Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Am A Miracle by Talmudical Academy of Baltimore

This is not the Maccabeats, this is not Yeshiva Boys Choir, this is Talmudical Academy of Baltimore’s own students who produced this amazing Chanukah video entitled “I am a Miracle”.  Over the last 100 years, TA has been one of the premier institutions of building Torah in our country.  In celebration of TA’s endurance for a century, our talmidim have seen in this a personal connection to the miracle of our nation’s survival throughout history.

Fleeing two world wars
We came from distant shores
Searching for a new beginning
Torah pioneers
These past one hundred years
Helping us to hold on tight

Trailblazers of teaching
Thousands students reaching
Spiritual battles winning
Teaching me the tools
Imparting chinuch rules
TA shines it's guiding light

I am a miracle
A living miracle
Through the test of time I am a
And through the years in each
Tragedy and temptation
Torah will survive
Its strength keeps me Alive

I am a miracle
A TA miracle
Testament of truth - I am a miracle
I’m a century old foundation
A modern day revelation
Bridging old and new
A steadfast Torah Jew
I am a miracle
Each and every day
When entering TA
I Become a part of history
Take a look inside
I join with knowing pride
I continue in their way

As I learn as grow
Inside one truth I know:
I am Part of living history
I feel what it means
To join this holy scene
The miracle that is TA!


8 days the oil burned
Centuries of Torah learned
Of every miracle we have known
The greatest one’s our own

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