Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cyclist Pedals for Life Coming Face to Face with Train

Nail-biting moment a cyclist found himself in a race against time after pedaling into an empty tunnel - and straight towards a speeding train.

It opens with Jedson, who is with a friend, casually picking up his bike and moving towards what appears to be a deserted train track.

He then pushes it to the right hand side of the tracks and begins to cycle along slightly rocky ground inside the pitch black tunnel.

Jedson - who has a GoPro-style camera strapped to his chest - is heard chatting away to his companion as they cycle into the darkness. However, he soon catches up with another cyclist who is clearly already scrambling to turn around.

Jedson continues to pedal for just a few seconds more before he too rushes to turn around.

He ditches his bike and makes a mad dash for the tunnel entrance by foot as the sound of a train horn reverberates behind him. Seconds after he’s made it out safely, the train, from the MRS Logistica freight company, is seen speeding out.

Felipe Vieira, who’d accompanied Jedson on the ride, was already outside and safe.

As soon as the train departs, Jedson runs back into the cavernous tunnel to retrieve his bike which is miraculously intact. The  two friends then furiously pedal to the other side, where Jedson, breathing heavily, takes a few seconds to gather himself.

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