Monday, November 02, 2015

MBD Yiddish Medley - Chaim Blumenfeld

Chaim Blumenfeld performing an MBD Yiddish medley at a recent wedding at Ateres Chaya. on August 17, 2015

Starting with Blow the Shofer, from the album Moshiach is coming soon. Second song Modim, originally recorded on the album Kulom Ahuvim.

Next a song from the album Kesiefim. Ahavas Yisrol, from the album אפשר לתקן. Last song recorded on the Yiddish collection album וקרבתני.

Music arranged by the famous Freilach Orchestra
Music and vocals mixed by Mendy Hershkowitz and Moshe Kraus
Video by Motty Engel

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