Sunday, December 23, 2018

Chupah Emotions - Shlomo Yakov Weber, Zemiros

You’ve heard a passionate Badchen at a Mitzva Tantz. You’ve seen an emotionally charged Chupa. But to live and experience both at once, that’s a first.

The brain-storm of renowned Badchen Shlomo Yakov Weber, son of esteemed Badchen Pinky Weber; performing live under a Chupa, evoking raw emotions of Chosson & Kallah and all bystanders, took place a short few weeks ago on the busy streets of Williamsburg, at the Chupa of Avrumi Kalish.

Accompanied by the warm harmonious vocals of the Zemiros Choir, the mellifluous tones of Flutist Avromi Basch, the euphonious sounds of Keyboardist Yitzchok Kornblue - Kornblue Productions and the soothing acoustics of Guitarist Pinny Lunger.

Pull a chair, as this will have you gazing in awe while lifting every hair.

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