Sunday, December 23, 2018

Nafshi - Shulem Lemmer ft. Shulem Brodt & Yedidim Choir

Heartfelt performance of "Nafshi" by Shulem Lemmer and child soloist Shulem Brodt.

Song Originally recorded by: Ishay Ribo & Motty Steinmetz
Produced & Music by: Yanky Katina Productions
Choir by: Yedidim
Post production: Black Arrow Productions
Mixed and mastered by Ruli Ezrachi
Filmed by: Motty Engel
Edited at Studio62 - Leiby Weider

נפשי חמדה בצל ידיך,
לדעת כל רז סודיך.
יערב נא שיחי עליך,
כי נפשי תערוג אליך.

My soul covets for the shadow of Thy hands,
To know each and every one of Thy secrets.
My words for Thee are pleasant

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