Tuesday, June 07, 2022

We Can Make it Happen! Join in Giving Moishy a Future

Now’s the time we can make it happen! Join us in giving Moishy a future

“Mazal tov! It’s a boy!”

It was a dream come true! We were ecstatic. Exhausted and weak after a long, difficult birth, I reached out to cradle my brand-new miracle. But for some reason, the midwife didn’t place him in my arms…

I barely registered the frantic shouting, and before I knew it, my minutes-old baby was whisked out of the delivery room and straight into the operating room. I heard fragments of words and sentences, forbidding things like “kidney failure” and “renal insufficiency,” and I couldn’t understand how these strange scientific terms could have anything to do with me or my baby.

The surgery was partially successful, and baruch Hashem, the doctors managed to save one kidney.

But baby Moishy, they explained would not be a healthy child. At least not for a very long time.

The renal failure caused Moishy to suffer severe developmental delays and constant weakness. He’s on regular dialysis and requires expensive medication and treatment in order to keep his second kidney functioning.

The doctors further recommend a special treatment abroad that will allow him to function like a regular child.

Donate now to save his kidney

Donate now to save his kidney

Since Moishy’s birth, our lives have turned upside down, and we’re constantly running back and forth to the hospital. I can’t go back to work, and the little bit of savings we’ve accumulated have long since been spent on Moishy’s medication. 

We’ve reached the point that we can’t even afford transportation to and from the hospital! How can we afford surgery abroad?!

He’s so precious, my Moishy. I can’t bear to watch him spend hour after hour crying as he’s plugged into dialysis. I can’t bear to the see the all-encompassing weakness that overtakes him when it’s over.

All I want is for Moishy to be healthy! To live a normal life like other kids his age!

I can’t bear the thought that he’ll have to stay like this because we can’t afford surgery.

Please help us! Give Moishy the opportunity for normal life!

And please, please daven for Moshe Gedalia ben Devorah Leah b’soch sha’ar cholei Yisrael!

Donate now to save his kidney

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