Saturday, November 23, 2019

Yaakov Singer - Nodeh Lacha/Thank You Hashem

Rabbi Yaakov Singer is no stranger to Jewish music. As a young boy he participated in the first Pirchei Choir album conducted by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum A”H. Growing up, he was always involved in music, inspired by the cantorial greats of yesteryear, attending their cantorial services, serving as an accomplished Baal Tefilla, singing at simchos, while also composing his own niggunim and Nusach Hatfilah compositions.

A year ago, Reb Yaakov experienced unparalleled Siyatta Dishmaya in a very difficult life crisis situation. The Yad Hashem was clearly evident and tangible throughout, which eventually led to a successful conclusion. One morning while driving home from learning, he began thinking about the good fortune Hashem bestowed upon him. Spontaneously, there awoke in him tremendous feelings of gratitude and cause for thanks to Hashem, which his heart poured out in song.  Thus, the song Nodeh Lecho was born.

At that time Rabbi Singer was completing a book dedicated to the legacy of his parents’ life. He thought, why not record Nodeh Lecho and release the song along with the book at the upcoming family gathering. Soon after Reb Yaakov contacted his friend Eli Wax, a popular musician whom he had known for many years, and asked him if he could help produce the song professionally. After many weeks of hard work, a sixteen-minute production was completed, sung and recorded in various versions. One hundred CDs of the song were produced and distributed to family members and friends. Receiving positive feedback, Rabbi Singer decided it was finally time to start releasing his niggunim to the greater Jewish world.

Presenting Nodeh Lecha – Thank You Hashem, an inspirational song from the heart, that will touch your soul, a taste of the past, today. Close your eyes and THANK HASHEM.

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