Friday, October 28, 2022

Must Try - 3 Awesome Parshas Noach Science Experiments

Craft 1: Bubble Rainbow

Food coloring
Dish soap (not detergent)
Dish cloth/ sock
Rubber band/ pony tail
Plate/ bowl

Step 1: place 2 teaspoons of dish soap in the bowl/ plate
Step 2: pour a 1/2 cup of water in the bowl and mix
Step 3: make a hole on the bottom of the cup
Step 4: lay the wash cloth or sock on the opening of the cup and wrap the ponytail around both the wash cloth and the cup.
Step 5: create colorful dots from food coloring around the wash cloth.
Step 6: place the cup in the soapy water for 5 seconds
Step 7. blow as hard as you could into the whote in the cup to form a magnificent bubble rainbow!

Craft 2 - Magical Projector Rainbow Light

Large roll of clear tape
Permanent makers
Flash light or phone flash light

Step 1: cut 2 pieces of clear tape and place them on top of the tape roll
Step 2: Draw a rainbow or any design you wish with the permanent markers
Step 3: Turn off the lights! The darker the room the better!
Step 4: Place the flashlight on the bottom of the tape roll and watch a magical rainbow form on your ceiling or wall!

Craft 3 - Floating Fish from Dry Eraser Marker

Dry erase markers
Hard white plate
warm water
Plastic Taiva

Step 1: place your Taiva on the plate
Step 2: draw little fish with dry erase marker
Step 3: very slowly pour in the warm water
Step 4: watch how the fish lift from the plate
Step 5: have fun making them swim by blowing into the straw!
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