Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fedex Impersonator Tie Up and Robs Family

Shocking video shared on Chinese social media shows a Brooklyn family get bound up by a home burglar who was pretending to be a FedEx employee.

Footage first posted on WeChat and shared on Reddit shows the brazen thief and an accomplice rob the home in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge on Monday.

A spokesman with the New York Police Department said that the burglars managed to steal $40,000 in cash and another $80,000 in jewelry.

Home security footage shows the FedEx employee impersonator approach the home around 3pm with the fake delivery. The thief is wearing a FedEx fleece jacket.

The thief is allowed entry into the home but his accomplice - a man clad in a blue shirt and matching backpack - storms up the steps and into the home.

Inside the home, the pair can be seen binding up a family inside the home with tape. While binding the victims, the thieves repeatedly ask one of the victims - a middle-aged-woman - to open a safe that the accomplice brought from the upstairs bedroom. 

Failing to open the safe, the burglars then decide to bind the families feet. One of the burglars pulls out a walkie-talkie and can be heard talking with someone on the device.

They then flee  the scene with the safe. The robbery took roughly 10 minutes.
The female victim can then be seen hopping to retrieve an item to cut herself loose.

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