Monday, November 02, 2015

Jaguar Leaps Into River, Re-emerges with a Crocodile

Incredible moment a jaguar leaped into a river and returned with a Crocodile in its mouth after carefully stalking the prey from the bank.

The rare footage was captured by a tourist who watched as the animal approached the side of the water and stared into its depths with great intensity.

Despite being aware of the people watching it from the other side of the bank the big cat fails to break its gaze from the river and looks for a sign of movement.

After a short while it raises its head, although it is unclear from the video what the animal may have seen or heard. without warning it lunges forward and bravely leaps into the river - disappearing under the murky water to the sounds of the tourists gasping. the initial splash makes way for calm water and at this point it is unclear as to whether the jaguar has just put itself in grave danger.

Suddenly it re-emerges - much calmer than you would expect given the circumstances - and trots towards the bank with a live Crocodile in its mouth.

Lifting it up onto the bank the animal bites on the head of its prey before attempting to reposition it in its strong jaw. It lets go in order to do so and is lucky not to get bitten by the desperate reptile, which tries in vain to defend itself and attack the predator.

Once the jaguar is confident it has the animal safely in its clutches it carries it up the bank and disappears with it into the bushes to feed.

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