Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Oct 25, 2015 News from Israel

A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead by Israeli security forces Saturday morning at a checkpoint near Jenin as he tried to stab a security guard, the latest in a series of such attacks across Israel and the West Bank.

The incident occurred at the Jalama checkpoint, or the Gilboa crossing, at the northern entrance to the West Bank City. The checkpoint is manned by private security guards alongside IDF troops.

The incident is the first time an official West Bank crossing was targeted in the latest round of violence that began in mid-September. In the past five weeks, 10 Israelis have been killed in Palestinian attacks, mostly stabbings, while 49 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, including 28 said by Israel to be attackers and the rest in clashes.

Soldiers foiled an Arab terror attempt Sunday at a checkpoint in the Judean city of Hebron. The female terrorist attempted to stab one of the security personnel at the checkpoint. She was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers stationed on site.

An Israeli man was stabbed by an Arab terrorist shortly before 10 a.m. on Sunday morning near the haredi community of Metzad in Gush Etzion.

According to MDA, the condition of the injured victim, 58, is moderate. He has been transferred to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem with stab wounds to the upper body.

Initial reports indicate the Israeli was driving close to Metzad when his car was hit by rocks. After exiting his vehicle, he was attacked by the knife-wielding terrorist. The terrorist, disguised in haredi garb, fled the scene; security forces are conducting searches for him in the area. The IDF later said that two terrorists were involved in the attack, both disguised as haredim.

Shortly before the attack, Border Police discovered a concealed knife on a Palestinian Arab passing through Tapuach Junction in Samaria. He was arrested and taken in for questioning.

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A 25 year old Israeli was stabbed and moderately-to-seriously wounded in a terror attack in the West Bank settlement of Ariel on Sunday evening, the IDF stated. According to the IDF, security forces were searching for the assailant, who fled the scene.

Terror Victim Treated at Scene of Ariel Stabbing

Uriel and Sigal Sofer, residents of Nitzan in the south, were traveling in their family car last Friday afternoon, to spend the Sabbath in Beit El, north of Jerusalem. The parents sat in the front and their children, Tair, 11, Matan, 10, and Tahel, 3, were in the back. Two other daughters took a bus to Beit El.

"Friday at about five o'clock," recounted Sigal, "we were about one kilometer from Beit El, on the way to spend the Sabbath at my husband's sister's home, and right before the bend, two murderers awaited us on the hill. Their faces were covered, my husband got a glimpse of them. As we passed, they threw two firebombs at the car.

"The firebombs smashed the rear windshield where Tahel was sitting. They fell on Tahel's seat and immediately, everything was burning. Tahel's dress, Tahel herself, her hair. The two children who were sitting next to her were also a little burned. My husband kept going a little to get away, and we stopped the car. It was frightening to see Tahel and everything else burning, and we were afraid that the car would also catch fire and explode. We got out of the car and pulled the seat out and we took her clothes off and put out the fire. We checked that Matan and Tair were also OK. We put out the fire on Tahel and seconds later the military was there and started to take care of Tahel.

"It's such a nightmare, to see your child burning. For children to see their sister burning. It's very frightening. All we wanted to do is to put out the fire."

Sigal was attacked by terrorists in 2004, as well, in Gush Katif. She was stabbed multiple times but survived

On Sunday morning, Israel Ben Aharon, 58, suffered head injuries and was stabbed in the chest in a planned ambush in Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem - but incredibly managed to fight his attacker off.

Ben-Aharon, a resident of the town of Meitzad in Gush Etzion, suffered wounds to his face when the terrorist hurled a rock through his windshield, and then stabbed him at least twice. Yet he still found the strength to grapple with his assailant, knocking the knife out of his hand before shooting and injuring the terrorist.

Incredibly, due to the lack of cellphone coverage in the Gush Etzion area, just south of Jerusalem, Ben-Aharon was forced to drive roughly half a kilometer before he could call the police.

The attack appears to have been a planned ambush; a tow truck blocked Ben-Aharon's way, and when he stopped his car the vicious attack began almost immediately.

"He came from the left and threw a rock in my face. And then he came at me from the right, and I was trying to get free of the seat belt but I was having some trouble" due to his head injuries, he recounted from his hospital bed.

"He came to stab me. I managed to push away the knife. I tried to get out of my seat and pull out my gun. He came and stabbed me in the chest. I hit him hard on the hand and he couldn't get in; I caught his hand and cocked the gun and managed to shoot several bullets into him.

"He got out of the car and he was on the ground. I was shocked. I didn't realize at first that he had stabbed me. I didn't want to lose consciousness."

Despite being wounded and in a state of shock, Ben-Aharon then shot the terrorist twice in his leg to prevent him from getting away, before finally escaping and calling police.

However, security forces who arrived at the scene found the wounded terrorist had already been spirited away - presumably by the tow truck driver.

Police officers of the Northern District arrested an Arab near the entrance to the city of Tiberias Sunday, on suspicion of planning a terrorist stabbing.

The suspect was arrested after citizens reported to the police about a suspicious person expressing his intent to be a "martyr."

Tiberias police were called in the wake of the report and tried to locate the suspect, but the report was placed after he boarded a bus at a stop along Route 90, near Kibbutz Gesher.

The bus was located at the entrance to the city of Tiberias, where the officers located the suspect.

Officers located a knife on the suspect's person; he has been detained for questioning.

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