Sunday, September 25, 2022

Aharale Samet - Holy Moments - Viz'nitzer Nusach

A special project by Aharale Samet bringing you into the atmosphere of the Viz’netzer Davenen, an exalted and emotional Nusach, as he’s fortunate to Daven yearly with his Rabbi, the Toldos Avraham Yitzchok Rabbi, who was a Talmid of his Rabbi the Imrei Chaim of Viz’nitz

A Ksivah Vachasimah Tovah

Music Arrangement and production: David Taub
Choir: The Viz’tzer Choir
Piano: Achia Cohen
Keys: Mendy Goldberg
Clarinet: Avraham Balti
Guitats: Avi Singolda
Music recorded at Tenor Studio
Vocal recorded at MW Studio - Michoel Weinberger
Mix & Mastering: Chaim Gotesman

Video Credits:
Directing, editing and colours: Hershy Segal
Filmed by: Josef Shlast
Lighting: Arthur Marenschesco
Graphics: Sari Kreizman

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