Thursday, October 25, 2018

8th Day - "My Shtetl's Calling" - Music Video

COLive - A new music video starring the popular 8th Day band pays tribute to the warmth, camaraderie and family feeling that the Crown Heights neighborhood is known for.

Directed by Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next and produced by Chaya Greenberg, it was filmed in the Brooklyn neighborhood which is the hub of the Chabad-Lubavitch community and home of the Rebbe.

The video features the local landmarks and figures that make the legendary neighborhood the home-base for hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. It also features a slew of appearances by Jewish music and entertainment stars.

The song "My Shtetl Is Calling," is a remix of the classic 8th Day song "Babenyu," with the Marcus brothers giving the beloved favorite a new 2018 modern Klezmer sound.

The music video was produced in conjunction with, as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of the community news service, and was debuted at the COLlive Day Concert on Kingston Avenue.

Song: My Shtetl is Calling (Babinyu Remix)
8th Day Album: Stronger Closer
Artist: 8th Day (Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus)
Arrangements & synths: Yisroel Drihem Studios, Los Angeles CA
Clarinet & accordion: Leo Chelyapov
Vocals recorded at MT Studios Burbank, CA
Production by Sparks Next

Director: Daniel Finkelman
Executive Producer: Mica Soffer
Producer: Chaya Greenberg
Associate Producer: Menachem Weinstein
Coordinators: Mendy Soffer, Toiby Hayes


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why "subtle" women dancing has now become acceptable

Benzen09 said...

Nice post, thank you so much.