Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Friends Don't Forward

May this be the last video you ever forward!

We’ve all been there. The picture or video is just too good to not share. So, we send it. We may even ask the recipient to promise us they won’t share it with anyone else. But, who are we fooling?

In minutes the whole world will see it.

Who did you hurt?

How can you possibly know? You can’t control it now. All from one tap on your phone, and all for a 30 second laugh at someone’s expense.

What did you destroy?
A marriage? A parent? A sibling? A family? A reputation? A business? A neshoma?

Was it worth it?
What if it was you?

But, remember, Friends Don’t Forward.

So, be a friend, and stop forwarding.

This music video explores the dangers and results of forwarding in a fresh, enlightening and entertaining way. So, pelase forward this with a friend, and may this be the last vidoe you ever forward.

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Produced by fwd|NYC
Composed and Arranged by Shmuli Rosenberg
Recorded and Mixed at fwd|NYC
Filmed and Directed by Menachem Weinstein, Munch Media

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