Thursday, May 11, 2023

3D Flower Canvas | Flower Craft

With Shavuos right around the corner, we want to decorate and adorn our home with as many flowers as possible. This 3D flower canvas is the perfect thing to elevate any wall or home!

-flowers with stem
-vase stencil

Step 1: Using the vase stencil, outline a vase onto your canvas.
Step 2: With paint or sharpie decorate the vase with your desired look
Step 3: Cut a slit on top of the vase using a scissor or a razor (Yes! Cut the canvas!
Step 4: Place the flowers into the slit to for a beautiful floral arrangement
Step 5: Tape the stems in the back to keep them in place
Step 6: Enjoy your beautiful floral display!
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