Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sukkos 5778 Videos of Entertainment & Interest

Harvesting lulavs in Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi

Sleeping In The Sukkah No Matter What

Chabad of Brentwood, Los Angeles, led by Shliach Rabbi Baruch Hecht, set up a Mivtzoim booth around the corner from the local Chabad House for Sukkos. While running the booth, the Rabbi's son-in-law, Rabbi Zalman Goodman from Manchester, England and the Rabbi's nephew Srulik Gurevitch from Frankfurt, Germany, bumped into Hollywood actor Adam Sandler, who is Jewish. Sandler proudly made the blessing and shook the Lulav and Esrog.

What Some Yerushalmi Children Do On Chol Hamoed

A Chabad Ssliach in Israel with his Sukkah on wheels.

Daled Minim Market in Yerushalayim Erev Sukkos

A Chabad bus driver in Israel plays a recording of Chassidic Negunim for his passengers

Adorable Sukkah courtesy of Shabbat.com

Giant Black Man dances with Lubavitcher Chassidim

Jabotinsky Street in first hard Jerusalem rain of season

Sukkos in Yerushalayim

When s rains in your Sukkah

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