Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Hearts That Yearn - Your Heart - Your Child’s Heart

Bezras Hashem Yisburach

After weeks of spending time in the hospital with his daughter, I had a very touching phone call with a close friend, who choose to drop his busy, colorful, productive and successful life, from one minute to the next, finding himself being locked up in the hospital every day, all day, at her bedside, and at the time, her situation wasn’t very promising...

On the phone, he shared a realization he had, that as much as he was there for his children in the past, he has not fully grasped and realized what it means being a father, what it means for him, and what it means for them, and that his love to them is above and beyond anything and everything else.

And when pushed to the wall, it is easy to see that there’s a lot more time that can be spent with our kids, who so desperately need it, and he shared his deep yearning to be able to be there with and for her and his other children, but under better circumstances.

So without planning for a song, I just started writing it to myself, and thought maybe I’ll share with him the reflection of his beautiful share, and after reviewing and seeing it, we decided to release it to the broader Yiddishe fathers and mothers, so others can be inspired by his experience and realization, as a Zechus for בלומא ריזל בת חנה לרפו״ש

So after matching the words to beautiful known songs, Nussy added the artful music, and a dear friend recorded the vocals with his deep, stirring and touching voice.

And here are the results BH.

אל נא רפא נא לה

A Nussy Landau Production

Music and Vocal recording by: Nussy Landau
Mixing and mastering by Gershy Schwortz - Edgware Studios Inc.
Video by: Sarah B.
Guitar by: Nachman Dryer
Lyrics by: Avrumi F.
Vocals by: A.Y.W.

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