Sunday, October 25, 2015

Russian Soccer Fan Dodges Security Guards

Every football (soccer in America) fan has that one tattered scarf that, to the wearer, carries more cherished memories than a family photo album.

But one die-hard Russian supporter will hold his closer to his heart than even the most evergreen season ticket holder - after it undoubtedly kept him from a night in the cells.

The Lokomotiv Moscow fan used his to be hauled back into the stands after invading the pitch when his idols scored a goal.

After celebrating on the park, the young fan - dressed in jeans, a grey top and navy blue jacket - is seen on video footage recorded from the stands sprinting back to his seat with two beefy security guards hot on his heels. Managing to out run them as he races to avoid being caught, the unidentified man climbs over a fence - presumably installed to keep supporters off the pitch - just metres away from his seat.

Between the metal structure and the stand is a six-foot moat, which - as seen in the hilarious footage - is just one bridge too far for the daring Russian, and he's left stranded with the security closing in.

Desperate, he then tosses his scarf to a pal in the front row, in scenes reminiscent of whip-carrying adventure hero Indiana Jones. gripping tightly, the fan is then hauled over the seemingly uncrossable gap, before jumping the front barrier and back into the adoring crowd. as he legs it over the final fence, the supporters - just calming after watching their side net a crucial goal - go wild once more, thrilled their intrepid comrade has made it back safely.

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