Tuesday, April 12, 2022

DoorDash is Helping Masbia Deliver Chicken

During the Passover season, Masbia will provide an estimated $2,232,000 worth of food to those in need. It has been two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Since March 2020, with your help, we mobilized and responded to a 500% increase in demand. But even before the pandemic, the demand during the Passover season was 25% of what we would normally do in an entire year. Therefore, we are bracing for a unprecedented demand above the 500% increase we've seen throughout the past two years. We are estimating that we will be helping about 20,000 families this Passover season.

Will you help us transform this Passover from a bitter struggle to a sweet, enjoyable time for the close to 100,000 people who rely on our kitchens and distributions? masbia.org/passover2022

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