Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Oldie of the Week ~ Mimkomcha - 1979 ~ MBD

Presenting Old Jewish Musical Jewels (O.J.M.J) which due to their age are not very well known to the younger generation.

The song will first be posted here on the main page and remain for approximately a week on the right column above the three featured videos of the week.

The third song in this series features a rather well known song, "Mimkomcha" off of the album "Melitzer Oneg Shabbos" sung by David Werdyger and Mordechai Ben David, accompanied by Yad B'zemer Orchestra arranged & Conducted by Hershel Lebovits and released in 1979.

The following is from the record cover:

"The Melitzer Rebbe was born in Melitz but he lived many years in Cracow where he had a very large following. The windows of his Bais Medrash opened on to the Cracow marketplace and many hundreds of Cracow citizens used to gather under these windows, especially Friday nights and Shabbos afternoons (Sholosh Seudos time) to listen and enjoy the sound of the Neggunim that would emanate majestically from inside.

Cantor David Werdyger was the chosen "Meshorer" of the Melitzer Rebbe when he was a young boy."


ממקומך מלכנו תופיע ותמלוך עלינו כי מחכים אנחנו לך
מתי תמלוך בציון בקרוב בימינו לעולם ועד תשכון
תתגדל ותתקדש בתוך ירושלים עירך לדור ודור ולנצח נצחים
ועינינו תראינה מלכותך כדבר האמור בשירי עוזך
על ידי דוד משיח צדקך
(מתוך "קדושה" של שבת)

Composed by: The Melitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Elimelech Horowitz ZT"L.
Sung by: Mordechai Ben David.


Anonymous said...

mbd what a gevald

Anonymous said...

what is a meshorer im very interested to know details are good your a man for detail

Lucky Wolf said...

Meshorer means singer.

Daniel said...

Beautiful Job !!!

Oldies of MBD: Excellent !