Sunday, October 25, 2015

61 Wingsuit Skydivers Set Formation Record

Sixty-one wing-suit skydivers have flown into the record books, coming together in a diamond-shaped formation on a flight over Southern California before breaking apart and floating to the ground.

Taya Weiss, who organized the jump and took part, said Tuesday the record was set over the weekend above the Skydive Perris jump center. Wingsuit divers from 12 countries took part.

The old record was set by 42 flyers in June.

The latest record was verified Monday by a panel of judges from Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the organization that keeps track of skydiving and other aviation-related records.

Skydive Perris, 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles, was the site of another record earlier this month when 202 divers linked up to form the world's largest sequential skydiving formation.

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