Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lo Beruach - Shira ft. Mona, Freilach, Avrum C. Green

Friends and family who were gathered at the latest Rispler Sheva Brachos were treated to a rare, experiential iteration of a classic that was originally sung by the Miami Boys Choir. As with many of Yerachmiel Begun’s compositions, this song makes its meaning known viscerally and vibrantly through rise and fall, grace and pace, solo and choir.

Video Credits:

Music by: Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber
Sung by: AC Green
Shira Choir Led by: Yoely Horowits
Mixed by: V-Gold Pordcution
Live Sound by: SolveTech
Engineers: Shy Clyman, Ilya Lishinsky
Stage Manager: Booky Tessler
Video by: Motty Engel

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