Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Fascinating Account Of Frum Woman Born In Auschwitz

When Angela Orosz-Richt was seven, she was instructed at school to write down her name and where she was born. When she realized how hard it was to spell Auschwitz, she begged her mother that night to change the place of her birth but her mother refused, telling her that one day she’ll understand what being born at Auschwitz means.

Orosz-Richt, a resident of Montreal, was born to her mother, Vera Bein, 24, on the top bunk of a barrack in Auschwitz-Birkenau in December 1944, weighing only 1 kg and too weak to cry, which may have saved her life.

Orosz-Richt’s parents arrived in Auschwitz from their native Hungary on May 25, 1944, when her mother was three months pregnant. Her mother was selected for forced labor but later was chosen for experimentation by the infamously cruel Dr. Mengele. Miraculously both Bein and the baby survived Mengele’s experiments but Bein was never able to bear more children.


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