Thursday, September 15, 2022

Tears at Another Amazing Farher of Shas Yiden

The first gathering for a public farher on the entire Shas since reaching the mark of 100 avreichim geonim was held this last Monday, 2 Elul, in Bet Shemesh.

Not only did the avreichim geonim demonstrate their prowess in the details of the Gemara, all the Rashis and Tosfos, they also amazed those present with their detailed knowledge and accurate quotations from all over the Rambam and his commentaries, from the Ktzos Hachoshen, Gilyon Hashas of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Even Ha’Azel and other Acharonim. So many are still in their twenties, but their expansive Torah knowledge and recall is like that of scholars many, many years their senior.

The examiner was Maran Hagaon Harav Yitzchak Shmuel Schwartz, shlit”a, Rav and Rosh Kollel of Bais Medrash Chisda, in Bnei Brak. Renowned for his bekius in Shas and the meforshim, as well as the breadth of Halacha, he fired deep and searching questions that challenged the mettle of the avreichim geonim.

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