Sunday, December 18, 2022

Gedolei Torah Engage in Pilpul-Farher with Shas Yiden

In 14 years, the Shas Yiden Kollel Network has had a major impact on Shas (Talmud) study around the world. Each of 100 Shas Yiden avreichim geonim completes a full study of the entire Shas with all Rashi and Tosfos, 5 times a year, and knows it by heart.

This year’s siyum of the cycle (and beginning of the next) was held (Dec 2022) after a three-hour public oral test by 7 leading Torah scholars in Israel who fired questions and issues from across the entire Shas. The examiners expressed their amazement at the prowess and mastery of the Shas Yiden avreichim geonim.

The ‘line-up’ of the Geonim, shlit”a at this year’s siyum in Beit Shemesh who tested the mettle of the avreichim geonim are a veritable Who’s Who of Torah learning – Maran Harav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi, Maran Harav Itamar Garbuz, Harav Yaakov Ades, Harav Elimelech Biederman, Harav Shmuel Yaakov Landau and Harav Eliyahu Stefansky. Among those who graced the dais was Harav Mordechai Stern, Rav of Heichal Dovid, Lawrence, NY.

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