Thursday, August 23, 2018

Whale Came Out From Nowhere

Incredible moment a humpback whale breaches the water next to a shocked group of tourists on a boat.

Footage captured the breath-taking scene on a whale-watching trip in Pleasant Island, Gustavus, Alaska.

The video shows the peaceful ocean in Glacier Bay, off the Gulf of Alaska, as a whale can be seen spurting water in the distance.

But suddenly a different hump back whale leaps out of the water right next to the boat causing people to gasp in shock. The whale breaches, lifts it's whole body into the air and twirls round before crashing back into the water. A huge wave of ocean water sprays the surprised tourists as the whale submerges itself after the incredible leap.    

Shocked tourists in the boat can be seen soaking wet as the camera turns back on them after the incredible sight. The boat can be seen rocking as people scream with delight over the once-in-a-lifetime experience they have just witnessed.

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