Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Watch this Video. These Children Belong to You

When children have no father, everyone has to look out for them. To take them to shul, to give them a talis to stand under, to make sure they have the support and help they need.

Help the Yesomim in our community feel cared-for this Sukkas And Simchas Torah  .

Join Yeoded.

Yeoded helps orphans by sending them tutors and mentors, and providing financial assistance for things like school supplies, canteen cards, and new shoes. Your support gives an orphan a sweet year, despite the gaping hole in his life; as it brings great brachah into yours.

Click here to give a child a sweet year.


This Sukkas And Simchas Torah , keep an eye out for the orphans in your shul. You can be the one who makes a difference in their lives.

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