Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Grandson Surprised by Grandma's Twin

October 16, 2022. Berlin, Pennsylvania.

From the author: "I have an identical twin and she moved from Pennsylvania to Florida about 6 years ago. She comes to visit about 1-2 times a year. In this video, we are going to visit my grandson that doesn’t remember my twin. It had been 15 months since her last visit. He is 3 now so he was much younger and doesn’t remember her. He has seen her on FaceTime but being so young he never understood. I felt at this visit he would be old enough to grasp it. We went to visit my grandson and decided to see if he would know. He always greets me the way he did her when I go to visit. To his surprise, he wasn’t greeting his Nanny. His reaction was priceless. I’m happy to have caught it on video."

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