Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Hershy Weinberger, feat. Lipa & Dovy | אידן אין אמעריקע

At the wedding of his only child back in 1933, a local news station approached the holy Minchas Elazar, the Munkatcher Rebbe, in the hopes of conducting an interview. Dumbfounded by the sight of the large cameras and machinery, the Rebbe inquired and was told by his chassidim, "Rebbe, you can say something now and the Yidden in America will hear you!" Fascinated, the Rebbe jumped on the opportunity to share one important message, made up of just a few words - "I urge you, my dear brothers in America, observe Shabbos and things will go well for you!"

With the intention of infusing our generation with a renewed love of Shabbos, Hershy weinberger built a most powerful and inspiring melody around the Rebbe's words. Vocalists Hershy Weinberger, Dovy Meisels, Lipa Schmeltzer and the Yedidim Choir join together to bring this message to life. The results speak for themselves.

Music Credits:

Song Composed & Produced: Hershy Weinberger
Music Arrangements & Post Production: Lipa Brach
Choir: Yedidim Choir | Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Mixed and Mastered: Baba Z Burger | Shlome Wechter
Vocal Recording and Editing: Shlome Wechter | Gershy Schwartz | Yossi Fromowitz
Music PA: Duvid Shtendig
Technical Assistant: Yiddy Landau | Dididum Studios

Video Credits:

Written, Produced, and Directed: Meir Unger
Director of Photography: Frank Angelcyk
Second Camera: Richie Duque
Production Assistant: Dan Claude
Makeup Artist: Sang Le
Costume Coordination: Leiby Landau
General Assistant: Chaim Goldman

Factory Location
Eastern Feather & Down Corp.
Special Thanks to Zeidy Weiner

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