Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Abaye Ve'ruva - Lipa Schmeltzer - Music Video

Abaye Ve'ruva is one of the songs in the BavLipa album. Lipa recorded a piece of this song at the grave of Abaya Ve'ruva, and a piece at the Ribnitza Rebbe's grave.

The song and lyrics are composed, written and performed by Lipa Schmeltzer. The chorus for the song is a Motif that the holy Ribnitzar Rebbe would sing while learning--according to his Gabbi R' Moishe Berkowitz.

The meaning of the song in one sentence: Life is indeed short but the wisdom one could leave behind would live on forever.

Lipa wanted to subtitle this video with clear translation. However, after seeing the wonderful production by Motty Berkowitz, Lipa has decided to leave the clip as is, since the images give a clear message, more so than translating the story word for word. What's more, without knowing the Yiddish language, viewers may be able to find their own story in this short movie.

Music by Moishe Laufer.
Choir by Eli Schpri and Yossi Gluck of Sevach Studios.
Recorded by Edgewater Studios - Gershy Schwartz
Child soloist, Shimon Schmeltzer
Video Produced - Motty Berkowitz

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