Monday, December 24, 2018

CME - Trust In Me - New Single

Composed and Sung by: Chaim Meir Erps
Arranged, Mixed and Produced by: Avrumi Berko
Visual Design by: Yanky Perl

Behind the song:
While I went to visit and cheer up a fellow brother who was in the hospital he asked me, Can you make a song right here, right now? I answered him, I can't do ANYTHING, but Hashem could do EVERYTHING!

I asked him “what do you want the song should be about?”, he replied, exactly this, that Hashem could do everything.

So I turn around and ask Hashem, “give me a song for your child”.

Now i’m happy to present you the song that Hashem gave me there.

As soon as I sang those powerful words, "Trust in me and you will see ניסים ונפלאות" everyone in the room felt much better and  connected to a higher authority, so I wanted to share the song with ALL of you! Enjoy and remember בטח בשם ועשה טוב!

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