Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kulam Sharim - Benny Friedman - Music Video

Kulam Sharim - Benny Friedman ft. the cast of Mitzvah Boulevard
Video directed by Chaim Hershkowitz
Produced by Sruly Meyer
Composed by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Music by PlayMasters Studio
Arranged by Ian Freitor & Daniel Kapler

This is a truly pumping song that reminds us that the work of serving Hashem with joy is a serious one! So make sure you have your dancing shoes on, get your friends together, and enjoy Kulam Sharim!

Director/Producer - Chaim Hershkowitz
Cinematographer - Yisroel Silman
Editor - Moishy Lew
Drone Operator - Shami Chain
Production Assistant - Chaim Shollar & Zalman Kohn
Set props - Benshimon music & Mimulo
Vintage car - Yosef Hershkowitz

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