Torah. By fusing the power of modern technology with authentic Torah wisdom, Torah Live educates and inspires today's Torah consumers, enabling them to carry the message of Torah into the future. Torah Live: ancient wisdom, modern technology, powerful presentations.

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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Help end Pain and Suffering. Repair Marriages. Save Lives.

Rabbi Twerski saw Guard Your Eyes as his FINAL MISSION, the culmination of his lifelong career of championing the cause of suffering souls whose pain he knew and felt, perhaps more than anyone else. Watch this video tribute to Rabbi Twerski zt"l.

In his unique capacity as a rabbi and a psychiatrist to whom thousands turned for help, Rabbi Twerski witnessed first-hand the many lives and families destroyed by what he called "the biggest mageifah of our times." He declared that supporting this cause is "literally a pikuach nefesh".

Please help tens of thousands of Yidden by supporting GuardYourEyes during our once-a-year High Holiday campaign and share the merit of the teshuvah of thousands of Jews around the world. Imagine the increased zechus this gives you before Yom Kippur!

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May you be inscribed in the book of life!

P.S. Get a complimentary copy of our new book, "His Final Mission: Rabbi Twerski's Fight Against Internet Addiction."

Thursday, September 09, 2021

It's All From You | Betzalel | TYH Nation | Ain Od Milvado

TYH Nation Presents: It's All From You

A TYH Nation/Farbrengable Studios Production / Mendy Portnoy

After three years of singing Thank You Hashem and internalizing that everything is from Him, we are blessed with another Simcha. It’s in these moments that we look up to Hashem and sing a new tune “It's all from you” Ain Od Milvado. Mazel Tov!

Artist: Betzalel Levin
Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Music Produced and Arranged by Mendy Portnoy
Lyric Video by Rafi Barides
Design: Yakov Josephy

Beri Weber - Hamelech

Devastated by Flooding, Englewood Yeshiva Ohr Simcha

Devastated by Flooding, Englewood Yeshiva Ohr Simcha Deals with the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Ida

Just days before Tropical Depression Ida hit, Yeshiva Ohr Simcha of Englewood celebrated the completion of its beautiful new seforim shranks, just one of multiple renovations made to the yeshiva after last spring’s successful fundraising campaign raised more than $800,000 for capital improvements.

CLICK HERE To donate to Yeshiva Ohr Simcha’s emergency crowdfunding campaign

And then the water came, and in a flash, all of the improvements made to enhance the yeshiva building were completely ruined.

Meteorologists had been forecasting heavy rains and even potential flooding as the remnants of Hurricane Ida arrived in New Jersey, but the storm’s intensity went far beyond anything that anyone was imagining.

Located as it is yards from the Overpeck Creek, the yeshiva high school was accustomed to the occasional problem during severe rains, and when a small trickle of water began trickling in on the night of September 1st, no one was particularly alarmed.

CLICK HERE To donate to Yeshiva Ohr Simcha’s emergency crowdfunding campaign

“We barricaded the doors like we do when there is a bad storm and at first it was fun and games, with everyone jumping up and down and having fun until we realized that this was beyond anything we had ever seen before,” said Rabbi Menachem Strassfeld, s’gan menahel at the yeshiva. “The boys were great, blocking off doors and when the water started rising, brushing it into the drain in the shower room.”

Outside, motorists were stranded in the high waters, with some taking shelter atop their cars.

CLICK HERE To donate to Yeshiva Ohr Simcha’s emergency crowdfunding campaign

Things went from bad to worse when the water pressure broke one of the glass panes in the yeshiva’s front door, with the water level rising considerably until it was well over knee height. Multiple emergency calls were made to 911, elected officials, the Englewood Fire Department and Chaverim, among others, and since there were transformers located inside the building, the decision was made to shut off the electrical system as a safety measure.

All 60 of the yeshiva’s students packed up their tefillin and a change of clothing and were evacuated in groups after Chaverim arrived and firefighters arrived on scene. Some were transported in a van that was pushed to dry land and several more walked to safer areas, while yet another group was ferried out by boat. While, baruch Hashem, the students all escaped without injury, the yeshiva building itself sustained catastrophic damage.

CLICK HERE To donate to Yeshiva Ohr Simcha’s emergency crowdfunding campaign

“I went in with the insurance adjuster,” said Rabbi Strassfeld. “While the water is gone, there is dirt and mud everywhere and just cleaning that out will cost over $100,000.”

The yeshiva’s regular insurance does not cover flooding, and its flood insurance policy will only pay up to $300,000 for flood-related damage, with a $50,000 deductible. It is unknown at this time if FEMA will be providing funding to those who sustained storm-related damage, and if so, how much assistance could be coming from the federal government, making clear the need for an emergency capital campaign.

“We are talking well in excess of $1 million in repairs,” said Rabbi Elchonon Butrimovitz, the yeshiva’s menahel. “Every wall has to be cut, with the insulation replaced. Every bed has to be replaced and every dresser. We had over 100 brand new chairs in the bais medrash and all of our desks and tables and chairs will need to be replaced. All of my kitchen equipment shorted out and the hot water heater and boiler are also gone.”

CLICK HERE To donate to Yeshiva Ohr Simcha’s emergency crowdfunding campaign

Currently, it is impossible to assess the extent of the damage to the yeshiva’s electrical system, but with its transformers submerged during the storm, it is likely to be extensive. Also destroyed were all of the yeshiva’s air conditioners and heaters, as well as its computers, phone and video systems, its inventory of office and kitchen supplies and many of its students’ possessions. Thankfully, the school’s sifrei Torah remained dry in a waterproof safe and a large number of its seforim remained above the water line and escaped damage.

The yeshiva is temporarily relocating to Camp Monroe and a cleanup crew has begun the tedious job of getting the building to the point where the situation can be fully evaluated, the first step in the extensive and costly repair process to make the building habitable once again.

CLICK HERE To donate to Yeshiva Ohr Simcha’s emergency crowdfunding campaign

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Sights n Sounds of Rosh Hashanah 2021 in Uman

The Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated - It’s Not Too Late!

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