Monday, November 07, 2022

"Will My Yehuda’le Live?"

 Will my Yehuda’le live?

“After Succos” is here.

I promised myself that as soon as the Yomim Tovim are over, I’d sign the papers authorizing Yehuda’le’s surgery.

I promised myself that I’d do everything in the world to save my baby’s life.

I davened my heart out on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  I wept and pleaded as never before. Sometimes, I was sure that the well of tears had dried, yet before I knew it, my eyes would overflow again. I’m so frightened for the future, so terrified of the unknown.

There is nothing more powerful than tefillos, which is why I don’t stop davening, and I ask you all to continue davening for us too. But we can’t rely on miracles alone. We have the obligation of hishtadlus. 

Yehuda’le’s condition is deteriorating fast, and this treatment is his best chance to recover and live a normal life. 

His life depends on it.

There’s nothing that a mother won’t give to save her child’s life. There’s nothing I won’t do to save Yehuda’le. It’s hard. It’s humiliating.  But as the days pass too quickly, and I watch Yehuda’le gradually fade away, I know that I can’t delay any longer.

Which is why I’m turning to you now with a desperate, tearful cry for help.

All that’s stopping Yehuda’le from receiving life-saving treatment is Money. 

We still urgently need another $100,000 to cover the costs of the treatment.

Today. Right now. 

Because tomorrow or the next day might be too late.

From one mother’s heart to another and from one Jewish heart to another, I beg you:

Save our baby’s life!

May Hashem grant you health and joy, and may you always be from among the givers!

Please click here to save little Yehuda

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