Thursday, January 19, 2023

Perfect Tu B’shvat Craft!

Cutest Flower Pot Faces | Planter Pot Face | DIY Pot People | Plant Decor Ideas

With Tu B'shvat coming up, let's get planting! But why would you put your plant in a regular boring flower pot when you can put it in an adorable pot with personality:)

Flower pot
Saucer (plate)
Small wooden ball
Googly eyes
Fake lashes
Glue Gun
Permanent markers
Dress up decor (ex:glasses, earrings, pearls, bow)

Step 1: glue gun the small round ball to the middle of the flower pot
Step 2: paint the pot and saucer
Step 3: attach googly eyes and lashes
Step 4: add in the rest of the face (mouth, beauty mark) with paint or permanent marker
Step 5: have fun dressing up Mrs. or Mr. Pots!
Step 6: subscribe to “onarollcrafts” on youtube for more awesome craft content!

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