Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Boy Recites the Vaani

Lipa Schmeltzer has a track on his new album called "Ich Hub Gechapt" which refers to all the popular times when the (mostly chasseidisher) teachers (AKA Rebbis) would smack their little defenseless students. The time everyone feared most in cheder was during the difficult Chumash weeks, such as Vaani in Parshas Vayechi, the other Birchas Ha"Shvotim", Akdomos before Shevuos, the Shira in Barshas Beshalach, Parshas Mishpotim and a few others.

Lipa also includes in that song the Shira in Hazinu. I don't know how they had Hazinu in Cheder when usually that Parsha falls out when there isn't much Yeshiva. ( I guess Lipa ans Yossi Green's Cheider was different.)

As Lipa and Green put it so eloquently, if you're wondering if they still hit today in Cheder the answer is "Svent zich vi" it depends where!

In this video a young Yeshiva boy recites the V'ani. A V'ani is a Yiddish recital of Pesukim from Parshas Vayechi. I would imagine that this particular boy is from a cheder where they don't hit!

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