Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Avraham Rosenberg & Tzivos Hashem Boys Choir 1981

Avraham Rosenberg leading a group of boys, named the Tzivos Hashem Boys Choir, at the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Kos Shel Bracha, on Motzei Simchas Torah 5742/1981.

Avraham Rosenberg shortly after this event occurred, went on to form the legendary group, The Tzlil Vizemer Boys Choir.

Shloime Dachs, one of the most popular child soloists of that era, can be seen here singing solos to "Wake Up Yidden" and again towards the end to "Ve'ahavta'.

Those that were there will remember that the Rebbe ZY"A didn't seem to give special attention to the choir, until the very end when they concluded, and the Rebbe asked Yossi Piamenta OBM for the group to return and continue singing. As can be seen on the clip, those last few minutes, past two o'clock in the morning in 770, were something very special.

Click Here to watch the full, very enjoyable, two hour video, courtesy of RebbeDrive.

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