Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sponsor Food During This Historic Food Emergency

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network in New York City is bracing for an even greater increase in demand. While demand was accelerating since the outbreak and unprecedented bread lines were forming daily, the hunger wave is about to hit its biggest curve.

People's pantries and refrigerators at home are running empty, widespread hunger is skyrocketing. It is when the masses skip their second bi-weekly paycheck, as a result of the work “pause” going on for four full weeks (since March 22, 8PM). We know that many Americans live a hand to mouth financial lifestyle, with a paycheck away from going bust. So many more cannot withstand four weeks without pay. Since we passed that point, more people are becoming more and more desperate in need of food.

Sponsor Food During This Historic Food Emergency - Help Fight the Hunger Wave

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