Thursday, October 25, 2018

Man Shoots Grizzly Bear in Yard Encounter

Terrified wife captures moment her husband shoots giant grizzly bear only for it to get back up and keep charging him, as he runs for his life

Canadian officials are investigating a horrific standoff that led to a man shooting a charging grizzly bear in his front yard.

Shocking footage shows Lawrence Michalchuk encountering the mother bear and her three cubs after the group wandered onto his Bella Coola, British Columbia, property. He had just returned home with his wife after visiting in-laws in the city, according to the video's caption.

Michalchuk fired two warning shots at the huge beast in an effort to get the animals to flee.

'It's basically just to shoot in the air to make noise to scare them away,' he told CTV on Tuesday.

They fled but the man then went outside and yelled at the mother grizzly in an effort to 'keep her moving.'

'As soon as I did that she just put her ears down and head back and came [at me] full blast,' he said.

The bear can be seen charging at the man and Michalchuk's wife can be heard screaming while filming. The man shoots the bear in the right front leg and sends it stumbling all over itself. The time of the fall gives Michalchuk just enough time to get out of the way.

'Thank God it worked because it tripped her,' Michalchuk added. 'All I wanted to do is trip her. I dove in the door as quick as I could and I slammed the door and then she turned back towards her cubs.'

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pizzarebbe said...

Tell it to those who want to abolish the sacred right to bear a weapon!