Friday, December 30, 2016

Oorah Auction 2017 Launches!

You’ve been busy with Chanuka celebrations these past few days. With all the donut-eating, dreidel-spinning and latke-frying, you can barely catch your breath. But if you would have had some time, I’m sure you would have been wondering and waiting what Oorah’s up to.

Well, here’s to satisfy your curiosity because… the Oorah Auction is finally here! The Auction features the most exciting and valuable prizes ever. In keeping with the Chanuka celebrations, watch the fun and fast-paced Auction 2017 song; it’s the best way to learn about the Oorah Auction prizes!

So put down that dreidel and take a few minutes watch the video. Make sure to leave some time to enter the Auction, head over to to win the most valuable prizes ever!

Ok. You can play one last round of dreidel. But the Oorah Auction prizes are much more valuable than any of the gelt you’ll win from landing on a gimmel!

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