Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Tumim: Yanky Daskal, Shira, Mendy Hershkowitz Band

With Lag Ba'Omer upon us, we begin to reflect on the tragedy which took the lives of 45 Kedoshim in Meron last year. We don't understand Hashem's reasoning or why He chose to take these precious neshamos on such a holy day, at such a holy site. But, we don't question His ways. We stand with Him despite the challenges He sends our way. This is the message of this song, written by Yanky Daskal at the request of a father who lost his son in Meron. It is our hope that the heartfelt emotion put into this production is felt by each and every one of you.

רש"י דברים פרק יח פסוק יג – אין לחקור אחרי העתידות "תמים תהיה עם ה' אלהיך" – התהלך עמו בתמימות ותצפה לו ולא תחקור אחר העתידות, אלא כל מה שיבוא עליך קבל בתמימות ואז תהיה עמו ולחלקו.

"Be pure with Hashem your G-d." - Walk with Hashem in purity and look only to Hashem. Do not look to future events; rather, accept with equanimity whatever Hashem brings you - in order to be "with" Him and with His portion.

Recorded live at the annual Chesed Of Williamsburg appreciation event, honoring the amazing and selfless Chesed volunteers.

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