Saturday, December 17, 2022

R' Levi Yitzchak - Sruly Green | TYH Nation

A long standing and often misunderstood tradition is the minhag to repeat the names of tzaddikim in times of need.

Is this a magic trick or some kind of good luck charm?

Of course not!

By saying the name of the Tzaddik we attach ourselves to their Zchus, to their place next to Hashem in Shamayim, and to the lessons and values that they imparted on us through their lives and teachings.

This is especially true about R Levi Yitzchak Ben Sara Sasha.

A pure and righteous leader who is known as the Defender of Klal Yisroel. He went to battle every day of his life to defend each and every Jew from prosecution in the heavenly court.

His Sefer, The Kedushas Levi is overflowing with a deep love for every Yid.

Connecting to this Tzaddik means connecting to the essence of his way of life; to always find the positive points within ourselves and everyone around us.

Ahhh to connect to the Tzaddik, R Levi Yitzchak Ben Sara Sasha!!

This song is the first song iyh from the upcoming TYH Nation and Sruly Green album. The full album drops soon!

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