Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Vurka - Avrum Mordche Schwartz

This video was inspired by a story told about the Heiliger Rebe of Vorka. (Lived from 1779-1848.) When a brokenhearted father comes to him for a blessing, the Rebbe leaves us with an unforgettable message about the power of compassion and love for his fellow brother

Just a few years ago, the world was hit with unimaginable fear, darkness, and pain. Covid-19 hit us deeply. It was during the initial stages of the pandemic that Legendary composer Anshie Friedman composed this moving song. The message is strong and soothing. It's hard to see pain and be unable to help. But the most powerful tool is your heart. When you see someone hurting give him a shoulder to cry on.


Translation from the Yiddish Lyrics:

A chassid walks into the Vorka Rebbe
Rabbi, my child is very ill,
The doctors already gave up on him
Rebbe, pray he should survive

The Rebbe closes his holy eyes
And says unfortunately the heavenly gates are closed
I cannot help you with your son
But there is one thing I can do

I could cry together with you
I could feel your pain and suffering
I won't leave you alone
I want to be with you in this painful time

The Chassid leaves brokenhearted
What will be? I can't take this anymore
In a corner the Rebbe stands concentrated in prayer
At last he hears good news

The Rebbe hurries his horses on the roads
He rushes and catches up with the chassid
My Dear Brother , listen to something incredible
I saw a miracle coming your way
In the merit of me feeling along with your sorrow
The heavenly gates opened
Your child will be well
He will heal very soon

Because I cried together with you
And felt your pain and suffering
I didn't leave you alone
Our cries went up to Hashem

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