Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Akiva Gelb - Ah Yiddeleh - Music Video

Recently, Akiva was inspired to write a song. This isn’t the first time Gelb has composed a song, but this is the first time he is releasing it to the public along with his first music video.

The song titled “Ah Yiddeleh” talks about how some of us feel empty sometimes. We don’t feel connected to Hashem and we are overwhelmed with our daily lives. Things seem to go wrong more often than not and it’s just too hard. We are all begging our father in heaven “Al Tasteir Ponecho Mimeni.” Hashem is always there, and during the Yomim Noroim is the perfect time to ask him to please reveal himself and help us. May we all have a Shana Tova U’mesuka and may we all be inscribed in the book of life, parnassah, health, shidduchim and refuah.

Song composed and sung by: Akiva Gelb
Music arranged & produced by: Nachman Dreyer
Drums - Avi Avidani
Piano - Tzvi Blumenfeld
E’ Bass - Shlomi Spilman
Guitars - Nachman Dreyer
Vocals-Yossi Glick
Choirs - Yossi Glick
Mixed & mastered by: V-Gold Beat Production

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