Monday, November 14, 2022

Well Craft for Parshas Chaya Sara!

Well, well, well, what craft do we have in store today? We all know the story of little Rivka getting water from the well, how cool would it be to create your own 3D well.

Regular size popsicle sticks
2 jumbo popsicle sticks
Mini half size popsicle sticks
Empty roll of duct tape
Glue or glue gun
2 pieces of cardboard (4 x 5 inches)
Fake flowers
Fairy lights (optional)

Step 1: remove all duct tape from the roll until the roll is bare and "cardboardy".
Step 2: glue the regular size popsicle sticks around the empty tape roll.
Step 3: glue the 2 jumbo popsicles sticks to both inner sides of the well.
Step 4: fold 1 cardboard square in half and glue mini popsicle sticks on both sides. Shape it like a roof.
Step 5: Glue the roof on top of the well by securing it to both jumbo popsicle sticks
Step 6: trace a circle onto the 2nd piece of cardboard, cut it and glue it to the bottom of the well as a base
Step 7: now for the fun! Decorate your well with flowers and vines. Add the fairy light for an added magical touch!
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