Sunday, September 25, 2022

Rav Rabinowitz Pleads "Ensure These Yidden a Real Y"T!"

Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz Pleads With Yidden Around The World To Adopt-A-Family & Ensure These Yidden Have A REAL Yom Tov!


The past year has been a very difficult year for the yidden in Zichron Moshe. The cost of rising inflation coupled with the weakened dollar has impacted many families, causing us to add over 100 families to the kupah. As we approach the yamin noraim we ask you to remember the talmidei chachhamim and tzadikim that rely on our assistance every yom tov.

This year, you can personally adopt a family from Zichron Moshe and provide for their Yom Tov needs. Every family has its own struggles – a sick child, a family member struggling with mental illness, a father who lost his job.

The Jews of Zichron Moshe have always been an inspiration to countless people, including the hundreds of American bachurim who flock each year to learn in Eretz Yisrael. Now is our chance to show this precious community that we care about them and that we stand by their side.

As we celebrate Yom Tov with our own families, let us give our brothers in Eretz Yisrael a reason to celebrate as well.


To Our Brothers in Klal Yisroel,

You are fortunate that you have merited to be the emissaries of Hashem, to take the zchus in the mitzvah of tzedakah, for poor Talmidei Chachamim that toil in Torah with bare necessities, on an unimaginable level of devotion to Torah and Mitzvos while it is hard for them even to bring bread for their children.

These are talmidei chachamim that the world stands on, that are living in extreme poverty.

Baruch Hashem, in our neighborhood we have a group of local trustworthy individuals, that took upon themselves to worry for these families and to assist them in every way possible. We know these gabaim and that all their activities are all lshem shamayim .

It is a tremendous zchus to help them and to take part in this great mitzvah and fortunate is the one that will stand with these chashuve askanim.

In this zchus may you all be blessed with all good, and Hashem should grant you all your heart’s desires, and you will merit nachas from your families, with health and great hashpaah.

HaRav Gamliel Hakohen Rabinovitch
Harav Moshe Elyashiv
HaRav Ahron Fisher
HaRav Yitzchak Soloveitchik


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