Thursday, August 23, 2018

Lipa, Green, Unger & Others Sing for Summer Camps

A collection of videos of various artists, singing for various camps and groups throughout the summer months.

Videos below feature,  Lipa Schmelzter, Yehuda Green, Shmueli Unger, Shulem Lemmer, Arele Samet, and others. Click on full article to watch all videos.

Shmueli Unger sings Lekovod Shabbos at Mesivta Aliyah. Yossi Shtendig on keys. At Mesivta Aliyah, Shabbos Nachamu.

Shulem Lemmer, Shulem Brodt, And Shulem Saal sing Tniyeleh.

Lipa Schmeltzer and Yehuda Green sing for a group during the summer.

Yanky Briskman with Ahrala Samet at Six Flags

 Yehuda Green Moshiach in Mesivta Aliyah

Yehuda Green with Rabbi Jungries of the Woodbourne Shul

Yehuda green sings Neshameleh song from his new album

Lekuvid Shabbos by Shmuli Unger at Mesivta Aliyah - Shmuli Unger and Yossi Shtendig performing at Mesivta Aliyah for Shabbos Nachamu

Shmuli Unger sings V’airastich at Mesivta Aliyah for Shabbos Nachamu

Yossi Shtendig with Shmuli Unger singing L’funov at Mesivta Aliyah

Goodbye party last day in Krasna camp With Ahrele Samet, Naftulu Moshe Schnitzler, Hershey Weinberger and Shira Choir

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