Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Shea Rubenstein - Tick Tock - Music Video

In January of 2009, Jewish music aficionados were introduced to a new voice, Shea Rubenstein. For the last decade and a half, Shea has been singing and performing at many venues across the globe. He released hit singles and music videos, as well as an album of songs from yesteryear titled Shirei Hapleita.

With the Yom Tov of Pesach upon us, Shea released a music video for the hit Tiktok off his debut album. It’s always important to remember that the day is short and there is a lot to do, so get moving. This is true especially before Pesach, helping parents and each other as well as giving to those less fortunate. The video was filmed at Glatt Mart, the Met Counsel warehouse and the JCC of Marine Park as well as Times Square.

Composed by: Elimelech Blumstein
Album Produced by: Avi Newmark
Arranged by: Yitzy Spinner
Recorded at: Playmaster Studios
Backup Vocals by: Yitzy Spinner
Off Shea's debut album Ohavti released Jan. 12, 2009
Music Video produced by: A. Y. Saftlas

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