Tuesday, March 28, 2023

It Can Happen to Anyone

We’re all accustomed to reading or hearing tragic stories that spur us into action. A tzedakah cause on behalf of a once-healthy family in crisis pulls at the heartstrings of every Yid and motivates us to step up with generosity.

But why do we need to wait until the situation is critical to extend a hand? Wouldn’t it be much smarter — and more economical — to prevent the family from ever reaching that point in the first place?

No time of the year is this question more relevant than during the pre-Pesach period when otherwise-capable, middle-class families are pushed to the brink due to increased seasonal expenses. Without proper support, they sometimes are set down a dangerous path that later on demands critical support to save them from the brink of collapse.

RSK was founded on a mission to ensure that a healthy family's temporary slide should never turn into a tragic avalanche. Three vital programs power this mission, each proven to bring about remarkable results that are immeasurable and long-lasting:

The Cart:
Grocery expenses are no joke these days, and RSK steps up, offering families complete dignity by adding funds to their accounts and allowing them to shop in the very same manner as they did before.

The Key:
Financial coaching that sets a solid footing for whatever the future holds. Expert coaches assist families in budgeting and financial literacy so that they never fall behind again.

Today, RSK turns to the community with a plea: please help ensure that no more once-stable families end up having to rely on the public for years to come.

The Kitchen:
Freshly catered meals from the acclaimed Leil Shishi diner are delivered to the homes of those who, for one reason or another, cannot provide the daily meals their family requires during a difficult period.

Bearing the name of the great Reb Shayeleh Keresteerer ZY”A, we are determined to further this mission of ensuring that every Yiddish family can feed themselves!

It is in our hands.

No, it is in your hands!

Join RSK today. Your friend, your neighbor, your relative, your colleague — they’re all counting on you.

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